• Mike

    You Rock Damien!!!! They’re coming for you Hobbs!

  • http://twitter.com/positivecritic Lacy Jack

    Love the book! Started reading last night, could not put it down and stayed up until 3am reading. What you writed does stand on its own merit Damien, well done. I would love to offer you and Lori complimentary spa services while you are in Tulsa in October. skincareinstitute.net ask for Lacy

  • http://twitter.com/positivecritic Lacy Jack

    WRITE!!! not writed.

  • K. Starr

    You deserve more than $60m. You have a friend here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kaye.beebe Kaye Waters Beebe

    I finished the book today. I couldn’t stand to read it for long stretches because it is just so frustrating to try and get your head around how this could happen!! I wanted to punch a wall or something. Damien, you have so much self control and strength. I’m hoping you keep writing and I wish you and Lorri a long life of happiness and peace. And magick!

  • Jason

    I have been following your story Damien, since the beginning, and I wish you only the best. Your writings have been inspiring me for quite some time and while I haven’t had the chance to pick up your book, yet, I will undoubtedly be galvenized again.

    I’m reminded of some of your earlier journal entries and so, as I depart, I impart back to you your own encouraging words: “the thing I like most about time is that it’s not real; it’s all in the head. Sure, it’s a useful trick if you want to meet someone at a specific place in the universe to have tea or coffee, but that’s all it is, it’s a trick. There’s no such thing as the past, it exists only in the memory. There’s no such thing as the future, it exists only in our imagination. If our watches were truly accurate, the only thing they would ever say is NOW!”

    Keep living in the NOW Damien and I hope every moment you live is full of life and satisfaction!

  • Julie Jacobs-Zevon

    Please come to the San Francisco Bay Area on your book tour. Many here would love to say hello. I read and loved Almost Home. Will start reading Life After Death tomorrow. Glad that you are getting such warm receptions everywhere.

    All the best to you Damien…xoxo

  • EvoBaBee

    Your Book is amazing, one of the best stuff I’ve read over the years. Normally I don’t read much and get tired from the rist few pages, but with your book I just cannot get my eyes of it Hahahaha… Damien you rock!

  • http://twitter.com/mistivelvet Ms. Rainwater-Lites

    Hi Damien, I wrote you when you were in prison and you sent me a gracious reply. I put a poetry anthology together with my friend Mic Johnson for your defense fund. We sold a few copies. Mic was able to put something like $100 in the fund. Wish we could have done more. Very glad you are all out now but sorry for all that you had to endure. I’ve been meaning to buy your first book for years. Planning on buying both of your books next month. I wish you much joy and peace.

  • Maria

    Damien i wrote you before your release. I just finished the book and I felt compelled to thank you for the glimpse into what it takes to hold oneself together while enduring traumatic injustice after traumatic injustice. You are inspiring, not because of the Hell you have been through but for the manner in which you did it. Love and light to you and Lori from a little mom in Canada. <3

  • dave

    Will you be doing a book signing in Salem MA? Would you be interested in doing a book signing in New Bedford, MA?

  • http://www.facebook.com/lynleyc3 Lynne Farley Curran

    Got my copy yesterday. Can’t put it down.

  • julie brush

    Damien,thank you so much for this book. The way you talk about nostalgia from your childhood….I always tell people “I can smell my past” The moment I finished your book,I immediately went to mass..Saint Jude is also one of my favorite’s and has helped me through alot in my life. Damien,I grew up in the “estates” of the trailer park world,and the way you describe it in your book,I could smell it. Thank you. I used to work as a nurse in a prison,and I found the system beyond belief,I couldn’t grasp it. Some of us are survivors,some of us are surviving. Your wife,in her pictures,she has a light around her like Ive never seen,she is lovely. Again,Thank you Thank you,Thank you,Thank you for this book. Lorie,Thank you. Julie Brush

  • http://www.facebook.com/emily.ziebell Emily Ziebell

    I really hope you come to the San Francisco area! You’re an inspiration to many!

  • julie brush

    Damien,I had to read your book again yesterday. Magick,ah magick…if only more people embraced magick. I am not a twitter person,facebook,etc…This is where I will come for my thoughts and the like. Do you feel people have to go through hell,in order to understand magick,or are we born with it? I believe we are born with it,and if you don’t have a tough lining,it will be stomped on like grapes of wrath. However,it can also take hell,to grasp magick,but how long can those hold onto magick?. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in ’09. I was a distance runner,I majored in modern dance before becoming a nurse,movement was everything to me. But,I had magick,thanks to St. Jude,and myself…I’ve written articles about MS and the attitude it takes to survive it daily….I can still dance,I can still move….I am going to pass what I learned from your book,to others with MS….It certainly touched me. Forgive me if this blog or whatever you call it is a bit self-serving….I do not mean it to be…I will try to pass magick onward for the day today. And,I am going to try with all my magick to get you to jacksonville beach,florida for a book signing. If I am writing q and a in the wrong place,someone let me know,as I said,not a fan of twitter,fbook,etc….Let’s all make out mission for the day to try and spread some magick! See who is receptive and who isn’t. Julie Brush

  • Monique

    Rest Damien. You must be tired. I pre-ordered your book and read it in one day. Your writing and your ability to articulate what everyone is absolutely missing is this world has made me wake up to such pleasures as smiling to someone. Thank you for awakening my spirit. You are a remarkable person. As for Lorri, she is indeed an angel. May your universe continue to bring you the fruits of your sacrifice. Sincerely, Monique from Westerly, Rhode Island.

  • Ann

    Damien – I have followed your case for many years and when I saw you on Anderson Live and heard you were releasing Life After Death I immediately went out and bought it and started reading it. You are an incredible writer with a talent that is amazing. Through your book I laughed, I cried, I raged with you, and felt your hopelessness. There was one sentence that stood out for me and I hope you’ll allow me to use it on my Facebook page “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” I have found that to be so true in our society today. We allow horrible things to happen and yet those of us that consider ourselves good do nothing to right the injustice that occurs.

    To Lorri – your love and belief in Damien was truly a breath of fresh air in the world that Damien was forced to live in. I absolutely admire you and your commitment and belief in this man and wish that they were more people in this world that are like you or can learn from your strength,

    To you both – may the love that you found behind the concrete and steel walls of a prison continue to flourish and thrive. May you both have the peace that you so richly deserve and may your lives be long and happy and filled with love, friends, and most of all the winter months that Damien so loves.

    • Mary Sue Moore Turn

      Guilty and to never be exonerated.

      • Oz

        If they were guilty they wouldnt be released!!!

      • Katrina

        Did you follow the case at all? These three were convicted with NO evidence against them. IF they were guilty then the judges would have kept denying their appeals. Obviously your McDonald’s provided Criminal Justice classes failed you.

      • AF

        I’m sorry but you’re an idiot. Please stop talking.

      • Katie seymour

        really?? it’s sad that the wool has been pulled over your eyes.

      • Steve Humphrey

        She has a right her opinion! Only Damien, Jason, and Jessie know for sure. Personally they should at the very least get another trial the original was a joke! They are dealing with hicks and born again morons, though, so that’s unlikely. On the other side I’m not swayed by the frauds in Hollywood with their flavor of the month causes. I just got Life After Death, looking forward to checking that out

        • Becca Lee

          They know the truth, we know the truth, because ALL evidence that can be substantiated is pointing in another direction. Follow the evidence, which does not point to three random boys–it points to a relative, which happens to be statistically accurate as well. I do agree, the children who died deserve a conviction of the rightful killer–not the memphis three. Those men deserve their 18 years back in payment by the state and those three babies that died deserve their rightful killer to be convicted and sentenced. You’re right though, hicks and born again morons…so sad.

        • Toni Woodall Corbin
      • Kate Prout

        You’re not needed here.

      • Becca Lee

        They’re as guilty as you are for the crime of murdering three boys in Arkansas. Are you guilty of those crimes? Do you have an alibi? So do they. They were burned at the stake like witch burnings. Liars and cheaters put them in prison. A direct consequence of religious indoctrination, low IQ’s, the loss and demolition of critical thinking and logic. Their justice system crucified three boys for a crime they did not commit. They took the Alfred plea because those men knew the police are corrupt enough to kill them while they’re in prison. I’ve seen the trial, read through evidence, those police convicted those boys before they actually looked at the real tangible evidence. The prosecutor claimed that “fiber evidence” was greater than “hair evidence” meaning that fibers from random items was more accurate than DNA genetic evidence, which is absolute bullshit. If you think that the people who testified against them weren’t coerced and lied on the stand, like those women who were burned at the stake, then you’re as batshit crazy as the rest of them. Disgusting.

      • Mandy

        Were u there? No! Are there evidence that points to them? No! So shut up!

      • Toni Woodall Corbin
    • Taylor Noakes

      That’s a quote from Edmund Burke, one of my favorites in fact.

    • Toni Woodall Corbin
  • jimmy

    Just finished your book. Amazing read. Heartbreaking and exciting. Your writing is truly incredible. I wish you many happy years ahead of you Damien. You deserve them.

  • Cat

    My only regret is that I didn’t know your story until after the fact. I wish I could have helped in any way during the 18 year process. The book was great. Enjoy your life……

  • Tamaey Gottuso

    Spent a day and a half reading your book Damien. Your an incredible man who has touched the world with your story, your faith and your courage to hold on. Your writing style is beautiful, poetic and I simply couldn’t put your book down. Thank YOU so much for sharing your story, I can only imagine the faith you are instilling in so many who feel hopeless. Peace to you and your beautiful Lorri.

  • Nancy

    “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins … not through strength, but by persistence.” Damien, thank you for sharing your story with me. May you and Lorri have the life and love you deserve. Be well, be strong and continue to be you.

  • Denise

    I’m not a very voracious reader, but I find I can’t put your book down! You really are a gifted writer. Looking forward to future books by you!

    • Gabriel Ostweiller

      Wouldn’t it be awesome if he wrote a book about murdering the children and telling all the details. He could tell his story about being psychotic, scaring his parents to the point they warn that they are no longer safe with him in their house, and then he could talk about stomping that dog to death and then brag about killing the kids and how he got the last laugh. That would be so amazing.

  • Violet Everdeen

    Please come to the U.K :)

  • Shelley Arellano

    Damien- I’ve followed your case for many years and when I saw You and Lorri on Anderson Live I went right out and bought the book. I’m amazed that through all the adversity you had from a rough life growing, being accused of a crime you didn’t commit, and spending a good part of your life in one of the most horrendous places a person could be, you have emerged with a positive attitude instead of anger and bitterness which you would have every right to feel. I commend you for having the courage to share your story with the world with such candor. You’re a very eloquent writer and best of luck with the upcoming movie in December. My mom and I will definitely be checking that out.

  • Spaceben

    I just finished reading Life After Death a few minutes ago. There are no words to describe the power in those pages. Reminds me of so much that I’ve read, while always being like nothing else. You’re an amazing human. Thanks for telling your story.

  • FullMoonVideo

    Just finished the book…excellent read!

    Damien does express distain for a psychologist and the
    exhibit 500 report. Is this the report that speaks of all the blood drinking
    and unusual acts of Damien’s youth when Davis had him wrongly institutionalized
    due to the witch hunt he was conducting?
    Or are such things written in original 1990’s reports? I ask, because if
    all this is baloney I may have information on the real personality this pony
    report was modeled after. It is a 1992 crime involving 4 teenage girls that the
    press thought involved Witchcraft and sacrifice, but turned out to be about

    One of the main players was a girl named Laurie Tackett and
    after reading a brief of one of Damien’s psychological reports on the internet,
    it appeared that Laurie Tackett’s psychological history was copied and enhanced
    for Damien’s report. I’m just not sure witch report about Damien I was reading,
    the 1990’s or the 2004 exhibit 500. Or were they combined?

    This may prove helpful…or not. But Damien should look
    into the Laurie Tackett persona and the case of Shanda Sharer, one year prior
    to his case. Driver may have been trying to model his case to the Sharer case
    since it was national news just one year prior and thought to be satanic in
    nature. There are many similarities.

  • Bookworm11

    I’m currently reading Life after Death. As a library director I don’t say this too often, but I’m impressed with and enjoy your writing style. Hope you can write more books.

  • julie brush

    Please visit….justice4eric.com

  • Christie

    Loved your book. Your strength and wisdom is inspiring.

  • Dee Dee

    Life After Death was riveting. I couldn’t put it down. I briefly worked in TDOC…visited Brushy Mountain and Disney Land. I ‘ve witnessed firsthand what you’ve written about. Hope to visit with you & your wife in Nashville.

  • pugita

    dexter youre truly ignorant. Go do some research on the facts of the case.Then you might want to pay a visit to terry hobbs.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeannebug1 Jeanne Brady Schreib

      I Think “Dexter” is being sarcastic…Dexter “Morgan”

  • Kim

    Got to chime in as at least a third vote for coming to the SF Bay Area–although it looks like you’re skipping over the Bay Area and going straight from L.A. to Seattle. I’m reading Life After Death now and, like others, can’t put it down. thanks for writing it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1694770406 Debra Cooley Reddish

    I bought the book yesterday and am almost finished reading it. Very inspiring and a definite eye-opener on prison life. I also have read, Almost Home and was equally captivated. I have followed this story over the years and was surprised to see someone that I know personally in one of the documentaries. The “cult expert”, Dale Griffis, was a policeman at the same time as my father, on the same department. I have questioned his expertise on any subject he espouses! Good wishes to you and Lorri. Any chance of a book signing in northwest Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1694770406 Debra Cooley Reddish

      Keep drinking the moon water !!

  • Todd Brehm

    I finished reading the book, put on my favorite Eddie Vedder album, and stared out the window at a rainy Vermont morning. A beautiful male blue jay flitted across the porch and landed on the railing before flying off into the sky. I’d like to think it was the Universe telling me that Damien is free and flying. Thank you so much for the immeasurable power of everything you have taught the world.

  • Myssi Powers

    I am in the process of reading “Life After Death” and I find myself not wanting to finish the book because as I read the words- it’s as if Damien is right there in front of me telling the story. It is probably one of the most bittersweet stories I’ve ever read and it’s so surreal how I can bring up memories I have surpressed through the years just by something as simple as a song he mentions or describing the snow and ice crackling underneath your feet. I can empathize with his childhood, because it reminded me a lot of my own growing up poor in WV. The sad thing is I find myself hurting as much for him for his childhood and youth than I do as he was put away on Death Row. His spirit is golden. He kept his chin up and stayed positive when anyone else would have broken. I love this man. (Not an “in-love” thing or girlish crush), I just love him for opening my eyes and sharing such an incredible journey with everyone. God Bless Damien, Jason and Jessie. I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

  • Kim

    Thank you for coming to Kansas City Missouri. My 21 yr old daughter has followed your case for several years. Her heart has hurt for you, Jessie and Jason and the injustice done to you three. She has cried for you many nights afraid that you would leave this world before being set free for this crime you did not commit. She never dreamed she would see you face to face and you would personally sign a book for her that you wrote, she was overcome with emotion. I’m sorry this tour is painful for you, and please know there are people in this world like my sweet daughter, her friend, her friends boyfriend who brought you the Metallica album, and my 13 yr old daughter, and me a 49 yr old mom, who care about you, even though we don’t know you personally, our hearts hurt for you, if we could take a piece of your pain and carry it for you, we would. WE support your effort to heal, we wish you healing, we wish you love, and we wish you a life of beautiful creativity. Thank you, Damien Echols, for taking the time to meet your supporters face to face.

    • Gabriel Ostweiller

      Please read all the facts of this case and don’t ignore Wayne’s (aka Damien) mental illness. He’s not a hero, he’s a convicted child murderer who accepted a plea despite having a new trial scheduled…why would he do that? Because he knew he would be convicted again and would soon be getting a lethal injection.

  • kitty

    I just watched you and your wife on the Jeff Probst show. I am so glad that you have been released from that hell that you have been in for 18 years! I watched the HBO Documentary and I also felt that you should have NEVER served a single minute in prison. Bless you and I wish you much happiness

  • http://www.facebook.com/lynn.gilson.7 Lynn Gilson

    WOW!!! After watching you Damien and your wife on the Jeff Probst show today I was taken away by your story. Will you be doing a book signing in Tucson Arizona?
    May you and your wife be blessed beyond imagination and a long peaceful life of happiness to you both.
    Lynn in Arizona
    PS…. just bought your book…………. very touching story and you Damien are an incredible writer…… comes from the heart….

  • irish416

    i believe your innocent of the murders but in your book i found that you were not telling the whole truth about your childhood with the mental institutions, and blood sucking incidents that you never brang up. you were a messed up teen still does not make u a murderer. In my opinion and of course this is just MY opinion your book was….OK, granted im no avid book reader by ANY means at all!! i have read 3 books i wasnt forced to. Brutal By Kevin weeks about southie mob. Bad seed about toronto gang and this book. Brutal i couldnt put down and have read again. the other 2 including this one. Meh. but again just my opinion. im no one special

  • Guest

    What an amazing piece of magick that has been spread through out these pages. I love this book and everything it stands for. So inspiring.

