The Path of Magick, Condensed

Damien Echols Condensed Path to High Magick

Folks, here’s my condensed version about the path of Magick.

Step One: Memorization of information and techniques.

Step Two: Formulating a daily practice where you put the info and techniques into constant use.

Step Three: Attaining knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. This is where you begin the process of shifting your consciousness from an ego centered perspective to the perspective of your higher, divine selves. This is referred to as achieving union with your Holy Guardian Angel (HGA).

Step Four: A side effect of accomplishing the HGA operation is that the magician becomes aware of their will – their purpose.

Step Five: Crossing the Abyss. When the mage reaches this stage, the entire book of revelations takes place in his or her psyche. The magician begins to see the mechanics behind the working of the universe, and the “self” disintegrates, because it cannot make it across the Abyss. Once the magician crosses, the personality reforms but in a purer form.

Step Six: The magician passes on what they have learned and begins to create their own universe.

Step Seven: No one knows. Once the mage reaches this point, it has only been recorded that their consciousness is beyond understanding by the average person. He or she takes a vow to never reveal what they have learned to any living person, even other magicians.

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