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Tantric statues show the practice of two people passing energy back and forth between them.

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Let others reminisce about the “good old days.” Your best days and biggest victories still lie ahead.

Sometimes what looks like a disappointment is really the universe getting you in position to go to a new level.

The depth of your past indicates the height of your future. Before you can build a skyscraper, you have to dig a deep foundation.

The universe always ends on “All is well.” If all is not well, then you’re not at the end. Something good awaits you.

Don’t talk about the way things are. Talk about the way you want them to be. Focus on the solution – not the problem.

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Anytime you try to accomplish anything in life, people will criticize you. Don’t allow them to poison your dream.

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Holding onto hatred and negativity is like drinking poison in hopes that it will kill the other person. It won’t. It only harms you.

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Some people live in fear, constantly waiting for the next tragedy and disaster. Don’t put your faith in the negative.

“I wouldn’t be this way if things were different.” As long as you justify being negative, you will never reach a higher level.

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