  • http://twitter.com/BrandiesBrain Itsbrandie

    Just plain ignorance. I hate when people run there mouths about things they don’t know or understand.

    • Life After Death

      agreed Superstar :)

  • Gail Kingston

    I remember when I was a senior in HS in 1993 and this started to appear in the news but being a young teenager, I wasn’t interested in watching the news, no matter what it was about. However, now at 37 years old I saw you Damien and your book in the People magazine. Seeing you in the People magazine brought back memories of seeing you on the news so I had to read your book.

    You lived a harsh life and in my mind it’s wild that you made it through childhood let alone 18 years of death row (or roll as some say it!!)

    I am so happy I read your story and now I’m craving to know more so I will be researching for and finding your memoir.

    I call myself a book reading virgin. I have never in my life chosen a book to just sit and read and really never had any want to. But from the first page all the way to the last, I couldn’t wait to be able to sit and read “Life After Death”. I’m so glad I saved my book virginity for your story!!!

    I wish you the best of luck in our world, in NYC, in life, and mostly with your angel, Lorri.

    Take care, Gail

  • beck

    I have just finished the book, superb. Eager to see you and share love @ All Soul’s on Monday in “t-town”. safe travels & thank you, thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cindy.willisgoodwin Cindy Willis Goodwin

    Damien, as a former Memphian, and resident there during this horrible ordeal, I commend your spirit, love of life and pray that you continue the path of love and success you are on. As they say “Doing well is the best revenge”. I wish you well………:)

    • Mad Max

      Actually the phrase is, “Living well is the best revenge”

  • Kelly Williams

    Your story has reached many across the globe and it has magnified the gross injustice, corruption and ineptness of the state of Arkansas.
    Reading the series of events was a roller coaster ride of emotions that left me having to stop and take a deep breath. You are one of the strongest, intelligent and pivotal people I can honestly say has influenced my opinions on the death penalty and my validated scepticism in the broken justice system.

  • debbie kaler

    I could not put your book down. You went through a holocaust lasting over 20 years, horrific…. You are amazing… you are a survivor….. Sending you a December filled with Hershey kisses…..

  • Angela McNamara

    Damien…your book was AWESOME! You have incredible wisdom and a great sense of humor given the hell you were put through. Love your sarcasm. :-) You are an amazing human being…xoxo

  • R Taylor

    Damien, I’ve been following your case for years and just finished your book. I felt horror and disgust when you talked about life in prison and the way you were treated, and joy and happiness when you spoke about the things that you enjoy. I’ll have to look up and listen to Midnight Syndicate now. You truly are an inspirational human being. Sending you and Lorri love from Australia.

  • Noelle Melese

    Dear Damien and Lorri, I left a couple of messages for you on facebook before finishing your book. I now feel a sense of shame by intruding in your lives and opining without permission. I loved every moment of your book Damien and am so sorry about the circumstances that gave birth to it. You and I am sure, Lorri have deep and beautiful souls and I hope you continue to share them with us. Perhaps you will continue to write and tell us about your reintroduction into the world. I have not had your experiences, but have had enough similar experiences that I can empathize with you. After all we are all fellow travelers on this planet. I am sure that you are inundated by people who want a piece of you, time and attention from you, and you probably need to just hunker down and absorb the novel experiences flooding mind, body and soul. I wish you both all the best, and should you ever want to know why I can relate to you, please contact me at nmelese@san.rr.com. As Catholics say, peace be with you, as well as love and joy,

  • Mad Max

    If you really want to set the record straight, tell the whole story about Ricky Ray Rector. Don’t leave out the part where he killed three people, one of them a cop. And after all that did he shoot himself in the head. Or that Bill Clinton left his ’92 campaign to preside over the execution.

  • http://twitter.com/EBeckRocknRoll cclizloves

    Absolutely stunning reviews – I look forward to reading and sharing this book.

  • Jessica

    Any chance for a book signing in Florida?? You have supporters here too!

  • http://twitter.com/giddyup_geegee Gee-Gee Davies

    Loved your book! Thanks for sharing your amazing and heartbreaking story, it is a marvellous instrument and we could all learn a thing or two from your ability to rise above the injustice you endured. Everyone must read this book.
    Come to Australia! Specifically Melbourne, we love a good book tour down this way!

  • Sarah

    I hope that you will consider coming to St. Louis. I am almost finished with “Life After Death,” one of the best books I have read in a long time, and would absolutely love to hear you speak.

  • c. hunters

    agree…please come to san francisco/bay area. love the book!!!

  • Amy

    Unfortunately couldn’t make it, but I hope you enjoyed your stop in Chicago.

  • Katie Concus

    Hi damien, I was 18 when I first learned about this case and the travesty that had taken place against you. I had taken a criminal justice class as a vocational program because my intention was to go into legal studies. We were shown the WM3 documentary and it was all I could do to contain the tears that escaped. From that moment on I encouraged myself to go onto law school and do what I could so what happened to you wouldn’t happen to other innocent people. I lost my way a little bit after high school. Then I came across your book and was reeled into a world that I could hardly comprehend. I couldnt understand how a justice system that says they stand up for the people could subject someone to such cruelty and deny them the rights they are born with. Your book put alot of things into perspective and I appreciate the time and pain it took to share your life with the world. Things only seem dark if you dont have someone there to show you the way, and Lorri is the perfect example. I do look forward to reading more from you.

  • Laura – Toronto,ON

    Damien, the past few months of my life have been the hardest for me yet. Picking up your book was probably the best thing I could have done for myself. You gave me strength and courage to get through what I thought was my darkest time. You are an inspiration.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathleen.kastnermortenson Kathleen Kastner Mortenson

    I just got done reading Life After Death and couldn’t put it down! You are such a gifted writer. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your heartfelt story and writing style. There are very few people on the planet who could survive what you went through before and during prison. Your incredible mental discipline and desire to live, will serve as a source of inspiration to me for many years. I especially liked what you said about spirituality being an action. Thank you for inspiring me to believe in magick and wonder again! I’m so grateful you are free. Many blessings to you and Lorri. Namaste’

  • Leslie

    I am all consumed with this book! I can’t put it down, haven’t done my house work, watched tv or answered the phone. When I’m not reading this story is haunting me when I sleep. I can’t wait for the follow up for what life brings within the next 20-30 years. Daimen, you inspire me.

  • Curt

    Damien, I’m just about finished reading Life After Death and can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with your perseverance. I’ve
    done a little time, nothing like you, but have to say there are many parts of the book I can relate to and that actually made me laugh. The injustice that takes place within the criminal justice system is sickening and I’m truly sorry you were robbed of such a good portion of your life. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Please
    continue to share your experience and knowledge with others and always remember that each day is a blessing. If you ever have a stop in Southern California I’ll be there.

  • Vicki Goucher

    I have just finished your book “Life after Death”. I have followed your case over the past 10 years & have prayed for the day when you would be free.
    Damien, your are a remarkable person who has endured far too much in your life. May you have the all that you deserve now.
    God bless
    Vicki Goucher – Australia

  • J.I. Bo

    Hello Damien, I just finished reading your book “Life After Death” and I am overwhelmed with a feeling of sadness at your 18 years of wrongful incarceration. I am also amazed by your courage and resolve to survive within a system so brutal on a physical, emotional and psychological level. I am inspired by your faith in magick and your commitment to meditation practice. Enjoy reconnecting with old friends and family and making new connections. I hope you and your wife Lorri live a life filled with happiness, love and freedom. Thanks for telling your story so honestly. All the best, J.I. Bo

  • Lisa Roberts, from Philly

    Damien, I’m almost finished reading “Life After Death,” and I hardly know what to say or where to begin. Your memoir is beyond moving, your writing is stellar, your wit is rapier, your insights are biting, your story defies imagination, your life experience would have flattened lesser people, your fortitude is boundless, your intelligence makes me feel stupid — I could go on and on. I am so sad for the years of brutal injustice you endured, and I wish you nothing but blue skies, contentment, good health, and serenity with your beautiful wife now that you are free. I must tell you that I can hardly put your book down. It keeps me up late at night, and then thoughts of your story enter my dreams. My husband can hardly wait to snatch the book from me — but not until I’m finished. I wish I were half as smart as you are, one-fourth as gifted, and one-one-hundredth as strong in the fact of adversity. I tip my hat to you — and I thank you for the brutal honesty that runs throughout this amazing book, and for the inspiration you will have given millions who read it. I sincerely hope you are finding happiness in your life of freedom and are able to suppress some of the memories of what these animals did to you in the Arkansas legal system and in the town of West Memphis. Best always to you and Lorri.

  • ShebaJ

    I haven’t put this book down all day. Amazing journey.

    Namaste to you and your wife…Namaste…

  • brandi crider

    I am in awe at What an amazing, sensitive, and intelligent man you have become damien! Especially,unjustly dealing with horrendous circumstances in death row! What a great way to turn travesty around and better yourself spiritually and wholeheartedly! I hope you and Lorri get the peaceful life you so deserve!

  • bill

    I am amazed at all of these posts and not one response from
    Damien. A narcissistic, child murdering F&ck like him and you would think he would have something to say especially since there are so many fans. I can’t believe you are making money off of all of this.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeannebug1 Jeanne Brady Schreib

      He should make a LOT of money after all the Hell he endured for 18 years…and continues to (with people like yourself making statements like that….) Let it go. Leave the guy alone to live his hard earned freedom in peace.

    • Reza

      Your stupidity and ignorance is outstanding.

    • Friend

      Bill, you are only embarrassing yourself and making yourself look like an ass. It scares me that nine people have upvoted your comments.

    • Life After Death

      You are a moron…

    • Justus Smith

      You and the people that upvoted you are all complete morons. Who made you judge, jury, and executioner? Maybe you should go work for the West Memphis PD, they have a bunch of like minded people over there. And by that I mean ignorant, redneck, fuckwits.

      • Jess

        Fact of the matter Damien was a psychopath. His mental medical records are public on the internet and the astonishing incidents he had makes one not surprised if he did murder those boys. But alas, “lack of evidence”

      • spirited_mandy

        Justus…Power to you Brother, I couldnt have said it better myself xx

    • Jess

      Didn’t he say he’d do everything in his power to help find the person who actually did kill those boys? Or nah. Pretty sure he did. And I doubt he’s done a damn thing to help. But it’s whatever.

    • spirited_mandy

      People like you make me sick to my stomach! It is clearly pointless to explain anything to a unintelligent halfwit like yourself..and trust me when I say I’m biting my tongue. You must seriously have no life. Are you even aware that every other person that reads your pathetic attempts at a post is laughing so hard at you :DX Heres a piece of advice, go get yourself a life cause I actually feel very sorry for you. Or have you got something to hide??? Maybe thats why you remain anonymous huh? You are relentless I give you that, it’s just a shame you put all your energy into such pointless exercises. You are right in one respect though, the rest of the world has respect and compassion for him considering he is innocent and got completely screwed by the system thats meant to protect. When he is exonerated I wonder what you will do with your time. I’m still laughing at you ;D

    • spirited_mandy

      People like you make me sick to my stomach! It is clearly pointless to explain anything to a unintelligent halfwit like yourself..and trust me when I say I’m biting my tongue. You must seriously have no life. Are you even aware that every other person that reads your pathetic attempts at a post is laughing so hard at you :DX Heres a piece of advice, go get yourself a life cause I actually feel very sorry for you. Or have you got something to hide??? Maybe thats why you remain anonymous huh? You are relentless I give you that, it’s just a shame you put all your energy into such pointless exercises. You are right in one respect though, the rest of the world has respect and compassion for him considering he is innocent and got completely screwed by the system thats meant to protect. When he is exonerated I wonder what you will do with your time.

  • bill

    Nice to see you deleted my post. I guess if it doesn’t jive it must be taken down.

  • Ginny

    I hope your life will move beyond all of the horrors you’ve had to endure. Peace be yours.

  • http://twitter.com/Bonit_A_nita ★★★Anita★★★

    I’ve just put the book down. Damien, you are not the case and the case is not you. In my eyes, you’re an inspiring person with an incredible amount of talent who is ready to make some positive change in this world. Your story has inspired and encouraged me to see and feel things that I have always taken for granted. I’ll never look at snow the same way again. I’ll never see a sunset again without knowing how lucky I am that I can. Thank you. You’re absolutely incredible.

    • Becca Lee

      Thank you for that, I’m going to buy this book now. :-)

  • Tasha T.

    Damien, Thank you for sharing your story so the rest of the world can learn and grow from it. I wish you and Lorri only the best in life. Blessings to you both and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Lorri, I don’t know if you read these comments or not, but I made a donation one time to the Defense Fund, it wasn’t very much and I said that I was sorry I could not give more. You wrote me a note to thank me anyways, saying every cent counts. I want you to know how much that meant to me. Thank you and the world needs more people like yourself in it.

  • Shuggie Recio-Sierras

    Will you be doing an L.A. tour. Would love to just shake your hand. My husband and I saw the first documentary, when it first came out in the late 90′s. We have followed the story. We always felt from the first time we saw that film, you boys were wronged. Amazing men you have all grown to become. I am so glad you men all got your day in court, finally. You know, the world knows, you all walk the earth as innocent men. Keep being Damien, brother.

    A believer, Shuggie Recio-Sierras

  • http://www.facebook.com/sylvia.zade Sylvia Zade

    You truly are an amazing person. ( from what I have heard, seen and read). I wish you all the best of health, wealth, love and happiness through out your journey.

  • Patti52

    Dear Damien, I hope you do have a chance to read these posts as you should feel a little bit of joy at the amount of supporters you have. I literally just finished reading :”Life After Death”, its sitting beside me as i write this, and my husband and I have seen “Paradise Lost”. There are no words to describe how much your story touched us. We talk about it all the time and as i was reading your book, there were several times I sought him out to read parts to him. As someone with a very tender heart, your story brought tears to my eyes many times and I would just like to offer you my deepest regrets that you were hand picked by lazy and corrupt officials in your town as a scapegoat for the crimes to make themselves look good. They stole 18 plus years of your life that you can never get back, but always remember “The Best Revenge is Living Well”. Don’t allow them to steal even one more minute from you. You and your amazing angel, Lorri, should celebrate every day that you are together and FREE! Hold your head up as you walk among those that still have doubts and cast stones, knowing you are a remarkable young man who is innocent and deserves to live the rest of his life in peace! And one more thing, as someone who’s dream it has always been to write a book, but has only started about a million and never continued, I am so impressed by your writing ability and the beautiful way you phrase things, that it inspired me to try again. I would give anything to see you in person and don’t know if you are still touring, but I live near Atlanta so maybe you’ll be here sometime!

    All the very best life has to offer you, live life to the fullest every minute! You are very brave and courageous and there is only “light” ahead for you and Lorri!

  • Jean Ross

    Could not get ahold of Almost Home but will keep trying. Life After Death was a fantastic trip through an innocent person’s mind who was subject to daily abuse. It’s a wonder you came out as sane as you did, Damien. A great book! I loved the touches of humor, and couldn’t put it down! Not moving to Arkansas. Ever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stacey.huftalen Stacey Huftalen

    Great book. I have seen all of the Paradise Lost films and received your book for Christmas. I don’t know how anyone who has followed this case was able to find the three of you guilty. Its a sad fact that you are not one of a few in prison for something you didn’t do, but one of many. Congratulations on winning your freedom and never stop fighting.

  • http://twitter.com/Cbrain13 Coby

    Orange County, Ca awaits. Hope to see you soon.

  • paula williamson

    i just finished listening to Life After Death, while at work. Damien has captured the essence of seasons, holidays and little mundane everyday life…that we take for granted, in such amazing detail. Inside, I am so sad about all that was robbed from him. It feels funny to say how much I have loved listening to his story. I guess it’s because I knew the outcome was positive? I have been silently cheering his release, far away in Michigan. I hope the universe only holds goodness for him and his wife. <3

  • jeannie

    But, Damien, why do you have such a dirty mouth? It demeans you. And you are starting to look really nasty —-with the long unkempt hair,scruffy facial hair, too many tattoos. You are making it hard for all of us dignified grandma types to continue to support you. Lighten up please. And respect your mother, no matter……

    • Anna from Sweden

      Damien is beautiful.

    • Life After Death

      Do you not realize that its none of your business about his mother… and D looks fabulous!!

  • Donna Smith

    I received my copy of “Life After Death” Thursday, it’s finished. I am touched, shocked and have more feelings than I can name.

  • Erica

    My son has asked me to contact you to see if you can help him find help for a civil rights lawsuit with censorship, no medicines for 3 years, he said Johnny Depp helped you, or maybe a good journalist to listen to his case and help him appeal. Will win case, if right help.

