Invisible Cities With Damien Echols & David Stoupakis

Damien Echols & David Stoupakis toasting with beers

I wanted to tell you about our new project, and by “our,” I mean my and David Stoupakis’s latest venture. We’re creating a series of videos called “Invisible Cities,” where we hit the road together and explore.

Sometimes we’ll be going to places we know and love and showing you the things and locations there that mean so much to us. Consider this an invitation to ride shotgun with us on these journeys. We did this in the first episode – “Invisible Cities: New Orleans.”

Our next episode will be “Invisible Cities: NYC,” which we shot over Christmas. Other times we’ll be going to places neither of us has ever been before but has always wanted to experience. The goal is to delve into the beauty and mystery, whether it be Christmas in NYC or the Mothman phenomena of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

You can watch these episodes on my YouTube channel (with ads). The New Orleans episode is up now.

Or you can join us on the Invisible Cities Patreon page. Here you can watch the episodes without ads and get access to the Invisible Cities companion video podcast. We’ll also post bonus material, photos, and anything else we think you may find interesting on our Patreon page.

We’ll use the money raised on Patreon to upgrade our equipment and fund expeditions to new places. We shot the first episode entirely on an iPhone, so we’re excited to see what we could do with real equipment!

If you want to join us there and support future episodes, sign up on Patreon.

Thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown us through the years. We hope you enjoy this new project as much as we enjoy creating it.