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“@luciacoale: @damienechols do let us know when…must prepare with camera, chairs, and perhaps my adult diapers…” Be gone, woman!

The Common, here is Salem. Went and got a sled today. Will soon be pulling Lorri around on it…. It’s the first time I’ve written about the spiritual practice of magick in the mainstream without fear of being killed One of the best things I’ve ever written – “Living Ferociously”….published for the first time here.

RT @joeberlinger: Inside the Prison Journal of West Memphis Three’s Damien Echols via @thedailybeast #wm3

RT @TheGodLight: More love is the answer, never give less, even if your heart hurts, the next person you touch might just appreciate it.

RT @quakerpen: Apparently the Pope is “ready to forge alliances with other religions against gay marriage”. Pity not against war, greed, …

You can be a magician, who infuses life with magick, beauty, and art…. Or you can be a business man who infuses life with more business.

Step outside the system. Let politics be irrelevant to your existence. Create a new reality for yourself this year. A better one.

The best thing about 2013? All the good things come again – the autumnal equinox. Halloween. Christmas. They will return like old friends.

It’s new year’s eve, chupacabras. At this time tomorrow we will have embarked upon a new journey. A new era of our lives. Are you excited?

@jordanpaul526 One finger to mouth, while stamping the foot on the floor. It focuses all your attention on your body, which grounds you.

RT @Slutever: An article I wrote for @DazedMagazine about @damienechols of the West Memphis Three, and his life after death row. http:// …

HOME!!! It’s so nice to be tucked away in this rich, warm sanctuary while the snow swirls in the darkness outside.