  • Summer

    It took me two days to read Life after Death, could not put it down..makes you feel every emotion. I have always been so interested in this heartbreaking and extremely frustrating journey that all those involved had to endure. I live in Canada and must say after griping for many months about the cold and snow, when you read Damien’s book it puts every single little thing that you may bitch about as all of a sudden miracles and perfect nature that we all must treasure and to never take for granted..thankyou Damien..Good things to you and yours…Summer.

  • joe

    I am really late on picking up your book Damien but I give it an 11 out of 10!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.c.mauk Lisa Costello Mauk

    I’m with Julie. I’m almost finished with Life Beyond Death. It is a wonderful, heartfelt work. While I sincerely wish you had not had the experiences that you write about, you do so in a way that is a real eye opener for the reader.

  • Sarah

    I don’t know if you read these comments which mostly have the same general consensus, but since I have heard of you, read about you, watched hours of documentary footage about you, I have felt the need to contact you and let you know that besides my Mam and my favourite Grandad, you are my hero.

    It was about 3 months ago when my boyfriend decided to tell me about an ‘incredibly mind-blowing documentary’ he watched called ‘West of Memphis’. At first I just sat back and listened politely like I usually do to his latest mind-blowing experience, but as he continued to tell me your story I started to feel the urgent need to watch the documentary, which of course I did. However, as the boyfriend found new things to watch and learn about, I had to know more about the case and then you. When I heard you had a book written, I can’t actually explain my excitement and immediately went to my local book store who had to order it from America as it wasn’t being sold here in Ireland. That 3 week wait was awful and I had the poor book store workers tormented with my visits to see if it had arrived. I like to read, but this was the first book that I genuinely couldn’t wait to read! I don’t want to write an essay and waffle but I found your book ‘Life After Death’ brutally honest and has really affected my way of thinking. I didn’t expect you to give such details of your life to the public, especially when you yourself agree with the fact that you are obviously entitled to your privacy. I wanted to understand your mind and how it works because I believe that what you achieved during your incarceration is beyond most people’s capability. People are getting sick of me talking about you and your case, I know the boyfriend regrets ever telling me about the documentary. But I can’t help it, I am fascinated with you and your mind.
    Unfortunately, I was only 2 when you were initially arrested and was unaware and incapable to aid yours, Jason and Jessie’s cause. I know I would have if I was born about 20 years previously though, even from Ireland.
    Dress the way you want and get as many tattoos as you want, you never have to hide your true self. Sorry for the essay. Thank you for being you!

  • Kenny

    left out the part where he raped, beat and killed three little boys

    • diane

      your an asshole…stupid asshole…not a clue in the world..

      • Grammar Nazi

        You’re*, not your.

    • Friend

      You seem to forget that he was innocent of those crimes. And that the real killer is still out there. (And there is no evidence that they were raped.) There wasn’t a shred of physical evidence to tie them to the crimes. Open your mind.

    • Ellie Aronson

      I would take this seriously if there was even a shred of reliable evidence even so much as suggesting Damien was guilty. Unfortunately for you, there isn’t. Just because a people pin a case on someone out of the sheer need to close the case does not prove that person guilty.

    • Life After Death

      you dumbass there was no rape…

    • http://www.hisss.net Kelli Hammack


    • doesntevenmatter

      Just like you left out the part where you actually studied the case and read the reports of the best FBI profiler the US has ever had, the best medical examiner and the most famous pathologist in the world that said the boys weren’t even raped and the “cuts” and castration were actually animal predation?

      Hopefully you are never convicted of a crime you didn’t commit and you encounter someone like yourself.

    • Lealeabelike

      You need to educate yourself. You clearly have not read the case sufficiently. And just to clarify. Once the legal team got of their damn asses to investigate, there was no medical evidence of any penetration. This the rape claim was complete bullshit they forced out of a mentally handicapped boy. Just like everything else they forced out of him.

  • Jen Virock

    I read and loved your book Life After Death so much. For those of us who have followed your case over the years, it was a gift to hear your story in your own words. I want to thank you for sharing this. This memoir shows that you are so much more than what happened to you. You are a brilliant writer and I am grateful that you did not give it up. There is a stark beauty to your words and a style that is truly unique. I felt as if I was right there with you in the long, cold winters and inside the prison walls. There is power in your descriptions of times and places and emotions. I would devour any words you put to paper. Life After Death is ultimately a book about the human spirit and it is a book about love. Though there are moments of great sadness and despair, it left me mainly with a feeling of hope. It lingers in your mind long after you turn the last page and you feel haunted by it. That is the sign of a true talent. You are an inspiration and a reminder to never take for granted this life that we have been given. Bad things happen to good people, that will likely never change, but ultimately it is a choice that is left up to each of us to let it destroy you or make you stronger. The proof of this lies in you Damien. I just recently started listening to the audiobook version and it is so moving to hear it from your own voice. I am so grateful for your freedom and for the energy you put forth daily. Much love to you and your beautiful Lorri.

  • Julia

    I just finished Life After Death and like others have commented, was so moved by your words. You are truly a gifted writer; your words evoked a range of emotions that I’m sure will stay with me for a time to come. Your book offered a very personal view into your mind and heart for which I thank you for sharing, though it can’t have been easy to do so. You are living proof of the endurance of the human spirit. I wish you, your wife, and family all the love, happiness, and peace of a lifetime twice over.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000435295803 Kathi Murray

    I read the book in one sitting. Very powerful!! I had been following the case since viewing “Paradise Lost” on HBO in 1997. Still hard to believe it was real. Real people went through unimaginable hell, lived through a story that is beyond comprehension. I am in awe of you Damien. I have the deepest respect for you and your story. Your book brought me to tears for the atrocities suffered and smiles for all your victories and all you learned through your spiritual education. I hope to meet you some day and shake your hand and feel your energy. You are an amazing soul!!! Much light and love!!!

  • Fabio

    I just finished to read it now. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Fabio from Italy

  • Melody (the good witch)

    Each person has their own truth in life, I read Mr. Echols book and felt the pain of the mirror he must have had to look in to write this.
    May he find the peace now that was taken from him and the wisdom
    to hold on to it with all his might. Most of us are not given the chance to walk out of the fires of hell into the cool light of a new day.
    It is truly a “Do Over”

  • Sharon

    Thank you for this book. It has changed my life.

  • Teresa Patchettt

    My name is Teresa and I’m from Calgary, Alberta. I just finished reading Life afte Death and I just felt compelled to tell you hoe much it moved me. I enjoyed your comments about how much you love winter, it is also my favorite season (I guess if I don’t say that they will take my Canadian card away). In all seriousness I have followed your case for years, and I don’t think I will ever understand the American justice system, but I have always been amazed by your stature and grace. In everything I have seen and in everything I’ve read you always come forward as a gracious and forgiving man; when you have every reason not to be. Damien the world is a better place because you are in it. Thank you for teaching me how to be a better human being.

    • Sherie

      Every single word you wrote here is just coming from my heart. That’s just perfect ; I could never express it better than this. Just amazing. Thank you

      • Teresa

        Thats very kind of you. Thank you

  • Nancy

    Damien, I just finished Life After Death and I must say I was quite moved by it. I read Mara Leveritt’s book years ago and was convinced you and Jason and Jessie were guilty. I also watched the three documentaries on The West Memphis Three. It goes to show you that you can’t believe everything you read. I am truly sorry you spent all of that time in those horrible jails and prisons for something you didn’t even do. I feel bad for all three of you. I hope you make lots of money on your writings and art because you deserve to live the rest of your life in peace. I wish you and Lorri much happiness.
    Nancy Ryan

  • http://twitter.com/sprusselbrout Sally Jessy FML

    I know you’ve heard it all by now, so just know that there’s another person whose life you touched. Amazing book.

  • Stefano Faccia

    Dear Damien, i’m Italian and i’m reading the italian version of your book. In Italian is “Il buio dietro di me”. And for me is born a new hero. In the middle between Il conte di MonteCristo and the Fenice.

    Your born again walking through the Inferno. And i thought to my life and what i was doing when you was falling. And i felt sad, because i did’nt know. Thanks for your book. From the Country of the De Medici.

  • OregonMolly

    Dear Damien, I am a 64-yr-old grandmother who has been following your case for over 10 years. I always knew you were innocent. I was so happy when you were finally released. I have seen the documentaries and read everything about you, and now I have just finished your excellent book. It is beautifully written – it is definitely a work of art. I hope you write other things in your life because you have a gift. I have the greatest admiratiion for your courage and strength in facing all you have in your life, and also for Lorri for your belief in Damien and all the hard work put in to get him released. I used to believe in the death penalty. My views have changed over the years, and your case was one of the things that made me change my views. I shudder to think of innocent people who are wrongfully convicted. I wish you and Lorri a lifetime of happiness. I wish the best for Jason and Jessie too.

  • Barbara

    Just finished “Life After Death” and found it to be one of those books that are hard to put down. What an amazing story. And to think that there are so many others out there who are imprisoned for acts that they did not commit. Glad that there is DNA testing now to help alleviate that situation. I am very curious about one thing, though. Why do you add a “k” on to the word “magic”?

  • Reza

    Go fuck yourself.

  • Bindu Saul

    Damien I just finished reading your book ‘Life After Death’. I am an immigrant in Canada and did not know anything about WM3. After reading your book I came to know about this injustice . But I am so short of words to explain my feelings. Your writing is simply amazing. Every word in the book brings everything alive in the eyes of reader. Its like watching your journey with my own eyes. Its not right to say that I can feel what you felt in the prison and even after release from the prison but your feelings touch the hearts. While reading the book I cried many times. Your wife Lori is also as amazing as you are . I think love ,belief and faith can really bring magick( I liked it the way you write magick) and change your life and you are a living proof of that. I wish you and Lori all the best and look forward to more writings from you.

  • Remembers the REAL WM3

    Good luck finding the real killers. I guess you’ll get around to exonerating yourself after you write a few more books to make a little money, tweet a few more proverbs like some Zen laden prophet, and generally continue your downward spiral into douchebag legend. Alford plea my ass.

    • Frida

      What is wrong with u? Its because of people like u innocent people sometimes end up in prison.. people who dont care about evidence or facts.

      • Gabriel Ostweiller

        Don’t just watch the documentaries and make a decision…many of the important statements in the documentary are inaccurate – if not a flat out lie. There was sufficient evidence found at the crime scene, multiple confessions both before and after conviction. Take the time and do the research. I used to be a supporter and then I did a little more research. I was trying to find additional information to support the WM3, but what I found was a lot of creative editing in the documentary and I came to the simple conclusion that they did indeed commit these murders. In 2015 a new documentary is being released that tells the true story and shows how Hollywood freed child murderers. So sad. If you do all the research and you still think they are innocent, then that is your opinion, but please look at all of the information first-hand, don’t read others opinions and accept them as facts. I did and I realized Damien is a psychotic child murderer.

    • aries4279

      At least he is inspiring & positive, not someone who sours people with negativity.

    • KARMA76


    • Michelle

      “Never let your feelings get hurt or be affected by those who do not have the soul to judge you”.

    • Friend

      He should be resting comfortably on the state’s dime after what they did to him, but the ridiculous egos and their desire to save face forced an Alford plea, which means no recompense for what they went through. If he can make a little money writing books, more power to him. And if you ask me, writing the books has a lot less to do with money than it does about educating the people and helping him heal from the horrors he endured.

      • Diana Wolfslag

        So if they find the real killer will they get compensation?

        • doesntevenmatter

          They were too busy looking for a satanic cult and forcing confessions out of people that they ignored the real killers who was under their nose the whole time.

          There is one person whose neighbors saw him with the kids after they were reported missing.

          There is one person who can’t account for their whereabouts during crucial times on 5/5/1993.

          There is one person who has lied and lied from the beginning.

          One person whose family believes did it.

          One person who confessed to family members.

          One person whose mtDNA matches tht of one found in the knot of a ligature used to tie up Michael Moore.

          That person is Terry Wayne Hobbs!

          • Gabriel Ostweiller

            Nice try, but there are three other people who can’t account for their whereabouts during the crucial times on 5/5/93. Damien listed four (maybe five) girls who could provide him an alibi, but wasn’t called to testify, do you know why? Because none of them could account for his whereabouts between 5:30-9:20 and also their testimony would place him with Jason Baldwin during those times. Any and all attempts of an alibi by those three were proved to be lies. Fact, not opinion.
            Regarding the family members who believe Terry Hobbs is the killer is ridiculous. Terry Hobbs Jr. has never admitted to saying his father committed the murders and the two people who made the statement are now in prison for felony theft and serving long sentences at best their testimony is hearsay which isn’t admissible in court and most likely was an attempt to get some of the reward money being offerred by Peter Jackson and the rest of the fools who donated money.
            Also the DNA you are speaking about is also not admissible in court because it matches 1.5% of the population. – The same percentage as the DNA match that was found on Damien Echols necklace. – Yes, DNA evidence of blood matching Stevie Branch and co-defendant Jason Baldwin was found on Damien’s necklace – they just left that part out of the documentary, along with the luminol testing and the psychiatric findings of Damien.
            Why does Wayne call himself Damien? just curious.
            What is amazing is all the defense has to do is give a couple of career criminals money to make a statement about Terry Hobbs and half the world thinks he did it. Sorry folks this isn’t a Hollywood movie, there is no dramatic ending, the real killers were caught, confessed, and sentenced. Unfortunately they are free to kill again because many of us were lied to. Again, I was a supporter until I did my own research of the evidence. These guys weren’t arrested because they were poor white trash who listened to Metallica, they were arrested because of the evidence.

          • Mary Sue Moore Turn

            Terry Hobbs is innocent. Defense team use him as a distraction in this media circus. wm3 are confessed/convicted child murderers and will never be exonerated. Know this thru actual research or follow the psychopaths lead. Your choice.

          • doesntevenmatter

            The only media circus is the one that was used to convict the 3.

            Kinda like the Central Park Five, they had more evidence against them, and they are completely exonerated and $40 milllion dollars richer.

            Arkansas used the Alford Plea to cover their ass, plain and simple.

          • Steve Humphrey

            Wasn’t it his son’s shoelace, though? Not to say it couldn’t be him but if it was his son’s it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that living in the same house a hair could get tangled in a shoelace

          • doesntevenmatter

            No, it was caught in the one used to tie up Michael Moore.

            He was also the last one seen with the kids.

      • Gabriel Ostweiller

        You have to be kidding me. You need to quit listening to the lies Damien spits out whenever he speaks. The defense approached the prosecution and requested the Alford plea. It was never forced. They didn’t have to take a plea, they had a new trial scheduled, but the WM3 knew there was sufficient evidence to convict them again.

        • Brian

          Very Impressive. Can you reveal your sources and give me us the website for this new documentary. I see your comments but putting that with neighbors beside the crime scene that I myself interviewed, I’ll stick to the neighbors and people from West Memphis’s testimony while I wait for you to reveal your sources. Sometimes I wonder if some of you visit this site just to get a rise out of Damien and Lorrie.. Why do you even visit this site?

          • Gabriel Ostweiller

            There is no website that I am aware of, but I promise I will forward any information as I receive and confirm it. If you’ve done your own research and are convinced of their innocence then it is your opinion and your entitled to it. Do you have any new information since you’ve interviewed the people involved? Actually, let me stop there. I did not realize this was a site for Damien and Lorrie – some of my comments were out of line for the forum, and should be directed elsewhere. So I will see if I can remove the posts, but I would really like to continue a discussion. I’m open-minded, and I was once a supporter, but I’ve done some research, but not to the extent you have (interviewing people, visiting the site, etc.) I have questions for you that I would love to have answered, but this isn’t an open forum of discussion – and it shouldn’t be if it’s a site dedicated to them. Please reply through my email address. Thanks.

          • Brian

            To be fair Gabriel, I found that you are NOT making what you said up. To explain, I just got finished with researching your claim and found a website that supports your comments.. You claimed a necklace with Damien’s DNA from the crime scene was found. I also saw where this was claimed just now along with fibers or evidence on Baldwin’s robe. So I took these claims and compared it to public records.. They are only false propaganda put out as if they were facts to stir up folks and confuse them..I will continue research on all these claims. I thank you for bringing this to my attention now. To answer your question, the neighbor beside the tracks where the bikes were found did not tell me anything different than was already public knowledge..Many people interviewed that were living there in ’93 refused to be interviewed fort book, but one thing they all had in common was their strong belief of the WM3′s innocence. I refuse to blame Terry Hobbs because at this point that just makes me just as guilty as when I blamed Mark Byers at 1st…of you’re curious about my personAl experience with the West Memphis Police Department and what I personally found in the woods at Robin zooid Hills, scroll down and click on more comments and my story is about 5-6 pages or times clicked over…, Brian

          • Brian

            Wow, sorry about the typos..

          • Mary Sue Moore Turn

            West Memphis Three Facts.com
            WM3 Truth.com
            Guilty WM3

          • Lady leto

            go away with your crappy lies and hate

          • Katrina

            Slander is very ugly.
            Get well soon!

