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“@BillCarterBlame: Amazon pre-order info for “West Of Memphis: Voices Of Justice” @damienechols” Look here .

RT @BillCarterBlame: Amazon pre-order info for “West Of Memphis: Voices Of Justice” @damienechols Check it out,my little Chupacabras. The soundtrack for West of Memphis. “Voices for Justice”.

RT @BlueRiderPress: “West Of Memphis: Voices For Justice” forthcoming album to benefit West Memphis Three via @Sony …

RT @inrockmusic: DaveNavarro: West Of Memphis: Voices For Justice – Camp Freddy @damienechols

RT @PearlJamOnLine: #EddieVedder, Natalie Maines & others on soundtrack for Peter Jackson’s Sundance-premiered doc …

RT @caulkthewagon: Florida threw out Christian Slater’s vote, sent his vote rejection letter to “Christina Slater.”

The good thing about going to L.A. is meeting up with Peter J. again. We’ll be doing lots of those interviews together.

@geb_bce No time to eat. They’ll hand me something to scarf down in between interviews. I never leave the hotel until the airport tonight.

Got another full day of interviews to tape here today in Dallas. Then I’ll stumble onto the plane and head to L.A. to do it again.

RT @skinrockflair: @damienechols You gotta get a private Jet for all of this travel. Maybe call the jet Chupacabra one? lol.

RT @effektedchik: @damienechols I think the constant travelling calls for #teamchupacabraairlines with moonwater inflight refreshments!