Finding Opportunity In the Midst of the Coronavirus Chaos

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” – Sun Tzu 

Danger and opportunity are the two Chinese characters that make up the word “crisis.” The point of this is that in times of uncertainty and chaos, it is our own decisions that often determine whether we will rise or fall. We can give in to fear and curl up into a ball – or we can seize upon each moment and wring every ounce of opportunity there is to gain out of it.

We are living in extraordinary times. As I write this, we are in full quarantine mode in our apartment in NYC and know that others are doing the same all over the world, from Asia to Europe. I’m considered high risk for the coronavirus and want to say thank you for taking precautions for myself and the many others who are also high risk.

My respiratory system is compromised due to no fresh air or sunlight and breathing in tear gas for 20 years. A couple of years ago I got a respiratory infection that left me bedridden for a month, and that left lingering health issues. So thank you for staying inside and taking precautions to save the lives of many, many people. You ARE making a difference.

I’ve heard that a lot of people are going “stir crazy” from not being able to go out and about.

Staying inside doesn’t bother me much. In some ways, it’s like I trained for this day for almost 20 years. This time can be a gift in many ways if we acknowledge it.

Unlike in a cell, out here there are snacks, kittens, movies, video calls with friends and loved ones, and time to put into creative endeavors. We don’t have to stay glued to the news, fretting endlessly about the current state of affairs. We can shift our focus and sift through this situation for the pieces of gold hidden within it.

I’m personally taking the opportunity to engage in some alchemical and magick operations that I didn’t have the luxury to do when things were “normal.” My practice will include invoking angels and archangels who give us access to incredible potential for manifestation, healing, and spiritual growth.

I encourage everyone to do the same – to dedicate this time to growth and expansion. Don’t just worry the days away – seize them, and wring every ounce of opportunity out of them. On death row, I turned my cell into a monastery and used the time to learn, grow, and expand. We can all easily do this right now.

Another thing I’m using the time for is to get caught up on some reading. Devouring books that I had planned on reading but didn’t. Books are like portable worlds that you can escape to for a while.

I hope you and those dear to you are healthy and happy. May the light protect, guide, and illuminate you on your journey through life, and on the path of high magick.

Sending love,