            We can all sit here and say if they’re guilty or innocent but none of us know the truth there are four people who know the truth the three boys and the killer.

        • Brian

          Just so you know, I’ll be fair and research your sources… I promise

    • Scott

      Damien has no more responsibility than you or me when it comes to finding the monsters responsible for the deaths of those boys. Did you get off your ass and investigate today? This guy was victimized by the justice system, having his twenties, along with the better part of his thirties taken from him! Excuse him for taking some time to live and enjoy life! His enjoyment of life is also synonymous with giving people hope and inspiration. I wonder how you go about enjoying life. There is a saying in regards to walking a mile in another man’s shoes. How about living on borrowed time from his death row cell? Exoneration? I want justice served for those boys as badly as anyone, but they are not the only victims to consider. Damien, Jason, and Jessie were raped by law enforcement and the courts. The West Memphis PD and courts are the parties who should be seeking to exonerate themselves.

      • Gabriel Ostweiller

        Come on, spend a few minutes and do some research and you will see Damien, Jason, and Jessie killed those boys. Damien was such a prick during the trial that he blew kisses to the victims families just to taunt them. What a worthless piece of shit. If only people knew the truth.

    • Raven Nevermore

      You are a real class act there, buddy. Tell me you would not want your story heard if you were not in the same situation. The public wants to know.

    • Mary Sue Moore Turn

      I concur.

    • Oz

      How does one exonerate oneself? I will call u Alford as i dont know your name….Feel free to respond…Im in Australia by the way! These guys are innocent!

    • Katrina

      Name one person who doesn’t want to make a little money? Everyone with a job wants to make money. Grow up and by the way douche bag is two words not one. It isn’t his job to find the killers that’s what homicide detectives are for.

    • Lealeabelike

      How dare you. Do you know that Damien produced 2/3s of that book whilst on death row? Do you really think he was thinking about Money on death row? And he has every right to earn money. The state have refused to compensate him after at walking 18 years of his life. You are stupid mindless idiot, you are what contributes to the backwardness of this world. How dare you, do you not think it’s an INCREDIBLE achievement that this man posts zen tweets? Do you not think it’s incredible that this man spent 18 years to be murdered for something he did not do – and has not come out absolutely furious at the world? He has every single damn right to be enraged with the world and the fact that he has come out as a peaceful, positive person who wants to help the world, after what the world did to him, is astonishing. So fuck you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002467443351 Den Ise

    Yes, how much searching HAVE you done to find the “real Killers”? All you have to do is look in the mirror, Damien. Daily, your facade becomes weaker, more brittle. That’s what constantly living a lie will do. As well as your guilt. You only fool the foolish with your rhetoric and deceit. The rest of us know the “real killers” were in prison all along.

    • Sherrie

      Foolish is the person who speaks without knowing.
      This defines you. There has been a great deal
      of effort by Damien to find the person or persons
      responsible for the deaths of these boys. Investigators
      have been hired, forensic experts have been hired.
      There is plenty of information available to follow
      what Damien is doing. Perhaps you should read it.

  • Ruby

    Damien- I’ve just finished reading your book and perhaps this isn’t what I was meant to come away with, but I wanted to thank you for the inspiration I got out of reading about Lorri.

    I’ve been wallowing in self-pity for several months now over the bureaucracy and red tape keeping me apart from my husband and best friend. Although my situation is vastly different, to me it’s the core of my universe and I’ve been living a half life waiting for the time to pass. The strength of your wife who has endured a much longer and harder journey that I’ll ever have to face, has definitely been the cold bucket of reality that I needed.

    Thank you to you both for sharing something so bitter and personal – you truly have made a difference.

  • Becky

    Hello Damien,

    I have been following your case throughout the recent years and find it outstanding how an entire Judicial System fails to implement basic common sense. I live in the UK and was wondering if you plan on touring over here with any book signings? It would be brilliant to increase the awareness of failures of Capital punishment occuring around the world.

    Greatly appreciate a reply.
    Kind Regards

  • debbie

    I have never written to an author in my life- I have just finished your book; which I have not been able to remove from my hands for days , regardless of my busy life.
    I am struck hard yet again, by the incredible injustice the world can dish out; the horror you have survived, and the incredible love and devotion from your wife you found along the road of this journey. I have 3 sons; my oldest is your age- a musician in a band with a day job as a taper. I know what music means to him specifically as it clearly impacted you as well.
    I kept thinking of him as I read your story and how our lives would have been altered , had this very thing happened to him. I am sorry to say I had no idea this wrongful journey you had to endure: I never saw the HBO special and don’l recall reading anything about it; I clearly live a sheltered life. Had I known, I too , would have supported your release.
    As a mother , I am furious with the shoddy care you recieved and lack of protection. At least you had a grandma that you have sweet memories of.
    I encourage you to forge an everlasting friendship with your now adult son; it is truly never too late. You can’l retrieve the years you missed: you can acquire decades of new and great memories with him now.

  • LeAnn Jones

    Blessings to you Damien,
    I will be buying your book shortly and after reading it will be back to review it of course. My review will be about your writing without judgement to any previous convictions of your past. I believe you are a unique individual with strong ideas, encouraging thoughts, and this wisdom has shown through since the beginning. I was 18 and living in California when this issue was first publicized on the news and moved to Booneville, Arkansas in 2004. I have two boys ages 18 and 15 and a daughter that is 1. I can honestly say that the judicial system is crooked everywhere, but there happens to be a disregard of fair justice here in the bible belt. I was not raised Christian and I am not Christian now, and I understand through some of the things my oldest son has endured that profiling, religious racism, and favoritism is what holds these small towns together. And it is a shame. The year is 2013, and the oddball is still blamed. The ones that are different and have the intelligence to speak up are the ones getting the shaft. “Sad But True”, there is no, “…And Justice For All.”

    Blessed Be,
    LeAnn Jones

    • Gabriel Ostweiller

      Well LeAnn when the oddball admits to stomping a dog to death just to watch it die and then keeps the skull to show others – yeah, that might cause a few people to think that he might be capable of murder. He wasn’t a suspect because he wore black, he was a suspect because he told people he did it and the evidence proved he did it. Please spend a little bit of time and actually reseach the evidence against Damien – all of which was conveniently left out of the documentaries.

  • Arnaldo Giordano

    Hey Damien ,I m from Brazil,I read his book in 2 days…
    I wish you much health,peace and great moments in your life.You re example for us .thanks bye

  • Eric

    I’m so glad to find this book by Damien, and to read about his life and finding Lorri (or she, him!) and EV, Rollins, etc supporting these guys. So glad that you guys are no longer in prison. What’s so different about the low-literacy rate, whether its Arkansas or Afghanistan??? I read this book in 2 days. Have a great life, all! Next step: exoneration and bringing the real killer(s) to justice, so the families’ of the 3 kids can maybe have some sense of closure.

  • Save The Sharks

    I read the book and watched all the documentaries and the ONLY thing I could not understand was how everyone was willing to overlook exhibit 500 the mental health history which was quite alarming and shows a pattern of behaviour – including the satanic ritual stuff which I see did not wear off in prison since you have now moved to Salem MA? Good luck I hope you lead a meaningful life.

  • Adam Stanley

    Watched all the docs, read your book, and the one by Ramsey, and I am still up in the air about the outcome. The mental health stuff and the rituals kind of woke me up a bit. I was in hospitals too at the same time, and i grew up in a small town as a punk skater outcast, but something seems amiss in this story. I really wish i know the truth. hope to find out one day along with the JFK thing!!

  • Jenn Pilkington

    I just finished reading this book. And let me say that you are a true inspiration! If you can have the strength to live on, then all of us who haven’t had the injustices that you have, can surely live on. I am in a dark place in my own life, and you have given me strength. Thank you for this wonderful book.

  • Dana

    Read your book and it was an inspiration! I don’t know how you made it through all you did, but you are a survivor. I believe it is to be a help, an encouragement to others. Thanks so much for all you do today and I will never forget your story!

  • laura

    wanted to say i just got the book, read it in 2 days, and i am not a reader at all, i found as i was reading the words an ache in my heart, i remember the case , i was pregnant with my son at the time, and i have never cried over a book before but i just want to wish u safeness and happiness for the rest of your new life. ur words were so touching and look forward to reading more of your work.

  • aries4279

    if that’s your true thoughts, then why did u visit this page?

  • Ellen Dunsmore


    Just heard a Dylan song and started to write…thought of you for some reason, I actuly think of you a lot due to the misrepresentation of whom you are…I can relate…anyway heres what I wrote:

    There’s a tightness in my chest
    Familiar dusty smells
    Holes I’ve filled with mud and thyme
    Begin to wreak and smell

    Dylan plays on satellite
    A rain is gonna fall
    Its hard, and cold and blinds the light
    Mr. Jones has missed his call

    My compass isn’t broken
    I’ve been lost in a hole that’s dark
    When you can’t see the needle pointing,
    Its impossible to brake, or park, or spark

    And Angie was a junkie
    Though no one followed through
    And while obvious to others
    Mr. Jimmy had no flu

    Perceptions cover truth and meaning
    And that’s really are they are
    But they exist within our souls and bleed
    And leave a silent scar

    My compass isn’t broken
    I’ve been lost in a hole that’s dark
    When you can’t see the needle pointing
    Its difficult to brake, or park, or spark

    I plead guilty while remaining innocent
    No court of law to judge
    Damien now lives in Salem mass
    I still hold a grudge

    Love never leaves our souls or hearts
    You’re touched like with a brand
    Though life gets in the way of care
    So you join another band

    My compass isn’t broken
    I’ve been lost in a hole that’s dark
    When you can’t see the needle pointing
    Its too late to brake, or park, or spark

  • gośka

    hi I am from Poland.

    just read your book. I’m fascinated by your literary artistry and touched your destiny. doing magic writing. thank you

  • jim

    Whats up dude,,THE BOOKS GOOD,,I been in the system too,dude ,for some bull shit i never did to,,and the dirt bag cop that made the case married the bitch,,any ways thanks for true story of what its like ,,any ways man iam an artist as with other trades in construction,,,i wrote you and drew you a few drawings ,then tore up that shit and threw it out dude,,you get a million people a day doing that shit,,

    any ways you inspired me to pull my self outa a hole,,and to read the bible it worked and a few days latter i got one of the best jobs of my career ,,after 18 years of struggle ,,,it was the same construction excavating contractor who i was working at when arrested and it all went down hill from ther,,for years,,the cop married the chick i was engaged to,i lost a business ,and blaw blaw blaw,,,,thanks man currently to relax,,i created a new skill,,since iam from CT,,,and also lived in FL,,,and while i used to drive semi and delivered in the town it all happend to you,,,iam trying to teach my self (DRUNKING SOUTH)-I -call it–see i get drunk,put in the dvd of
    Paradise Lost 3 ,,listen to the dum retarted cops ,,and hit pause and talk like they do,,,whennnnn i seen daaaameonnnn owwn thaaat service roadsss you know what i mean man –deep south accent,with a mix of dum as lier cops..try it its funny as hell,,some times i let it play and we will keep the volum off and just add lib words to the dum cops its funny …mr echollss wassss a bad kiddddd and we was gona fixem a lesson.haaahaaa just joken dude

    • jim

      one more thing dude please tell MR.DEPP,,great f-ing job on the show 21 jump street –the season 2 -show

      IAM ALRIGHT YOU NEED WORK—was so well done and so realistic of places some one i know really well has saw first hand,,,he did a great job,, and to be honest i really think thats one of the reasons MR.DEPP help you out,,because he reseached hes part well,,he was a good cop helping out a kidd he had arrested in the past,,,and he became a part of what abuse the kidd was going through,,,and i think mr depp still feals in a way from playing that part ,,hes stil in the frame of mind you,,if you never seen that show mr echols please see it u will understand ,thanks dude…norwalk ct.

    • jim

      the frame of mind,,i maen sorry type o dude,,you know what i mean please watch it,,dont tell depp you seen it,,you will under stand,,,man,,he seems like a decent guy,,thats still in hanson the cops frame of mind in the show twords you man,,tell him i like donny basco what ever that movie was called ,,he played that great too.

  • James Lato

    Whats up Dude,,i read the book too,,its great,,blaw balw blaw i know millions of people write you a day man,,the main thing I been in places too..and you did a great job of describing the abuse,,takes place,,,any ways i just finished the book,,was stuck my self in a 18 year adjustment back ,,i find my self stuck in the past at times,,when it all happend to me 18 years ago,,i had a great job– career at a major excavating contractor,,in lower fair field county,ct,,i was engaged,,,and had my own landscaping@ tree care- business i did on the side,,long story short,the Cop Made a case,for a case i never did ,with her,,,the cop married her a year latter,,i went through my own hell,,and lost every thing,,i read your book home–ss in a van in winter in the cold ,,you INSPIRED me to read a bible,,,it works man,,,a few times i did it,,a few days latter in one of the worst job markits in history in CT,,in construction,,i got my old job back ,,a career ,,at the same company i was at 18 years ago when it all happend,,after 18 years of struggle,,and bad jobs,,and switching careers,and you know all the rest the blaw blaw ,,thanks for the help. Man i got that bible from some over the road trucking job,from a truck driver preacher at a werner terminal at christmas 2 years ago and never through it away..your book inspired me to open it up,and read a little,,i did not under stand most of what i read,,but i prayed to,,,iam here to say its not a joke it works man.

  • James Lato

    1 more thing mr echols please see –The 21 jump street show called –
    IAM ALRIGHT YOU NEED WORK,,,please tell Depp ,,thanks man you did a great job,,it was done so realistic,,,,dude i think depp is a decent guy ,,that reseached his part well,,and still thinks hes hanson helping you,,,,for all that dudes fame and money,,he seems down to earth,,i can just think of what his agents were telling him when he told them DUDE iam helping out the west 3,,thank you both ,,one more thing dude when you interview i know its a habit,,but try to keep your finger and hand away from your face,,just kiding dude,,

  • Friend

    Dexter, you’re a sick man. And naming yourself after a TV serial killer? Really. Damien clearly isn’t a murderer. All of the evidence shows he didn’t do it. Why would you still continue to believe he did?

  • sanderella

    I’ve always known how incredibly handsome you are but your spirit is what shines so very brightly. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, you have no idea how inspiring you are to me especially engulfed with my own struggles and demons right now. Thank you & Lori. I read your book Life After Death and it was amazing at the strength you had and continue to have. Sadly the prison where my son was incarcerated would not permit him to have the copy I ordered for him. So I will give him his own copy upon release in 1 more year. Bless you & Lori…..

  • Ellie Aronson

    I’m fifteen years old, and this past summer I read your book. It changed my life. Because of it I have decided to pursue a career in criminal justice. I’m so sorry for everything you went through, and I know that I’m just another voice in the chorus, but I just wanted to say thank you for fighting. Thank you for staying strong, for meditating and continuing to create artwork while in prison, and thank you for turning your experiences into a book that has inspired me more than any other piece of literature or artwork ever has.

  • Ellie Aronson

    Ah, what an utterly intelligent and mature response backed up with an abundance of clear evidence. I mean /clearly/ these two insulting words prove every other person who bothered to read up on the case and actually write Damien meaningful paragraphs wrong. /Clearly/ you are the superior one here. Asshole.

  • magdalena

    Dear Damien,
    has just finished reading the book, cannot even imagine what You went through… so surrealistic and horribly realistic at the same time… wish You all the best for today and tomorrow:)
    lots of love for You and Lorri!

  • nick

    I was looking for the tour dates in Illinois and found July 2 in Chicago… But when I. Clicked on location it doesn’t say anything about you and Lorri… Are you coming to Illinois??

