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RT @mayradiasgomes: AMAZING trailer for @damienechols and wife Lorri Davis’ upcoming movie West of Memphis about #WM3: MUST WATCH!

RT @doctorgrosz: RT @NeedlesandSins: In case ya didn’t see it: My interview with @DamienEchols on giving & receiving tattoos. #tattoo

RT @DamienEcholPage: Peter Jackson and Damien Echols will be in Auckland and Wellington for the screenings of West Of Memphis

RT @RiotPoofFairy: Had to stop reading @damienechols new book “Life After Death”,put me in tears! He has written a raw,poetic masterpiece!

RT @NeedlesandSins: Had a wonderful time talking tattoos with @damienechols at @SacredTattooNYC. Here’s a bit from that chat:

RT @KevinWilsonNYC: Caption this. With @jonmesa & @archmage11 #captioncontest #jonmesa #bestink #damienechols

RT @HitTheSky: @damienechols So grateful to have been able to meet you & Lorri this week. The doc was incredible & you two inspire me.

RT @Sonshine9: Just bought my ticket to see @damienechols tell his story on stage. He’s the perfect example why the death penalty should be abolished!

In fact,I wore the exact same suit of clothes for about 8 years. You have take care of them,because it’s very hard to get more.

Yes,this is the exact shirt I wore for years. You don’t get new clothes very often on death row.

The audio book will be available at the same time as the book -in September. I’ll be giving updates as the day draws nearer.

@ssoopphhzz I wasn’t sentenced to any time. I was sentenced to death. They sentenced me to be executed three times.

I hope that when you hear it,you feel the same sublime intensity that I did when recording it. It will hold a fond place in my memories.

Just got out of my last recording session. It’s finished. I was already missing it as soon as I walked out the door.

RT @penguinusa: We caught up with @DamienEchols in our studio today while recording the audio book of LIFE AFTER DEATH @blueriderpress

RT @penguinusa: Another pic from our session with @DamienEchols for the “Searing, heart-wrenching” (@PublishersWkly) LIFE AFTER DEATH

It’s the intensity of the process I’ll miss. It feels like sinking into a world of poetry,being submerged in it. Everything else fades away.

I felt a little beat up after the recording session today. Nearly finished,though. Tomorrow is the last day. I’m going to miss it.

Just got home from a screening of Oliver Stone’s new movie,”Savages”. He was there,as well as John Travolta,who I’ve loved since childhood.