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Inside of you is a victorious and disciplined person. You are the sculptor who must bring it out.

When you try to do something great with your life, some will be envious. They don’t have to believe in you for you to accomplish your dream

RT @themediawitch: @DamienEchols You might find this interesting. Mass. prisons rely too much on solitary confinement…

Throughout life people stick labels on us, telling us what we can and can not do. You can pull those labels off and put your own on.

The Hermetic Reiki symbol is one of the oldest symbols in Asian culture. It’s a talisman for long life and good luck

The site is now working. You can order Hermetic Reiki shirts and stickers at New items coming soon.

Slight glitch in the site – we’re working on it right now. You’ll be able to order soon. I’m referring to

The kanji characters say “Ronin.” A Ronin is a samurai who lives the Bushido code, but has no master.

These are the women’s tank tops. They’ll be available soon. @HermeticReiki

Hermetic Reiki t shirts and stickers are now up for order More styles coming soon.

We are who we are today because of choices we made yesterday. We will be who we are tomorrow because of choices we make today. Choose wisely

The world may never change – but you can. You can decide to be happy not because of your circumstances, but in spite of them.

People will always try to convince you that you can’t do something. They will try to program you for failure. You don’t have to listen.

On June 28th I’ve been invited to be on a panel that will address the U.N. about the justice system. It is open to the public, and is in NYC

“@RHoulker: @damienechols @HermeticReiki hey Damien Life After Death is 9 on the Boston Globes best seller list.” Thanks, guys!

RT @Machavelli7: “Be mindful of your thoughts. It’s a conversation with the universe.” ~ Unknown

The worst thing you can do is go through life being against yourself. Don’t dwell on your weaknesses.

Don’t water down your dream just because others don’t believe in you. You don’t have to settle for less.

RT @KevinWilsonNYC: I keep getting messages from people about asking about advice to help them improve their tattoo shop. I do consulting.K…