    . Peace, Nick Dayhoff
    . ndayhoff69@gmail.com

    • Life After Death

      July 2 – Chicago, IL
      CityLit @ Logan Square Auditorium – 7:00 PM

      • Life After Death

        July 2 – Chicago, IL. City Lit Books – Logan Square Auditorium located at 2539 N. Kedzie Boulevard (free parking behind Popular Bank) at 7pm. Damian and Lorri will discuss their new book, Yours for Eternity, with journalist Selena Fragassi. This book is a follow-up to Life After Death, Damian’s story of wrongful conviction of murder as part of the Memphis Three and subsequent twenty-year imprisonment on Death Row. Tickets for this event can be purchased for $5 each (plus an additional $1.17 service fee) at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/704278 Beginning as an exchange of letters between two distant worlds and becoming a remarkable story of marriage, love, and salvation, YOURS FOR ETERNITY traces the development of Davis and Echols’s relationship in alternating epistolary voices. The letters quickly moved from inquisitive formality (“I hope it doesn’t freak you out to have someone that you don’t even know mooning over you so much,” wrote Davis) to a deeper exchange of ideas and intimacy (“You made me so happy today that there is no way I could express it, because I read some things in your letters that said things that I wanted to say but couldn’t bring myself to say,” Echols wrote.) As Davis and Echols described their worlds for each other, they broke down seemingly impossible barriers between them in order to create a world they could both inhabit. Watching movies at the same hour and sharing the same books became ways to be together, as did their “moon water” ritual (capturing the light of the moon in a glass of water and drinking it at an agreed-upon time). Under circumstances too restrictive for most of us to imagine, Davis and Echols found a way to learn each other’s “magick,” and to fall in love. YOURS FOR ETERNITY is a collection of love letters, but it is also a meeting of minds and of will. Davis channeled her strength and resources over the years to ensure that the man she fell in love with was able to rejoin the world. Echols was finally released in 2011. Their account of how they kept their marriage alive and evolving is both moving and miraculous; an inspiring and romantic story of a love that was capable of sustaining two people through the depths of hell and back. http://www.citylitbooks.com/event/conversation-damian-echols-and-lorri-davis-authors-yours-eternity

      • nick


  • debb

    Greetings to you Damien Lorri and little Damian…wishing you all well
    and happy your lives are moving on, although, i am sure its still a
    difficult road for all involved. I accidentally saw your book over here
    in Ireland in the EASONS bookshop 2 days ago and bought it, (i am
    currently on the page that informed me of the websites, so, i took time
    away from reading to drop you a note) including another book by my fave
    Irish author John Connelly. I chose to read your book over his, which is
    an unbelievable thing and many would be suprised i set aside johns’
    books, but, ever since hearing and seeing your story back then i felt i
    should take the time and read about ”true” life. Things of that nature
    draw me in and help me to feel closer with true emotions about life
    within myself, even if it isnt about my own chapters in life. does that
    make sense? i guess it helps me to recall my own complicated upbringing
    in a way, something that i will be putting down on paper. It doesnt come
    close to your nightmare’s but, my life does have what i think an
    incredible journey that needs to come out. i havent a clue on how to
    write a life story but i will try my best and perhaps when i am done i
    will send it to you to read and you can either roll your eye’s, fall
    asleep after the first page or, maybe even find something in it that
    catches you attention and tell me what you may have felt about it. i
    dunno, rambling on here…anyways, i’ll leave you here and wish you and
    your family love and light.

  • MichaelChrisStevie

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe the WM3 are innocent. The documentaries only tell one small part of a very complicated case. The court system can and does make mistakes. But watching this narcissistic jerk being worshipped just turns my stomach.

  • Kaye Tripp

    Will you be coming back to NYC later this year? I have followed what’s been going on with you all since my Criminal Investigations class..I would count it an honor to meet you!

  • Erin Persley

    Hi Damien and Lorri, I am excited to read your book “Yours for Eternity” as I am working on a documentary film about women falling in love with men behind bars. I wonder if at some point I could talk to you both about your relationship and my film. Or maybe you might know of other couples who would be interested in speaking with me. Let me know and I can provide contact information.

  • Life After Death


  • Life After Death

    you wouldn’t have the balls… just like not having the balls to post a pic of yourself… moron!!

  • Izzy Angel

    Hi Damien and Lorri. I recently watched West of Memphis and immediately afterward i watched all three HBO documentaries as well as reading your very own Life After Death book. Damien, you are an amazing writer. I was not only blown away by the injustice of the whole ordeal, but your book made me angry, sad, happy and overwhelmed. I live in Australia, but am doing some travel to America in September, 2014. I will miss your new book tour just. Please keep to your twitter on if you do more dates in September. I would love to hear you and Lorri speak about your new book while i am in the states.

    Hope you are both well.

  • ABarry

    Hi Damien,
    I am trying to get to Chicago for your book tour but it would be a 6 hour drive with my 1-and-a-half -year-old in the backseat. Is there any way you could send me one? I have been folliwing your case for a long time and would LOVE to come hear you speak and get a signed copy but I don’t know if I can. Please let me know if yhid would be possible! My best to you and Lorri… :)

  • Meredyn McNeil

    Hi Damien. My husband and I want to send you our very best wishes from Scotland and hope that you are enjoying your new life in Salem, although we both realise that being free after so long in incarceration means that life on the outside takes a lot of adjusting to! Salem is a place we would love to visit. We followed you and your co-accused’s cases closely and there was not a day went by that we didnt hope for your freedom. Walk forward with your head high, my friend! All the best, Meredyn & Duncan.

  • Gem

    I would love to see you and your wife in oklahoma city. The story and how you have risen above the horror you had to live with is inspiring.

  • steven wren

    i watched paridise lost about a yr ago and was relly angered and upset on how corupt the goverment were being they were willing to kill a innocent man its truley disgusting ive just read blood of innocence and im just starting to read life after death i get a lot of inspiration from u from wt u went through to come out and talk about the way u do is amazing if there is any justice in the world u have to be exonerated it has to happen i relly hope u do i also hope some day u will tour in england someday i watched devils knot aswell .also i wd like to wish u and lorri the very best and take care

  • Rachael

    You have incredible strength of will (and fabulous hair). I hope the scars fade a little more ever day as you experience what life is like with the lights turned on again. Middle finger to the cops

  • Rachael

    South Africa would like a visit. We too are a country that is only just beginning to know freedom. These alot we can learn from you and vice versa

  • Priscilla kellebrew

    Who would i contact about a rally i want to put together to raise money to get you guys exonerated

  • Caddymattdaddy

    Damien, I spent the weekend watching all of the documentaries about what you went through. It’s unbelievable that of all the people to accuse of those crimes, they chose you. I watched all 4 documentaries and Devil’s Knot and I only have one question. When there are a group of boys murdered, and there are two stepfathers involved, why were they not hauled in first? I just cannot think of a possible motive you would have had to do those things. But with step-fathers you never really know if they hate or resent those kids deep down but they just put up with them because they want to stay with the mom. As with any crime, when trying to solve it, you first have to figure out who benefited the most. Not to accuse anyone of anything, but logic tells you that you start with the person that had the most motive. Maybe the prosecutors thought it would just be easier to convict someone that liked Metallica instead of someone that looked like a dork. This really has to be the worst case of injustice I have ever seen. I feel for you brother. Hopefully this will open peoples eyes to the fact that our justice system is just a business to these people. They don’t really care who they convict, as long as they do convict. Even these idiots that still think you did it have to admit that with all of the developments that came out between your conviction and 2011, there has been plenty of of reasonable doubt raised. And the last time I checked, that’s all that matters. If there is ANY doubt, you do not put a kid on death row. Anyways, I just wanted to get that off my chest and wish you all the best. I’m definitely gonna be at that book signing in Los Angeles on June 27th. Looking forward to meeting you. Take care.

  • bettyblue

    Damien. You should read a book by dr.William davies wheat belly.arthritis can be overcome by simply letting go wheat off our daily diet. Another story ypu shpuld see is jason becker’s documentary not dead yet

  • Aymee O.

    I doubt this will ever be read, but I just finished watching Paradise Lost. And I’m not sure it’s appropriate for a 15 year old girl to watch, but whatever. I value your strength a lot and I cannot imagine the things you endured. There’s a lot I could say, but watching these documentaries has really made me realize that I should never complain about the little things. I hope you live the rest of your life very happy and make up for the years you lost. Also, we share birthdays, which makes you significantly cooler than others.

    • Diana Wolfslag

      At 15 everything is appropriate to watch. It is called expanding your horizon.

  • Diana Wolfslag

    OK. I watched Devil’s Knot last night and I think it was a good idea they made that movie because they brought the case to the public attention once more especially with Colin Firth playing in it (that’s why I went to see it in the first place) and as I am an avid reader of profiling, serial killers, occult etc I started to read about the case and I must say it is fascinating. I have some observations…As apparently the kids were tied up with their shoelaces this could not have been a premeditated murder cause if it was the murderer would have had some rope and other stuff… Also, as Damien was into rituals and stuff he would have had some proper gear with him in order to perform the murder ritual, shoelaces is a bit lame. Also how did the killer know they 3 kids were supposed to be in the woods that day when that was something they did spontaneously? With Damien the killer the details were important. You cannot perform rituals without preparation. Also they mentioned a bloody black man roaming around that night and the film stated there was a black man hair found at the scene… I do not hear anything about that black man. Also if the stepfather was the killer he would have planned it too and not use shoelaces. Given the details of the crime to me it looks like it was an act of spontaneous rage from someone who was maybe caught by the kids doing something in the woods… something they were not supposed to see (there could be another body:)) and because they were not prepared they used whatever they cold find on the boys for murder, tying up etc.

  • Brookie BañoSnapper

    I’m surprised to come here and not see any comments from today (your book was released today).
    I am just plowing through it and I wanted to pop over here and thank you both for sharing such a deeply private compilation of your life together.
    Your love, courage and honesty are inspiring. Thank you.
    ~Brooke Else
    Chicago IL 6/17/14.

  • AZRunner

    Dear Mr. Echols – I followed your story from when I first saw it on a crime show here in the Phoenix area. I was overjoyed when I learned you were being released. I am doing what I can to teach people how our justice system is quite unbalanced, that too often the innocent go to prison and too many innocent people are sentenced to death row. I am trying to help with a case right now where a 22 year old man is charged with a murder he did not commit. The prosecutor has only made a plea offer for natural life. He refused that offer and has maintained his innocence. Now the prosecutor is going for the death penalty.

    Unfortunately, this young man seems to have public defenders who believe he’s guilty and don’t want to do much to help him and he and his family are being pursued by a county prosecutor with shall we say a less than pleasant reputation. Family members are being followed and intimidated by detectives, witnesses are being sent death threats, homes are being set on fire, and documents helpful to the defendant’s case are being mysteriously lost by the prosecutor and defense attorneys. Private investigators and others from the private sector who have volunteered to work for free on this case have been ignored and rejected. The family has been told by the public defenders that if they go to the press about any of this, it will only hurt the defendant’s case, so they’ve remained silent.

    I have tried contacting attorneys, police officers, reporters, investigators and others I know to try to get help for this young man all to no avail. They all tell me not to get involved, mind my own business, it doesn’t have anything to do with me, so why do I care. I have a conscience. I believe in the truth. I think it’s wrong for someone to go to prison for a crime he didn’t do. That’s why I’m involved. That’s why I care. That’s why I’m trying to stand up and get the world to notice that something very wrong is going on here. But, I don’t know where to turn to now. That’s why I’m turning to you. I am hoping that because you have been there, you know how this happens, experienced how this happens, you might have some suggestions, advice, ideas that you can share with me so that I can help this man.

    I find myself crying at random times and unable to sleep anymore at night because I’m afraid this young man is going to end up on death row for something he didn’t do and that is not right. It’s not right that because people are threatening, intimidating and scaring other people to stop them from telling the truth, someone else is going to end up in prison for a terrible crime he had nothing to do with, he was just dumb enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with people he thought he could trust.

    I also want to thank you for sharing your story Mr. Echols. Thank you for continuing to fight all those years. Thank you for helping to shine a light on this problem we have of sending innocent people away, of jumping to quickly to conclusions that are wrong and teaching us that justice will come in the end.

  • Nikki Driggers

    Mr. Echols, I have been following your case since I was 17. It is the case of the WM3 that spurred my passion for the law. For the last 5 years I have been a volunteer for The Innocence Project and am currently working in my home state to have the death penalty abolished. Every time I see an interview or read something regarding your case, I am reminded of why I do what I do. It is my hope that there will never be another innocent person put in jail ( I know this is wishful thinking) so until that day, I will do what I can to attempt to fix our damaged legal system. The day that the news was released that you guys were going to be released, I ran home from work to watch, it had always been a hope to watch all three of you walk out of those prison doors as free men. I know that y’all have not been exonerated yet, but I still feel, in the depths of my soul that it will happen. What happened to you was a travesty, how you have handled your situation though is an inspiration. It would be an honor one day to be able to shake your hand, but I will settle for sending you love, light, many good thoughts and positive energy. Blessed be!

  • Dylan Forte

    Hey Damien Echols i am a 14 year old boy and i have been extremely interested in your case on the WM3 i have watch The movie Devil’s Knote and i have seen the Doc. on it to i know u got out in 2011 but i steal want u to know i am so glad u are out. And injoying life well homefully one day u can email me make my days. I know i seem like just a 14 year old boy but im not i am just like u i get blamed just like u did. Life is hard sometimes and there is always challenges hu.
    (Ever get time E-Mail me @ dylanforte859@yahoo.com ) mom said she is going to try to get me the book u wrote cant wait…

  • Vanessa

    Hi Damien,
    Although I was not yet born to have been able to support you when you were first wrongfully convicted, you are forever my idol. It may not be much coming from another teenager from NYC, but I admire you for staying strong, opening up, and even finding yourself true love during your 18 years. You’re an incredible writer and everything is truly heartfelt. I find it sick how society forces us to remember people like Justin Bieber or Lil Wayne for having the “ability” to sing, when the true hero is right here, along with many other wrongfully convicted heroes. Its a complete mind fuck to think about how screwed up the Justice system is, and you really showed me more of what is real rather than what is ideal. I know I’m just writing a comment on this website that says it was posted in 2012 (so god knows if you’re actually going to see this) but I just feel like its good to know that. Perhaps you don’t want much. I know I don’t. But you’ve got admirers. That’s more than what the richest person on earth has.

    P.S sorry for that deep ending. it kinda got me feeling some type of way.

    xoxo (!!!!!!so angry i wasn’t there when you were at Barnes and Noble!!!)

  • Matthew Mccoy

    I wish you’d come to Dallas. As a wrongfully convicted person in Texas, the largest prison state, it would be an honor to meet you.

  • Sean


    You and I are just about the same age; I’ve been re-watching the films related to the marvelous treatment each of you received in the state of Arkansas, and while I am an ardent fan of the horror genre, I have never experienced anything as terrifyingly fucked up as your trial and the bloody railroad job orchestrated by the law enforcement community in West Memphis.

    The reason I mentioned my relative age in opening is simple…… I am of the same generation, listened to the same music, was not conventional in many of the same ways, and the experience of watching the films was / is visceral for me. I saw you being wrung out by the system and want you to know how sorry I am that you endured that. I pondered whether I would be strong enough, and the answer is no.


  • April Krayer

    I literally only just about the killings of the three boys and everything that happened with the trials and, how the three of you guys got completely screwed over by the judicial systems. I’m not entirely sure how this was the first time I’ve ever heard about the WM3, and everything that went on, maybe because I was born in 1994 when a lot of this was going down (or I just really haven’t paid attention to the news my entire life haha). But it’s completely insane what happened to the three of you, and the fact that the police let it happen and pretty much arrested you guys because of how you look and act was completely wrong of them and for the police to be doing that is just mind blowing because you think of the police as people who help and are not supposed to do things like this. But I am glad the three of you finally got released in 2011, and I hope that you are all doing well. It seems like you’re doing pretty well to me :). You’re all very inspiring people, and I wish the best to you in your future!

  • DaMann

    As far as solving this case the f¥€king WMPD did every thing you SHOULD NOT do in a police investigation. There is a reason why most murders involving children take place from a family member.
    If the man with blood all over him the same night in Bojangles restaurant wasn’t Reasonable doubt then our Justice system is the boogie man with a 3yr olds brain.
    Scary that any of use could be put in a similar situation. No witnesses, no physical evidence, no real motive ( some B.S. about blood power in youths blood) and no common sense in Arkansas.
    The judge might be the biggest idiot of them All.
    Keep your head up Damien. Keep writing and hope you can get your life back now

  • Bruce

    Hi Damien and Lorri, my name is Bruce I met you on your book tour in TriBeCa at Barnes and noble I was sitting in the second row and I have tattoos and I asked you both a question about “soul mates.” Damien answered this question very truthfully and eloquently. I invited you both to see me act in Gypsy at York little theater (27 south Belmont street) I have free tickets for you both the last performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday the 26, 27 28 at 7:30pm and Sunday the 29 at 3. Please email me at brucifer927@yahoo.com and let me know when you would like to attend.

  • Ruboxo

    Great book and I admire you for bring strong in everything you went thru..when will you be in the Washington, D.C. Area?

  • Laura Cook

    Please consider coming closer to NE Arkansas….my son and I traveled to hear you all speak in Conway…but due to what I consider poor planning on the part of the university, there were more people in line for the book signing, than time available…so we were turned away….and I presume you all were about 50 feet away, around the corner from us. We were extremely disappointed. We both have different, personal reasons for wanting just 60 seconds to give you our messages so we will continue to monitor the Internet watching for a chance for an encounter. Best Wishes

  • jason1978

    Would love for you two to make it to DC or MD on your book tour. Have a safe trip.

