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RT @rebeccasbrain: RT @rebeccasbrain: Spare ticket for West of Memphis at the BFI. Its a doco about @damienechols and the WM3 by Amy Berg. Who wants to com …

@mayradiasgomes no,I’ll be on the road this year. I’ll be out until some time in November. Next year,though…… I’ll go nuts.

It’s harder to find a house in Salem that isn’t haunted than to find one that is. The town is a carnival of ghosts and history.

@sethanikeem Yeah,the people out here tonight were all wearing polo shirts and khakis. Not a goth in the bunch. Yet they seemed happy.

I passed tons of giddy tourists,all carrying candles and listening to their guide explain Salem’s best haunts and histories.

I’ve been out for a stroll beneath the moon,saying hello to Salem. The air smells beautiful. It’s crisp and full of autumn energy.

@sethanikeem I’ve just been out for a stroll,taking it all in. The air feels incredible out there. Before long I’ll be able to see my breath

RT @TheGodLight: RT @TheGodLight: If you wish love to enter your life, you must be the embodiment of love, for only love will attract love.

RT @SilverRavenWolf: RT @SilverRavenWolf: You always get the most frustrated right before it all comes together. Do not give up. Keep going.

Today is the feast day of the Archangel Michael,so burn red candles for him and light some cinnamon incense as you invoke his protection.

RT @colin_broderick: RT @colin_broderick: “Time itself has become a cruel race toward an ash-colored sunset.” From #LifeAfterDeath. Nice line @Damienechols.

View from my window. Have no idea where that is. Looking at it and listening to “Little by little” by Alice Cooper.

Tonight is the full moon. Heading back home to Salem to rest and enjoy it. I’m exhausted. Need about three days of sleep.