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It does not matter how you try to justify it – negativity is still negativity. No one can force you to be negative. It’s a choice.

Living in the past will make you depressed. Living in the future will make you anxious. Living in the present allows you to live in peace.

“@TwinTreeHealing: Sending you love, light, and sparkles today and always! We hope all is wonderful in your world!” Boomerang!

“@thetarotlady: @damienechols Will these be available in women’s sizes or just standard size?” Both women’s and men’s.

You may not have the resources and connections to fulfill your dreams – but the universe does. They’ll arrive when you need them.

RT @amydkminor: Peter Jackson on West of Memphis + @damienechols via @thetimes

RT @MsKarenDG: Just finished the memoir #LifeAfterDeath @damienechols @HermeticReiki @SalemReiki I am HONORED to have Dami……

Every person feels fear. Just don’t let it keep you from moving forward. The only way to conquer fear is to confront it.

RT @DeepakChopra: 96% of the universe is dark energy and dark matter. Only 4% is atomic & of that only 0.01% is visible ! @VenaRamphal

RT @13WHAM: Coming on Rochester’s CW at 7:15, Damien Echols of “West Memphis 3″ on being exonerated for murder after 18 years. Amazing sto…

RT @bigdick06: “@13WHAM: Coming on Rochester’s CW at 7:15, Damien Echols of “West Memphis 3″ @damienechols thats wild lol Rochester is my h…

If you want to rise to a new level, you have to have a dream to accomplish. If you are aiming at nothing, you’ll surely hit it.

Odds are subject to change. In a single moment the universe can take you from the back to the front.

“@authenticjoey: @damienechols Did you do commentary or any special features for it?” Yep. I did commentary. So did Lorri and Amy Berg.

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