  • tim bullard
  • http://www.reverbnation.com/jamesldeason James & Yolie Deason

    Damien, My husband and I watched three documentaries about your ordeal this month, and I am now reading Life After Death. I am very interested in reading and learning more about your incredible spirit, and hope that I can contribute to your new life in any way possible. You are giving me a new view on this world we live in, and your strength is a powerful lesson in this life, and you are a special individual. Peace & Love, Yolie van Deason

  • http://www.hisss.net Kelli Hammack

    I really liked the new book. I just finished the Kindle version, and I’m hoping to pick up a hard copy at the Kansas City stop. Keep up the good work!

  • Jaykay1977

    Hello Damien, I don’t expect you to remember me but I use to hang with the crowd at the bowling alley there in WM. I always knew you guys were innocent. I protested loudly with fellow supports. I cried when you guys were released. I hope all is well. Do you ever plan to return to Arkansas for a book signing? I can’t afford to buy books at the moment. Homelessness has that effect. My children and I still pray for you and Lorri. Lorry, you’re an amazing lady.

    Forever in thoughts
    Jayme Gayman

  • morten

    Hi Damien & Lorri, my name is Morten I’m from Britain! I recently came across your story by accident on youtube!! I’ve spent the last 2 weeks finding as much info on your case as possible. I’ve watched hours of tapes, interviews, whatever I could find. I’ve spent time in UK prisons and I can relate to your thirst for knowledge and understanding. I can’t pretend that I understand your struggle and search for justice, as I was guilty of my crimes. I just want to say that I find the three of you incredible and I applaud your strength and character. Your wife Lorri seems to be your sole partner and has seemingly sacrificed a lot to be with you and to set you free. I hope you all find happiness and fulfilment in your lives. Sending much love Morten lol. PS- keep smiling

  • Debbie Dyer

    Will u ever come to Columbus Ohio?

  • Anna LaForgia

    Hey there. Just bought your book, like it so far. You’re very wordy haha. That’s good tho. I’ve always thought you were somewhat of a genius in a way, even when I saw Paradise Lost in the mid 90s. Come to Suffolk county on Long Island when you get a chance. Maybe the Staller center at Stonybrook university. If you’re up for it. Must be annoying being kinda a celebrity in a way. Anyways. Take care. Hopefully when I’m in Salem maybe I’ll run into ya!

  • Shaun…oi

    Hi I love your book. I love to read it a lot. Thanks for wrighting it.

  • catrina

    Just found out that you were here in Portland Maine last week and am so disappointed that I didn’t know in time to go and meet you and Lorri. What you have endured it just beyond all words, and what a testimony to your bright spirit that you survived. I have been a long time supporter, but just these last 2 weeks watched all the documentaries, many of which I hadn’t seen before.
    It shakes me to my core the injustice and insanity of your ordeal, AND the fact that TPTB seem to have no interest in finding out and bringing to justice WHO killed these little boys. They’d rather see a child killer be free than admit they were wrong, declare your innocence, and pay you restitution.(not that they could give back to you the 18 years of your life) What a fucked up world we live in.
    I’m glad that you have a wonderful woman to love, and send you all my best thoughts for the future. I’ll be buying your books today. Blessings from a pagan mama.

  • Lonny

    Well I can’t say that I’ve tried doing this for interesting or famous people before… usually to no avail…
    But I actually wanted to hear more thoughts about creative process and your urge to get it all out. I’ve done my research, and I’ve read a lot. I find most things that society won’t look at fascinating. I do illustrations and sculpture work.
    Honestly, I grew up in a town like you did, and my only saving grace was having a progressive art teacher and living thirty minutes out of town.
    I’m now a socially secluded art student at a top university…but I tend to talk more to vagabonds and homeless.
    I don’t know if you’ll reply. Or if anyone on this site will.
    But I would like to talk to anyone willing.
    Well, I’m bad enough at comments as is, so if you would be so kind –anyone–
    maanma@umich.edu is my email.

  • Robert Guerrero III

    I am a fan. I digested your book like a fiend and it was wonderful and sad. I can only empathize with you and your depression. I was broken and rearranged in the military and it changed my life. I became something my parents cultivated in my youth, but that has passed and I am a practicing Buddha Cat. I am both Buddhist and Catholic like you and I pray and meditate to good. I believe we can ascend to Godhood but it takes time and I feel you have ascended for the better being incarcerated for so long. I only wish you and Lori the best…A fan and a friend…..Cobra Papinski

  • Belynda Coffman

    We grew up in the same world at the same time. I was born in West Memphis in Dec 1973. I was raised in Forrest City. I was at ASU until 1994 then moved to Fayetteville. I believed what the media told us back then. I would like to say I’m sorry for everything that was done to you, Jason, and Jessie. I look back now and I am appalled at what went on back then. I wish you every happiness and hope that one day the truth comes out.

  • KB

    I never have much to say about social or politcal issues so it surprises me even as I write this how ardently I feel about your story. I watched paradise lost after hearing about a new film that has been commissioned about your story. I feel even now it is an invasion of your privacy to have what I consider to be an intimate knowledge of the miscarriage of justice that became so many years of your life. The nature of your incarceration horrified every inch of the rebel teenager I just recently evolved from. I wanted you to know that your story is still educating young people on the importance of knowledge over propagated ignorance. Most importantly I just wanted you to know that I feel your lives are a true testament to survival and ultimately the beauty that can come from horrendous circumstance. You still make a difference. I apologize for being so forward, I hope you can understand the spark of need to right your situation does not dim easily.

  • Cobra Papinski

    Yo Damien,

    I devoured your book because it was well written. I can also empathize with your evolution as a human being. Being a Buddha Cat, I find that my Buddhism doesn’t conflict with my Catholic upbringing. I get the feeling you have the same convictions. I can only guess but patience is something cultivated. I feel that you cultivated patience and love behind bars. I can only say that I am a fan of your fortitude, your Buddhism/Catholic beliefs, and your love for your wife…Life without love, isn’t really life…Cobra Papinski

  • Sybil Brand

    Hello Damien, I am only half way through your book Life after Death but I feel compelled to stop and apologize to you for something that I know first hand about. I used to work in the judicial system and I know the attorneys, the prosecutor, and the judge who worked on your case. I am ashamed to say that their incompetence is totally in character with what I learned being a part of the system. It is the reason that I could not stay In it. It hurts to know that this goes on. My empathy is, I know too little too late for you, Jason and Jessie, but honestly, living in Arkansas, I cannot help but ask for your forgiveness for a culture that never can and never will allow themselves to be truly human. But for the grace of God any number of us who are unlike the status quo could find ourselves in shoes, maybe not exactly like yours were, but close enough to ruin or end a life so easily. I was so happy for you when you were released from prison. Thank God that there are some human beings, outside of Arkansas, unfortunately who had the power and the decency to work on your behalf until the wrong was righted to a degree, anyway. It is too bad that the state will never be held accountable for what they did but I am so happy that you made it out of hell and lived to tell. Thank you so much for writing the book. It explains many things that the media didn’t see fit to be honest about. It is good to know the truth. Have a wonderful life.

  • Nancy Zig Zag

    Dear Damien, I wish there was an adequate word in the English language that could encompass heartache, grief, righteous fury and bone deep sorrow, as “sorry” seems incredibly trite and small in the shadow of what you endured. Your story has changed my heart, my mind and my life. I am the mother of 2 young men (17 and 21), and in you I saw them. I admire you, your loved ones and anyone that can rise above a horrifying tragedy and come out of it a stronger person. Your spirit and will are phenomenal, and the fact that you emerged from that nightmare intact and with dignity is one of the most affirming, beautiful miracles I have ever witnesed. I was so incredibly moved by your strength and your plight that I pledged to be part of the solution. I volunteered at a local teen homeless shelter (ROOF). I don’t have money to give (if the Universe ever does allow me financial security I vow to use it to better people’s lives), but I do have compassion and experience ( foster child, marginalized, etc) and a heart for these young people who just need a caring soul to reach them and let them know they are valued and loved. I love you Damien, for being a beacon of virtue and peace. You have changed me. I vow to never judge a person again, regardless of emotion or bias. I vow to treat every youth with an open heart, open ears and open soul. I just wanted you to know that you made a difference in my life, which in turn will help the homeless youth I volunteer with, which will hopefully help change some of the negativity that plagues our society. You are a super hero. Thank you for being so lovely and strong, your strength has given me strength and in your honor I will use it to help others. Thank you from the bottom of my soul, you’ll never know how inspirational your life has been to me. Nancy Williams

  • kanionlis

    Hi, I made a blog about how ridiculous the US government can be.


  • BFF

    Amen, Teresa.

  • patzkek

    To whom it may concern at blueriderpublicity or at Penguingroup.com, or to Damien,
    I am a high school teacher in Oregon. Years ago I came across the HBO film “Paradise Lost” at Blockbuster. Needless to say, I found your story compelling and have used it in my teaching. I recently read Life After Death and was very moved by your story and experiences both growing up and in prison. I would really like to get an audio CD version of your book so I could use your story in my classroom. I have fumbled around Amazon looking for a CD version but can’t seem to find any? How can I buy your book in the CD format? Any help in this matter will be appreciated. Sincerely, Kelly A Patzke. patzkek@gmail.com

  • Megan Fernandez

    Ah I wish you and Lorri would come to Florida! I’m in love with your love :)

  • doesntevenmatter

    I can’t say that I don’t agree with his decision to leave those things out of the book.

  • Robin Brooks Aughtman

    Please bring your book tour to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

  • DevilDoll76

    My heart goes out to you for the years you lost behind bars. We are the same age and had similar interests as kids… the same music.. same books.. I remember what my little bible belt community made me feel like for being different and curious. It was a backwoods ignorant witch hunt. I watched your story over the years and just know you had a silent friend and ally in me. Keep telling your story.

  • Julia Díaz Romero

    Hello, dear friends. First I must say that I admire your courage, determination and courage. It inspires me to write because I’m unfortunately going through a similar situcion. I am Head through the difficult situacionmas of my life. I am a lawyer, and I’m in charge of the defense of P. Garcia, young Venezuelan, unjustly accused of a crime he did not commit. It all started the Day that killed an evangelical pastor and his family, so daunting, all beheaded. Site on the wall of the facts they got written the word “SATAN” by both local authorities attributed the crime to satanic cults. P. Garcia, is a guy with a taste for rock music, usually dressed in black, and settle a group of guys that support the rock movement in the city. It did not take police authorities accuse him of the crime, and got caught with 4 more, because one of them, after many days of torture, yields a statement which blames others. Without a shred of evidence linking them to anyone, they are brought to trial. No witnesses, no evidence, DNA tests were done 3 years ago and never promoted Fiscal results. Qizas because by doing so, it was clear that THEY WERE NOT. We are now in the final phase of the process, and unfortunately, if we do not get support and help, we are going to kill off a 5 innocent maximum penalty, which are 30 years here in Venezuela.

  • Julia Díaz Romero

    But given the dire situation of the prisons in Venezuela, as it is transferred to the national prison to serve their sentences, they will be killed. That call here “prison justice”. We need help. Besides being his lawyer, I’m his girlfriend, and you more than anyone I understand this sad situation. Only the immense and true love can move seedstocks and clarify this injustice. We have gone to all levels of government that exist and nothing has helped. There is much corruption and impunity in this country. But we hope that if these borders are this case could help us and give us ideas. Damien from Venezuela admire you, and if you get to read this story in your good heart and soul master going to help us. Brothers love them. Help, please help.

  • Stephanie

    To: Damien & Lorri

    Now you can be a normal married couple. I believe that Damien is innocent after I read the facts of the case.

    There are lots of Metallica videos on YouTube. “Nothing Else Matters” song is my favorite.

  • S. Vermette

    I would like to say something to Lorri. You are by far one of the most amazing women that I have ever seen. I can’t even imagine the criticism and doubt you faced getting involved with someone on death row. People are blind and ignorant and never want to give a chance to people in Damien’s situation and that shows a tremendous amount of character on your part Lorri. Let alone devoting yourself to get him freed, I wish you both a long and happy life together. Damien I’m sure you know you are very lucky to be married to her as well as her to you. You both amaze me with your never ending courage and thirst for life experience, it is very inspiring. I cannot imagine the trials that all who are involved have endured. I have followed this for years and was just able to watch west of Memphis this week. One thing that really stuck out to me Damien was when you said that you have remained the same. No matter how you were criticized for your beliefs and interests, you always stayed the same and that is some serious truth and I commend you both for not letting your circumstances change who you were no matter what others thought or how bad things got. I’m looking forward to reading your new book and I also look forward to the day you are all exonerated of this horrible crime and the true murderer is brought to justice for these little boys. Best wishes.

  • Elizabeth Callahan

    Today was the first Time I heard about the case, and I watched all three of the paradise lost movies back to back. I was outraged you lost so much of your life for no reason. I am so glad you are free and you can live your life with Lorri and be happy!

  • Michael Hammond

    I cannot imagine anyone being stronger than you both! I have been inspired by your story. I want everyone to hear exactly what happened and how this political situation tried to break your spirit while actually making it stronger than ever before! I wish I knew you both. Anyone meeting you should see what a gift that alone would be! Keep going “one foot in front of the other”.

  • steveo

    hi Damien is it worth me saying hi will u reply

  • Monica

    Dear Daimien, I pray you see this …….please help us :(
    The Norberto Foundation NOT GUILTY

  • abcdefz

    I’ve read a bunch of ‘your’ “Exhibit 500″ stuff, and I can tell you from personal experience that you looked a lot better on paper than many of the people, (myself included), that have spent a little R&R time in any of our nation’s Finer Psychological Institutions. Folks in the trade have a tendency to overstate the obvious, and when they’re speaking about US in such clinical terms, it always reads *really strangely*… Well I guess YOU know you’re OK. I just thought I’d chime in and say that all that Exhibit 500 stuff only truly means ANYTHING to folks who happen to work in THAT institution at THAT moment… Personally, the one thing I noticed, from the several documentaries that you are involved in, is that you are remarkably erudite for a Product of the Public School and Department of Corrections Class of 2011…

  • Monica

    Dear Lorri, I have been walking shoes …. I pray my nightmare ends in a dream come true like yours….. AM NOT GIVING UP!

    The Norberto Foundation NOT GUILTY
    Proverbs 11:8

  • Tinkerbell2014

    I can never imagine the hell your life must of been for all those years locked away for a crime you never committed. How you emerged was nothing short of a miracle. I have followed documentaries, books and news articles and I always said HOW COULD THIS OF HAPPENED! What kind of justice system do we have?

  • Diane W

    I found the HBO documentary last night … I could not stop watching until I saw all three. I had heard about your case briefly but never really knew the story until last night. I can not believe what happened to you and the other 2 men. I am moved by your strength and your love. I wish you the best of all that life has to offer the both of you.

  • Justus Smith

    Damien, you are truly an inspiring person to many of us familiar with your story. I was most moved by how you are able to simply let go of all the wrongs that have been made against you over the years. I personally have struggled with the act of forgiveness. I think most of us would do well to live by your example and just let it all go; look to the future and not let the past drag us down. I am so happy that you escaped from that farce they call a justice system in Arkansas. I live in Memphis so I’ll try extra hard to make sure I don’t get in trouble if I cross the river; because God knows I may never get back! I wish you the best of fortune in the free life that you always deserved.

