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“@philo_quotes: Rather leave the crime of the guilty unpunished than condemn the innocent. ~ Cicero”

RT @TheeBlueMeanie: If your personal character isn’t indicative of the religious garb you wear then you’re basically wearing a Halloween …

RT @KevinWilsonNYC: Next round of @damienechols prints goes out now. For those of you who also ordered and will pick up. They’re ready. …

@thetarotlady @revertstar Not positive yet – I’m going to Europe in either late March or early April. But will keep posted.

RT @FreeRobWill1: Learn about Rob Will.. An innocent man fighting for his life on TX Death Row.

RT @Alex_Austin: A writer is a person that volunteered to do homework every day for the rest of their life. #write #writing

RT @DesM25: @damienechols it was a pleasure to hear you and Lorri speak,and meet both of you. Ty =D

Had a GREAT experience at Chapman University tonight. It was perfect. Couldn’t have asked for better.

“@JimmieFSavage: @damienechols its windy and cold in cali” Not compared to where I came from. I’m wearing a t shirt and no coat.

RT @SacredGalleryNY: @damienechols “Autumn Tree of Woe” Original Sold. Prints available.

RT @DesM25: Having an early dinner at a cafe by the school. Gonna see @damienechols speak at chapman after ,then his book signing =)

RT @KevinWilsonNYC: Two Birds. Not displayed at @damienechols “Moving Forward, Looking Back” exhibition. Will auction down the road. htt …

RT @KevinWilsonNYC: There are 2 items of @damienechols that never made it into the exhibition. From now till Thursday come in and say “2 …