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RT @MisterACrowley: “The whole & sole object of all true Magical & Mystical training is to become free from every kind of limitation” Aleister #Crowley #Quote

@KevinWilsonNYC At least it’s over! Now the healing can begin. You have to be back to 100% for that road trip to Salem!

RT @SilverRavenWolf: Magickal Notes: August 2012 Full Moon via @wordpressdotcom

RT @KepplerOnCampus: @damienechols‘ WEST OF MEMPHIS, produced by Peter Jackson, had its int’l premiere at New Zealand Film Fest last night:

@sethanikeem I was on death row with no medical care for years. I used some of your energy techniques to cope with the pain and deprivation.

RT @TheMyrka: Spontaneous standing ovation for Damien Echols after West of Memphis was an incredibly special @nzff moment

@Fredsablan We’re coming out to L.A. in either Sept. or Oct. – I’ll keep you posted so we can figure out if you’ll be in town.

@RadioOne91FM People who have refused to speak before- like the judge and prosecutor – finally opened up and talked to our director.

RT @mcquillanatorz: Was great to see the international premiere of West of Memphis at @nzff with @damienechols there. Here’s what I wrote:

@RadioOne91FM @nzff Lorri and I allowed the director deeper into our lives than we had anyone before,because of the trust we felt.

@RadioOne91FM one difference in this and the PL series docs is that this is the first time I’ve ever got to take part in my own story.

RT @h_postie: And Lorri is just as graceful and sweet as she seems on film. So glad I got to see her with @damienechols and that they are finally together

RT @h_postie: Still absolutely floored by @damienechols last night. Knowing he was in the theater while West of Memphis was showing was powerful. #nzff

@KevinWilsonNYC Now that I’m past the opening night jitters,I’m looking forward to it. It’s just that first night that rattles me.

Looks like we’ll head to Auckland for the screening on Thursday. The audience will be twice as big – 1800 people.

I just want to thank everyone who was at the screening tonight. It was so,so welcoming. My heart is full.

RT @inathanjohn: Q&A w/ @damienechols, Lorris Davis and Peter Jackson at #westofmemphis premiere. Fantastic doco! #NZFF