  • Brian

    Damien and the beautiful Lorri, I almost didn’t post anything due to the sensitive nature of my story and bringing up bad memories…After some debate in my head, I thought you would want to know these things, so before-hand, I apologize if this gets a little long…I wanted to tell you my experience with the West Memphis Police Department and the wooded area called “Robin Hood Hills”. Your story started in May of 1993, when coincidentally, I was in a band singing Metallica cover songs..but it wasn’t till HBO aired the 1st documentary that I heard about you 3 guys and Jessie’s confession and all that…like an armchair QB, I got mad from my chair but didn’t do anything…I owe an apology to Mark Byers cause I did cuss at him a few times believing he was guilty at first, but that just made me like the ones who got it in their heads to blame and prosecute you so I moved on…BTW, where were Michael Moore’s parents after that 1st one? They just disappeared…Anyway, a few years back, I had to take early retirement from a DC area fire department due to medical issues…my wife was from OK and with us living in VA, we had quite a drive to visit her family…We always used Memphis Tennessee as our stopping point for the 1st night, but after retiring that changed… I wanted to write a book of the many people who were targeted for murder from the start for the wrong reason, and wrongfully imprisoned or placed on death row for it… A woman from Texas was sent to death row for murdering her children and a jury member stated that a video on one of the murdered child’s B-Day showing her spraying silly string on the grave is what convicted her…Insane!! Anyway, your story was to be the 1st and primary one in the book… Needless to say, the book was never written as you already know because I never sent the paperwork for you guys and the others involved for permission to use names, etc…At the time I started this deal, you were still imprisoned, however, when I returned home, you all shortly after that, took the “Alfred Plea”…I’m so sorry for waiting this long to share this…After I decided to do my little investigative writing, we changed our stopping place from Memphis TN and crossed the bridge into West Memphis Arkansas… I brought only pen, paper, and a cell phone camera… We stayed at a hotel built next to where the truck wash used to stand that was featured in the HBO films…I started right there with a woman at the front desk who’s response to me was “I cannot and do not want to talk about it” when asked about her experience In May of ’93 when all this started…She was the only one that worked at that hotel who lived close and witnessed the events that day…I then went back to where Weaver Elementary School was and took pictures and asked questions moving my way all the way towards the interstate to where I finally found someone who would talk… The gentleman lived in the last house across from those older apartments and beside where the boys’ bikes were found… Unfortunately, everything he said was already known information… I wish there were others who knew more about the person who washed themselves in a nearby food place that was handled poorly by the WMP…I also went to the police department to see who still worked there that actually remembered or helped with your case… Surprisingly, 1 out of the 3 officers I spoke to even heard of the case…awful strange, right? Not surprisingly, he wouldn’t talk either… From there I went back to the area the truck wash stood… The woods where the bodies were found were partially cut down, but the ravine and plenty of Robin Hood Hills remained, starting right behind the old truck wash area… The concrete slab of the truck wash gave us a great starting point for walking those woods and shooting pictures… But before I could begin to enter the woods there, we were freaked out by what laid on the ground… Right there at the entrance to the morbidly famous Robin Hood Hills, was a few school books and a girl’s purse thrown down and recently too cause it had just rained and these books were dry and just recently dropped…instead of touching them, we drove back around to the police department… I explained what happened to 2 officers that came out of the downstairs door and one of them said that they would look into it. I offered them a pic of the books and purse in the foreground of the woods there which was time and date stamped and they did not want it… We went back to where the books were and searched the area while waiting on the WMP to come… They never showed. I them called 911 and waited again, and still again, they DID-NOT-SHOW… This was the same department that did their “civic duty” to swiftly find and prosecute those little boys’ murderers using a false confession and their opinions of drawings and religions. Yet when there’s a possible abduction or worse, they seem to sit on it chalking it up to another nosy person asking questions about a 20 year old murder case. I hope I’m wrong and there’s no missing girl pictured on posters in some other town’s PD where her parent’s are to this day unable to rest…And that brings me to this last question I have.. Do you want me to send or post these pics I have including the books and purse at your discretion on this website or any of the websites about your case along with my story, or would you like me just to print them and send them to a PO box you might have set up for the people like on this site that follow your “Life After Death”? …, Brian

  • justruth

    Hello Damien, I watched your live interview at NYPL today and I just have to leave you a comment. Today is the first day I have found you because I live outside US and was not familiar with this case before. Damien, while I was listening to you and looking at your gestures…I fully felt every word that you shared and it was like I saw myself in a man’s body speaking of my own experience. That thing surprised me a lot.
    Not only that I had a very poor youth (for 4 or 5 years I ate only bread and water) and the rest of my life experience has been quite sad (I don’t live in prison but I’m in a life situation that I feel completely trapped in and my life is more like existence while waiting for death so I try to educate myself reading books and grow spiritually) but also you make just the same conclusions that I do out of my experience. I mean…I don’t meet many people like you, you know. This is strange how you went just to the same conclusions through your life experience and I came to the same. Every conclusion of yours I made for myself.
    I’d like to talk to you so much, but I realise that it’s impossible. Just I wanted to tell you something. When you said about life purpose – why do we live, that none has the answer, and there’s no book that will give you this answer, you know – I have it. To be short – we experience different states of mind. Everything like you said – we grow up, I totally agree with you, but we grow up by experiencing the changes of our consciousness in different situations and life forms. I know you said you like buddhism, and I do too (you probably will find it interesting that I was born in appartement number 547, and when I started getting into buddhism I found out that Buddha had 547 reincarnations), but you’ve got to read three books written by Robert Monroe, famous out of body traveller. Eventually, going through the circle of reincarnations (as buddhism says and as Robert Monroe said as well), getting more and more experience and knowledge, we’ll become greater beings. We’ll become Gods. There’s constant growth. Life in physical form is temporar, and life in spiritual world is eternal. Just like you said in the interview – everything ends, most people come out of the jail early or late. At spiritual point life on Earth is like a temporar life in jail.
    I think that you might find Monroe books really helpful, as to me they opened up my mind.
    Damien, I’m so happy that I found you today, I simply fell in love with you as an extremely intelligent human being. Stay well, and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • Gabriel Ostweiller

    Wayne, congratulations on fooling most of the world, but not everyone is blinded by the Hollywood version of what happened. You will face your truths. A new fight has been started.

  • Mandy Millist

    Damien, you are an incredible human being – congratualtions on doing so well coping with all you have been through. Lorri, you are an angel to have seen the good soul inside Damien and gone to him. I hope you have a long and happy life together. Mandy, Australia

  • Stacy

    I just read Life After Death and will read your new book as well. I am so impressed with how beautifully written it is. Also amazing to me is how you didn’t let everything that happened to you harden your heart. I don’t doubt there’s not some anger and bitterness, but you never let it define you. I loved how you always sought out serenity, too. I am a Memphian, so the West Memphis murders were a consistent topic of conversation until after the trials. Something about you three boys broke my heart and I never believed y’all were capable of committing that crime. Even at your most defiant, from what I saw on the news, you came across as very young and lost- never evil.
    I wish you and Lorrie all the best. Y’all both have a lot to give

  • ValerieS

    Hello Damien and Lorri, I just finished reading your book “Yours for Eternity.” I want to let you know it is very easy to understand how you two became close. Each letter builds on the relationship. I do believe you met because you are soul mates and meant for each other. What I cannot fathom still is the fact that Damien (and his two friends) were on death row for 18 years. I can’t even imagine someone being in prison who is innocent, much less spending that much time! Just baffles my mind. How I see it is the state of Arkansas said, “Oops, we made a mistake. You can go now.” Where is your compensation? That’s what angers me. The state of Arkansas should be paying you millions of dollars for the lives you lost. It’s insane. Anyway, I loved the book, thanks for sharing such intimate information, but it helped me truly understand you. Best of luck.

    Valerie in San Antonio
    By the by, I am an artist too

    • Brian

      I agree with you but the State I’m so many words said they were saving Arkansas millions of dollars by them agreeing to this Alfred Plea and not having them compensated for 18-20 years of their lives lost forever…Very Sad… Very unfair, but I understand them not trusting the state and getting out while it was still possible..Took guys to give up their innocence plea…

      • Brian

        Sorry…. I meant to say: It took guts to give up their innocence plea…

      • ValerieS

        Thanks for your insight.

  • Jéssyca Parras

    Olá, meu nome é Jéssyca Parras, tenho 17 anos e moro em uma cidade no interior de São Paulo no Brasil.

    Damien assisti o filme que saiu sobre o seu caso, o do Jessie Misskelley, e Jason Baldwin o Devil’s Knot, e desde então me interessei muito e não paro de fazer pesquisar, e ler tudo que posso sobre o caso ou você, um absurdo tamanha injustiça ter sido cometida. Infelizmente o caso não chegou com tanta força aqui ao Brasil, então não são todos que tem o conhecimento do caso, o que é triste, pois aprendi a ver tudo de uma outra forma contigo. Devido ao fato deste caso não ter sido passado e reconhecido aqui, infelizmente não são todas as suas entrevistas que consegui assistir, e tenho me esforçado para assistir aos documentários também, que são muito difíceis de achar legendado ou em Português. Comprei seu livro, não sei quando vai chegar, mas estou muito ansiosa para ler. Te admiro de mais, e também admiro muito sua mulher, desejo a vocês toda a felicidade do mundo, você merece. Não sei se você vai ler isso, se vai entender, ou se ao menos terá conhecimento deste texto que escrevo agora para você, porém de qualquer forma continuo te admirando muito, desejando a você e a Lorri tudo de bom e muitas felicidades, espero que em algum momento eu consiga ir a Nova York quando for mais velha, pois quero muito ir em alguma palestra sua, entrevista, ou qualquer outra coisa. Vou me esforçar bastante para aprender a falar inglês, hahaha. :)


    Jéssyca Parras

  • paul331

    Lorri, I applaud you. I was married to a man in prison for life. I’m often asked why, and I say “because I love him”. We weren’t able to maintain and divorced but are now the best friends either could ask for. I wish I was able to give to him the things you have given to Damien. Our situation was different – he committed the crime and we knowingly knew his release was not going to happen. No false DNA, nothing…just a guilty plea and a life sentence. Still, I read those portions of your story and know exactly how it feels and goes when you’re in that situation. I applaud you for sticking through it.

  • Tantarum

    Damien. I am a Timeline Agent. Please contact me on MelingTantarum@gmail.com
    I have some important information for you.

  • Cathy

    Dear Damien and Lorri. Just checked out your book at my local library as soon as I saw it, and can’t wait to start reading it. I had read Life After Death and it truly moved me to tears. The main reason I’m against the death penalty is because there are some innocent people on death row, and anyway taking a life does not bring back the dead. Your love story is beautiful and inspiring, because when you find that good man/woman you stand by them through thick and thin, through the storms as well as the sunshine. Love is a powerful force, isn’t it? I wish you both all the best, after all both of you have been through you deserve a good peaceful life together. respectfully yours, Cathy.

  • Conan McParland

    I’d like to talk to you about art and possibly tattooing you. I can show you some examples of my work I do travel to your area , sorry if no other way to contact you I understand thank you


  • Samantha Lynn Hart

    I have supported for many years and was so overwhelmed with joy for the release of all of you, especially you on death row, but I have have to say I bought things for years to help then fell into hardship and couldn’t afford much more. I finally got to watch the third documentary and devils knot and I cried both fir the time you spent as well as finding TRUE justice for the chikdren. I am a singer myself and if there are any benefits yourself or wife feel I can donate my time to help I would love to be a part of clearing the wm3 name as well as finding the real killer or killers. You guys can Google samantha lynn hart or find me on YouTube all I can offer is my gift of voice but would love to help. Thank you for being strong and Lori for being a support for such a wonderful man that was mistreated and unjustly accused.

  • Big Mac

    Will anyone take a my boyfriends via this link …http://www.gofundme.com/6c6szk
    any advice is appreciated and welcome.
    Thank you,

  • Big Mac

    you can resspond to mac05252012@gmail.com


    Do you know about the man who confessed to these murders? I did not see any news about the confession so just in case you do not have the info go to this website ColdCaseCameron
    I am so happy for you both. God Bless your family. Bev Combs

  • Raven Nevermore

    I am haunted by this case & am still in utter disbelief at the miscarriage of justice you & every innocent victim suffered & continue to suffer surrounding its circumstances. Your lives were as interrupted as those of the three murder victims & their parents. We all know who the guilty & remorseless party who murdered those boys is & he continues to walk free. I am so happy that the three of you were able to gain your freedom. Please make the most of it, despite the unsavory terms under which you were forced to submit. Every day is a gift. You have the loyal support of myself & so many others who are rooting for you. I am so happy you got the opportunity to experience life in the sunshine. Enjoy!

  • Raven Nevermore

    I would absolutely LOVE it if you came to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I would be right there, front & center, along with my daughter-in-law. We are both huge believers in your innocence.

  • http://www.heatherfaulkbell.net/ Heather Faulk-Bell

    I plan on reading your book, life is about taking tragedy,strugle, suffering and turn into something good,you’ve done that.

  • Patricia

    I saw part of Ur interview with Katie and I wish I could have seen it all…I was leaving dialysis when I saw it…How can I see it again? I wish both U and Ur wife a long and happy life together.

  • Kelly Bashtanyk

    I live in Montreal (Canada) and just came across your name while catching a small portion of the Katie Curic show yesterday. I used your first name to find you and watched most of your interviews. As a 69-year-old Canadian woman, I must admit I had never known of you, Jason and Justin and did not know the history surrounding all of you.

    I have just purchased your book and am valiently trying to download the movie you made (West of Memphis) for which you did an interview with the woman producer (I have forgotten her name).

    Your calm demeanor, intelligence and speaking ability – as well as that of your wife – blew me away!

    I shall familiarize myself with your book, your interviews and your movie. You touched me to the core of my heart and thank God there are wonderful people “out there” who worked so long and so tirelessly on your behalf. I shall pray for your total exoneration.

    It is unbelievable how the “system” can malfunction so tremendously but to see the man you have become is just awsome. I shall keep you and Lorri in my prayers.

    Kelly Bashtanyk

  • Kelly Bashtanyk

    It might make me look a litle more intelligent if I at least got the names right – Damien, Jason and Jesse. My apologies.

  • MAC

    Hi Damien. My boyfriend is currently incarcerated and just read your book Life After Death. He related alot to you and what you both had been through. If you ever get the chance would you please read about him and his story at this link…

    thank you ,


  • OSV

    Do you have a new po box where you can get mail?

  • BlackOphelia

    I don’t believe you are innocent.

  • Anne Stoltz

    I first heard about your case in 2009. Johnny Depp was on some show talking about your case. It caught my attention because my daughter had a huge crush on Johnny Depp, and in fact her room was plastered with posters of him. I read Devil’s Knot. I could never imagine sending someone in prison money, but after I read the book I knew a horrible injustice was done, so a sent a small donation. I watched the Paradise movies, keep up with the case, and talked to people about the case. In 2011 I ordered a free the WM3 bumper sticker. I never got around to putting on my car, because two weeks later you were free. I was so happy to see you go free. I am reading Life After Death. I would like to see West of Memphis, where can I find it? Best Wishes, and good luck to you. Sincerely, Anne Stoltz

  • Melissa

    Dear damien

    I’m 13 and I have read all about the trials and watched all videos I could find about you or with you in even the film devils knot I believe that there was a connection between the investigators and the fact that you were innocent. I believe they knew that you were innocent but didn’t want it that way. I’m extremely interested in what you have to say and how you explain things. I wonder if you have any thought in what I have to say and understand that I too am not like others but I do get not ‘bullied’ but on them lines. I understand if you are fed up of people trying to talk to you but I would be dearly grateful if you were to reply or even tweet me my twitter is @melissapaige123
    Or more covenient if you email me please.

  • Jenny

    I just want to send lots of love to you Damien, and you Lorri.
    From Sweden. From the bottom of my heart.
    Hugs from Jenny

  • Dieter Ballegeer

    Hey Damien, i just saw the documentary, all 3 parts and I was very touched and moved what you guys must have been trough..
    I didn’t know the Memphis 3 until a week ago but watching what had happend and how you were convicted without any proof is still unbelievable for me to understand!
    You must almost be famous now I guess in America and I hope you read my message because normally I don’t write to anybody under these circumstances. Your story and these of Jessie and Jason are something I never thought could be possible..
    I was moved very much when I saw you and your friends walk free!
    Maybe you could come to Belgium to tell your story :)
    And say hello to Eddy for me please! :)

    Hope you enjoy your life now and let’s hope nothing like this happens again!

    Dieter Ballegeer
    Bruges, Belgium

  • Aimee

    I’m very late to the party!! I just learned of the WM3 case in May of this year, as I was about 13 when this crime took place I wasn’t interested in the outside world…yet. I stumbled upon this story accidentally about two months ago and it has become my obsession. To say that I’m disturbed about the wrongful conviction of these 3 innocent teens is an understatement!! I am outraged and wish that I could have been a part of the movement to free these men. I have known for years that the legal system is a corrupt entity. I did a research paper about abolishing the death penalty a few years ago and learned more than I cared to about it. But, since then I knew I couldn’t turn a blind eye anymore. I am a citizen of the world, a fierce Libra who cares about justice and fairness deeply.

  • Krister Simensen


    I’m a 45
    years young man from Norway. This summer I’ve been reading your book, and to
    say it at least that made an enormous impression on me. I can’t even believe these
    things happen nowadays. I mean, we’re supposed to be past the Stone age. Or…?
    And as a matter of fact, last summer I read Kerry Max Cook’s book as well.
    Unbelieveable story. Not by any comparsion what so ever, I’ve had some issues
    during the last few years myself. I noticed you citaed Oscar Wilde in your
    book. (I can’t remember exactly which it was here and now). But another Oscar
    Wilde citation that came to my mind while reading your book is: “Not a
    thing in the world is meaningless. Suffering least of all”. This is
    probably my own favorite.

    I just
    wanted to write these few lines. I wish you only the best from here on and in
    the future.

    Warm and
    humble regards from Norway

    Mr.Krister Simensen

  • https://www.etsy.com/shop/StrungOutDesignsbyKF kristina


    I’m working with Tara, the owner of Charmed in Marlborough MA – a metaphysical shop (she’s a witch, I am pagan/witch) on putting on the 4th annual Witches Charity Cotillion on 10/31 at the Riverview Ballroom in Hudson MA. All proceeds from the cotillion goes to a local cat rescue outfit called CaRMaH. For more information – please check out our page: http://www.witchescotillion.com/

    Anyway I would love to invite you and Lorri to our shindig – this isn’t a request for a speaking engagement, this is just an invite for you and Lorri, if you have no plans on Samhain and want to be low key and have a good time at a great event.

