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RT @BebeBuellBand: The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose~ it will defend itself!

Use your words to call in the life you want. Don’t talk about the way things are – talk about the way you want them to be.

Someone who inspires me? @KevinWilsonNYC I watch him strive to improve himself and his business everyday. It makes me want to do the same.

RT @CassieBohe: ❤ This tweet by @damienechols so much that I turned it into something I can see more often #inspiration #quotes…

RT @KevinWilsonNYC: Those who are asking about @damienechols paperback release at @SacredGalleryNY. Email is attached to this image. http:/…

Yes, I am doing one on one meditation and reiki classes in Salem. I will only be taking on one person at a time.

Books are all ready for future classes! It’s exciting to actually see them in the physical world.

The reason most armor is designed to protect your front is because you were never meant to run from your enemy. You are stronger.

Why is envisioning your goals so important? “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” – proverbs-

“@HuffingtonPost: 6 death row inmates claim new execution law is unconstitutional” One is most likely innocent.

Did you know there were female samurai in Japan? They were called Onna-Bugeisha. This one is from the 1800′s.

@tez_palmer Thank you for your kind words. That’s my goal in life – to create change that makes the world a little more magickal.

The reason many people don’t have time to fulfill their dreams is because they’re fighting so many battles that don’t matter.

I have 2 spots open for appointments. May 3rd and May 20. If you want a session,or to take the class: In Salem.

“@slingblade322: Watching @damienechols & @ShooterJennings conversation is the highlight of my twitter experience today.” Mine,too!