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RT @PsychicStudy: #Psychics don’t 6th sense everything, just as one doesn’t see everything with ones eyes. Being #psychic doesn’t equal being all-knowing.

Day #3 in the recording studio. I’m getting into the flow now. This is something I’m going to be really,really proud of.

The moon is out. It feels like early October out there. Makes you feel giddy and drunk on just being alive.

It’s an odd cross between being exhausted and wired up at the same time. That’s how I feel when I know I’ve done it RIGHT.

I forgot what poetry is like…how it gets you more high than any drug can,more ecstatic than any religion.

Just got out of the recording studio. It flowed like poetry,felt exactly like it should. I get lost in the poetry of it,am submerged in it.

RT @penguinusa: RT @blueriderpress: Another star for @damienechols from @KirkusReviews: “Echols is at heart a poet&mystic, &he has written…a work of art.”

RT @allaboutbizbook: RT @penguinusa: Read more about @damienechols memoir LIFE AFTER DEATH:

I have no plans to resurrect the old book. I’d rather it just gently fade away. The past is dead. Art must keep evolving,growing,moving on.

People keep asking me about my old book,Almost Home. Sorry folks,but it’s out of print for good. No more copies. I don’t even have any.

I’ll let you know about places and dates for the book signings as soon as they’re nailed down,folks. As soon as I know,you’ll know.

RT @Magsthebookie: Glad my instincts were right! “@BlueRiderPress: Starred review for @damienechols @PublishersWkly! “Searing, finely wrought, heart-wrenching”

RT @penguinusa: RT @blueriderpress: Starred review for @damienechols from @PublishersWkly! “Searing, finely wrought, heart-wrenching”. Agreed.

Doing this recording feels like I’m doing what I’m MEANT to be doing. Like it’s my dharma. My purpose.

Now out of my first recording session for Life After Death. It’s exhausting,but I love it. It’s like it scratches an itch I can’t reach.

RT @BlueRiderPress: Starred review for @damienechols from @PublishersWkly! “Searing, finely wrought, heart-wrenching”. Agreed.

RT @BlueRiderPress: If you missed @damienechols at BEA, you can watch his author video here:

RT @SilverRavenWolf: You are the answer to what you need. You really do have the power within you. Believe and do!