New Angels Course and Free Video Teaching

Angels and Archangels_Damien Echols

For thousands of years, magicians have worked with the power of angels. There’s a reason for this: working with angels is the most consistent, reliable way to get results.

It’s also the path by which we transform ourselves and reveal our divine nature. If you have the dedication and the desire to create change, I welcome you to The Royal Science of Angels, my new online course that is available as of November 30. This course includes two live Q&As and free bonus gifts.

Why is this called the “royal science?”

To invoke angels, we must step out of the illusions meant to keep us small and powerless and into our own inner sovereignty. Each of us becomes “royal”—a king or queen of our life.

This practice is a “science” because it is methodical, time-tested, and results-oriented. Magick is a lineage that goes back to ancient Sumeria and has been carried on throughout Western civilization.

 What you can expect to learn

  • A basic working grasp of magick—its history, terminology, and core teachings.
  • Sensing subtle energy, working with your aura, and performing essential rituals.
  • An understanding of angels and archangels—their roles, qualities, and functions.
  • How to manifest specific angelic energies to yield focused results and manifestation—starting with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water.
  • The Tree of Life—work with archangels that embody aspects of this powerful magickal concept.
  • Angels of the Zodiac—expand your connection to the cosmos and build your “celestial momentum.”
  • How to customize your practice to suit your own needs, life purpose, and awakening.

Are you ready to begin?

When I was unjustly convicted of murder and awaiting a death sentence for 18 years, I learned magick the hard way. I owe my freedom and life to the angels and archangels.

Yet the real prison we all face is the illusion that we are separate, small, and powerless. I invite you to take your own first steps to freedom with The Royal Science of Angels. We begin our time together on November 30.

Until then, I invite you to watch this free video teaching, Spiritual Sustenance: Magick as a Spiritual Path, which I recorded with Sounds True.

One of the most frequent issues I encounter when I talk about magick is that very few people understand what it is! We may have absorbed ideas from books, movies, and religious texts—yet the real practice is much more fascinating and personally transformative than any fantasy.  

With gratitude and respect,

Damien Echols