There is no place where magick is not. All you have to do is learn how to see.

Damien Echols book signing with a fan

High Magick & A Course In High Magick Release and Tour Dates

Tomorrow is Halloween, but it feels like Christmas Eve to me because High Magick is making its official debut today! Along with the book, I also recorded A Course in High Magick, for those who want to take their practice even further.
Damien Echols coffee

The Making of Damien Echols Tzadkiel Blend Coffee With Dead Sled Coffee

I’ve been drinking coffee since I was no more than 5-years-old. I used to sit on my grandmother’s lap drinking coffee at 6am in the morning on cold winter days.
Where is Damien Echols Now?

Introduction to High Magick Class at Brooklyn Bowl on August 9

Okay, folks, I have some exciting news to share: I’m going to be teaching my very first Introduction to High Magick Class at Brooklyn Bowl on Thursday, August 9th.
Damien Echols Condensed Path to High Magick

The Path of Magick, Condensed

Folks, here’s my condensed version about the path of Magick.
Damien Echols Introduction to Magick

Introduction to Magick Class

I’m creating an Introduction to Magick Class that I’ll be teaching this summer in NYC. Magick saved my life and it can help you manifest the life you want.