Monthly Archives: September 2012 I can’t believe it. I’m actually at #5 on the New York Times best seller’s list. Thank you to everyone who read it.

RT @reppomanuno: RT @reppomanuno: Best Sellers – The New York Times: 5LIFE AFTER DEATH, by Damien Echols.

RT @AlinaMorrison2: RT @AlinaMorrison2: New Australian article with some great pics. @damienechols

RT @sethanikeem: RT @sethanikeem: Pimping my friend @damienechols book while in Orlando. A must-read!

RT @onetoughnun: RT @onetoughnun: @damienechols Have you read Smithsonian Mag’s article on vampire panic in 19th century Salem? Interesting… http://t.c …

@DaveNavarro okay…drinking moon water with Dave tomorrow night. We’ll line it up like shots and get drunk on moon light.

RT @DaveNavarro: RT @DaveNavarro: @damienechols Full moon tomorrow? I’m placing a glass of water on my window ledge at 11pm. No pressure, man. Jut throwi …

Tomorrow night is the full moon. I’ll wrap up in my favorite leather coat and watch it shine down on Salem like ghost light. With hot cocoa.

RT @KUOWconvo: RT @KUOWconvo: Today at 1:30pm I am taping an interview with @damienechols and he speaks at @THSEA tonight.

RT @1077TheEnd: RT @1077TheEnd: TONIGHT: @damienechols of the @wm3org will be reading from his new book at Town Hall Seattle – @THSEA

RT @CelloBiafra: RT @CelloBiafra: Double the magick tomorrow.Celebrate Michaelmas and bask in our full Moon.The Archangel Michael is an administrator of …

Getting ready to do an interview with channel 5 here in Seattle. King 5,on N.B.C. That’s why I was up thinking about angels so early.

September 29th is the celebration of the archangel Michael. He’s invoked for protection,and defense against enemies.

Know what tomorrow is,folks? Michaelmas. The feast of Michael,the warrior archangel. Ruler of fire,strength,and courage.

RT @Luvdcuties: RT @Luvdcuties: @damienechols can u tweet a pic for a fan w/ cancer? Just u w/ a note saying “Keep fighting, Frank!” Would mean so much! …