    So if you are interested (I know your are ridiculously busy), contact me at kristinafaxon@hotmail.com!

    Otherwise, good luck with ALL of your endeavors!!

  • Liz Wring

    Damien, you probably don’t remember me but we did go to school together. I remember clearly when they arrested you and all I could think was how wrong they were to judge you and assume it just had to be you……… and what crooked people they were and probably still are. I rejoiced the day you were released! It thrills me to see how well you are doing now and how you were and are able to find peace to get through the most trying times of your life. Keep on doing it, man. I supported you then and I still support you now. Blessings to you and your wife!

  • cameron

    Hey I am from a small southern town in north mississippi and just wanted to say thanks for agreeing to take part in the paradise lost movies it showed me there were other people who knew exactly how I felt and had been through even worse circumstances than I have. I wear ripped up jeans I wear black shirts I have long hair I listen to metallica and slayer and alot of other metal bands and im publicly atheist and i get the worst looks from people ive lived with my whole life and I realized what happened to you jessie and jason could have easily been me and my friends were weird we listen to metal were outcasts were not the doctors kids were the kids from poor families who can barely get by if it wasnt for you and something similar were to happen here it couldve been a repeat of your trial

  • Rosario

    Just read Life After Death. I couldn’t put it down. I hoped I wouldn’t die before having a chance to complete this phenomenal book. All college professors should make it a mandatory read in criminology classes. Damien could educate anyone going into law enforcement even social workers, psychologists, etc. Until things change I am ashamed to be the same species with the prosecutors, prison guards, judgemental christians, and anyone who bullied these young men.

  • Suzy Dahedl

    Hi Damien, I truly hope you and Lorri are doing great. I think it’s wonderful that so many good things have happened to you after so many terrible things. Every time I see you on TV or a posting on FB you look happier and happier. It really is amazing what you and Lorri have accomplished.

    OK, now that I got you all buttered up … no I’m just kidding. I mean every word I said. I’m a 62 year old Grandmother. For real. You can look at my FB. I know that you had posted on FB how to order a signed copy of “Yours for Eternity” but I had to get a new knee and I haven’t had the chance to ask you until now. Is there any way I could get a signed copy of “Yours for Eternity”. If not just let me know. But I hope and pray you say yes. Waiting to hear from you.

  • bode

    dear damien and lorry,

    i read life after death and was deeply moved. incredible writing damien, an lorri, i can only say, profound respect. i was inspired to write a song. you can find it here:


    if you feel so inclined my email is spiralove@juno.com

    peace, love and blessing to you both,


  • Christina Johnson

    I remember watching the news three years ago to see if the story of your release would be broadcast all over the nightly news or not. Sadly it wasn’t on my local station, not that I miss the occasion. Your story of love and courage helps me get through my bad days. I hope I find my great love that will help me the way Lorri did for you. I grew up in Ma and when I heard you moved to Salem I was hoping to meet you both, sadly I missed that opportunity. Since I first saw Paradise Lost my freshman year of college you, Jason and Jesse have been in my thoughts. Even now with freedom you will always have a difficult road to traverse and I know you will succeed in all you do. I wish you gracious thoughts on this day of dark and light.

  • chris Wilkinson

    Dear Damien … congratulations on 3 years of freedom
    my name is Chris Wilkinson I am really hoping you might be able and willing to help me by lending your support in that you and your wife know what a long hard fight is all about…. sadly, I knew baby Cooper Harris, the 22 month old who died in his dads hot car in Georgia .. I’m desparately trying to get Baby Cooper’s Law intro’d and passed ( facebook.com/cooperslaw) and I could really use any advice you might have to give or any help you’d be willing to lend. To that end I’m also selling the Bunkys Resqme Window Blaster ( its a 2 inch device that is on a quick release keychain with safety whistle and seat belt cutter and allows one to safely rescue a child or dog) to raise funds to support the cost of lobbying as though I wish I was able to fund this myself, I’m a disabled living on my government stipend and proceeds from my small crafts business . I can be reached at 205-765-9140 or rolltidebunky@yahoo.com . Thanks in advance for your consideration. I’ve enclosed a YouTube link to a news report about what I am doing

  • Mary Sue Moore Turn

    When are you going to make any effort whatsoever to obtain exoneration? Where is that evidence that the defense has flaunted for 3 years and to no avail? Why was there such urgency to take the Alford Plea to tend to your sick momma, but then you walked past her with zero acknowledgement. As you do with your son. I see the truth. Clearly.

  • Pete Griffiths

    Hi Damien and Lorri, I’ve been a supporter for some years since reading the Devil’s Knot and may I congratulate you both on finding the courage to even be here despite the incredible odds that have been against you. A good friend is in a similar situation wherein her life has been destroyed by the lies of others, I hope you can find the time to take a look at this injustice? Your advice and/or support will be much appreciated and valued. http://vbreton2062.wordpress.com/ http://justiceforkylebrennan.blogspot.ie/

  • Christine

    I’m not sure if you ever get a chance to read these, but I wanted to say I have followed your case since 1993. My son was born on the day you, Jessie and Jason were released, 8/19/11. I hope that one day the real killer or killers are found and you and the others can truly be free. May you and Lorri have many years of happiness.

  • Colleen Dunning

    Dear Damien,

    My name is Colleen Dunning, I am a high school Biology teacher at a small public charter school in Durango, CO. The reason why I am contacting you is because I do a project with my students every year during which they learn about the Biology aspects of forensic science and connect advancements in science to the efficacy of our justice system.

    As a part of this the students learn about exoneration, read/watch individual stories and learn about the Innocence Project. I am really trying to come up with a call to action for my students this year, to not just learn about these cases, but actually do something to raise awareness. One idea I had from looking at your website was to have each student create a small piece of art on a 6 x 6 canvas that provides a visual representation of the relationship between science and justice and/or insight from an exoneree etc…With that in mind I am looking for a meaningful place where this art work could be exhibited and perhaps for sale to benefit an organization such as the Innocence Project.

    I’m not sure if you will read this anytime soon – but if you do and have any thoughts about meaningful work my students can do in regards to these issues, or if you would be interested in posting a link to your site that would connect to my students work, I would love to hear from you.

    There is a lot to be learned from stories such as yours and I want my students to feel they are making a difference and working towards a more humane world.

    I appreciate your time and any thoughts you have to share.
    Be well,
    Colleen Dunning

    If you are interested, you can learn more about the high school where I work here: http://animashighschool.org/

  • gary

    couple of pictures from phoenix !!!

  • Karen Vance

    How is life in Salem? Hope to get a chance to see you & Lori when we visit in fall! I want to reach out to others on Death Row. Any pointers? Your writings are so inspiring, your attitude, phenomenal ( even at your lowest ) thank you for letting all if us in on your diaries. Your prose is to be applauded!

  • Sylwia

    I just read your book in prison and about the whole thing.I’m 28 years old, I live in Poland. Moves me this thing, this book, all about what is written. I wanted to give you just that I keep my fingers crossed for this to anyone I’ve never met such already hurt like you. You are a great wytrzymałeś that does it all!

    Take care!Sylwia

  • Carole French

    This letter has been sent to both 60 minutes and frontline…bless your little heart, and I am so glad you found someone to love, Damian.

    Jonesboro Police Department

    For a long time I have watched and listened to persons that
    lived in Jonesboro. Though I was in deep
    denial, I have now come to the conclusion that our police department is not out
    to help our citizens.

    In 1989 I befriended a man that passed by my house. He has now left, and left soon after meeting
    me. At the time I headed up our
    neighborhood watch program, and gathered up approximately 100 concerned persons
    that were watching their neighborhoods become invaded by people who were
    growing or making drugs for a living.
    The police were absolutely turning their heads for one reason or
    another. Since I was a tax payer, paid
    big bucks to the city in taxes, these crimes were happening right under my
    nose…In fact, right across the street from me.
    I made it a duty to call the police everyday to tell them that this
    woman, who was supposedly sick and this was her only way to make a living, was
    having customers on a regular basis.
    Finally when the police had enough of me, they made a bust, and
    relocated the woman away from me. I was
    bothered by this, and in speaking with the chief at the time, he said in his
    own words, “well she was sick and that was her only income.”

    In 2012, I learned that after many years of being sick,
    marijuana was the cure for me. I had
    systemic lupus, ITP, and Hughes Syndrome.
    In smoking the weed, I became energetic, wanted to exercise, and started
    really taking care of myself. Since
    there was meanness on the streets, people were putting poison in the weed, of
    which I smoked, I decided to grow my own in the basement of my little
    house. I did not do this for any gain,
    but only to know that I was producing healthy product for myself. I knew exactly what was going into the plant,
    and there were absolutely no chemicals, including chlorine.

    While my plants were maturing, I bought some weed off the
    street which had poison in it. I had a
    stroke and immediately began to go on a rampage of the corruption that was
    happening and had happened in our little town over the years. I became a victim of the justice system,
    headed up by a Judge that I have absolutely no respect for.

    Oh he is doing everything right, but in nine stays in the
    county jail, I noticed that since the jail is full, women and men are being
    shuffled in and out, making the system rich.
    I also found that the network is not interested in helping these poor
    people who are on a fixed income, but only interested in becoming more and more
    corrupt and rich.

    My last stay was of this:

    My probation officer was complaining how she had to have her
    money. While I told her I didn’t mind
    doing a day of public service work, maybe in the courtroom because I was
    recovering from walking phenomena, she set me up for the next day, picking up
    paper on the freeway. I went along to
    appease her. The next day I ran fever
    again, and could not go. I called and
    left a message.

    Three months later, I had a warrant for my arrest for not
    doing the public service work, which cost me not only $210 to the city, but $210
    to the county. I did not have this
    money, and decided to sit it out in the jail.
    It was long, and I got to fraternize with the 35 wonderful women who
    were cramped in a room too small for women both young and old, and with monthly
    periods and much stress. Not only did
    they completely take us off of any cigarettes, but drugs, and dehydrated
    us. We were left in the light, both day
    and night, and only let out once because a commode needed fixing. This was great for me, because of the eight
    other times, I never saw the light of day. I even watched two women and almost
    a third lose babies there.

    It is true for me, that I can’t beat city hall, certainly in
    this corrupt town, but by God, I am a writer, and I will sound the bell till I

    PS…the punishment NEVER fits the crime here, but police get
    away with murder…literally!

  • Dawn Howard

    Thank you for being the people you are. You have opened the eyes to many with your horrible experience, & it gives us hope, in regards to who you are and all the awesome people who surrounded your case. I have once come down and met some of the awful people in those parts against you, but meeting EVERYONE in your corner made it all worth it, and inspired me to be the best person I can be. You and so many have endured a lot of evil in this world and they tried to turn the tables. But your perseverance was the best way to overcome and now many… have you to thank in regards to your story, your strength, and maintaining your ability to overcome even the impossible. All of you lead a very important role in this life & in this world. Thank you!

  • Travis King

    Been a fan of Graves for years. He brought me forward for years on your case. being from a small town in Nebraska, I feel like, Im not to far off from your home town. I just watched Katie video. Wow, I actually am a set electrician, I came close to crying. I supported you guys for so many years. It makes me emotional watching for too may years of your lives taken from you. Damien, you should be a Goddamn Senator!

  • http://www.ravenousravendesign.com Heather Wood

    Hi Damien! if you want a more robust website where you can sell your artwork as well as have it look badass, I’m willing to do your website at no labor cost. Please contact me, Heather at http://www.ravenousravendesign.com

  • paul

    Dear Damien and Lorri, I am a librarian at the Grove Hall Branch of the Boston Public Library. We are having a community discussion series on civil rights and social justice at our branch and 2 others beginning on September 25th at 6PM. As an adult returned to graduate school from 2002-04 at Arkansas State University, I learned much about your collective struggles with injustice and how an overwhelming, crushing, administrative power machine can wreak havoc in a person’s life. Our discussion series, which will mark the end of an art exhibit called in our library called, “Boston Strong?”, we will attempt to give a voice to people who feel overwhelmed by circumstances that seem beyond their control. We hope that you can join us and lend your voice to the discussion. Please feel free to email me for more info. Thank you in advance for considering this request. Best Regards, Paul

  • Tamara hope

    I have followed your case from the day they arrested you(falsely) I knew you didn’t do it, & I was blown away by the craziness of it all. The fact that they made a horrible mistake & they knew it, but they wouldn’t admit it. Why? Cause they knew that the 3 of you would have had grounds for a heck of a law suit, but because they “made” you plead guilty to a crime you didn’t comment, you could never sue, so there butts were covered! That makes me sick that they could do all those awful things to you, but don’t care that the real killer is out there & we all know who it is! But enough of that, I’m just so happy your out writing books & you & Lorri are making a good life together! You deserve it after all these years! Lorri must be the best woman she fought for her man & won. That’s so cool! God bless you both & I wish you 2 nothing but the best, in this life!

  • Katarina Windingtwig

    how do you interpret your tatoo ,I ching nr 9 ???

  • Magan Pulliam

    I am not sure if you will even see this or not, but I just wanted to tell you that I am sorry for what you went through. I wont get on here and pretend to know you as I obviously do not, but I will say that for them to descriminate against you for what you dressed like, what music you listened to, and things of that sort is horrible! I, myself, wore mostly black as a teenager, listened to rock, and was raised in a trailor park in Kentucky. I was also labeled alot because people assumed they knew me and never cared to get to know anything about me, but went off of the words of others. But, what happend to you is worse than anything I have ever encountered and I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart that I am sorry. I was only 4 when this happend, and I never heard about this until recently…but I am sorry…sorry you missed out on your youth and all the things that come with it. I am also sorry for the cruel injustice given to you by the state of Arkansas! And I hope with all my heart you can all be exonerated. I watched the documentary “Paradise Lost” and every since then which was almost three weeks ago I have thought about all of you. Especially you because, I felt like I had more in common with you than the others. And yesterday, I bought your book “Life After Death” and I have NOT been able to put it down. Reading about your life has made me smile, cry, and grow angry all at once. Maybe because some of the things I can relate to…the issues with father and the feeling of being lost and stuck…also the poverty…I can relate. My childhood was similar in some ways. So I have a soft place in my heart for you and I just wanted to tell you that I wish you well! Im not looking for any advice here or even a reply. I am just simply a person telling another person that I care, and I hope life is better for you now and you have found true happiness. And also, that you are somebody. I dont mean now that you are famous, or because you were in prison, but because you have always been somebody. And now that I have seen these documentaries and I have read your words…I will NEVER be able to forget you. I wish you nothing but a lifetime of happiness, peace and love.

    Another face in the crowd,
    Magan Pulliam

  • Kim

    Not sure if you see these; I have been following the case since 1995/96. You were in close contact with us; at the time we lived in New Orleans, in particular Toby (Tobias Allen) sending artwork from time to time and calling via collect. Not sure if you remember; We were huge advocates and supporters. So happy for you now. Would a signed book be possible?

  • Jo

    Dear Damien and Lorri. My name is Joanne and I live in the uk, I’m 32 and I’ve just recently been told about “the west Memphis three” I’ve watched west of Memphis and Paradise lost and Damien, I am reading your book, Life after Death. I write to you tonight with sadness in my heart, sadness about it all, sadness about all of the injustice, fear about all of the injustice, the whole thing has cast a shadow of sadness and disbelief over my heart. Damien, like you, I love rock music, my first ever album was the black album by Metallica and its gone from there, I am heavily tattooed, and, as a girl from a small quiet village, I experience the predudices that come with that, I could go on and on writing, I wish I could write to you, I just want to send you both love and peace, I hope that your souls are resting easy every night. I hope that one day the truth will set you completely free. With love and strength, Jo.xxx

  • ingrid

    Thank you for sharing your story. My interest in your story is very personal. My husband has been in prison since 13 and has LWO. As you know, there’s always more to stories than told to public. Much admiration and understanding of how your love became so deep and special. You both are true lights in life and my wish is for continued good in your life.

  • Taryn

    I just saw the Paradise lost trilogy and the West of Memphis film. First time I saw part one of Paradise lost I was a little kid and even I never believed you three were guilty. I haf a crush on you from day one. You’re an amazing smart man who has been through hell and back and still has a better outlook on life and all around personality than those who havent the slightest clue what injustice or hell you’ve been thru. I admire you and only wish I was able to correspond to you sooner to be an added person to lift you up during your hard times. So happy you are free just sad it wasn’t shortly after the first trial began. But if you aren’t dwelling than no one else should for you. You only have that right to be angry. No one could or should ever blame you for that. You were robbed your childhood, treated like an animal, yourname was dirtied and dragged thru thr mud when you were better than everyone in that town. What makes you different is what makes you beautiful. I only pray I get the chance to say this all in person to you one day.

    W love,

  • kieran

    God knows the truth of what you did.

  • Katarina

    how do you interpret I Ching hexagram No. 09

  • Priscilla kellebrew

    I have put together a rally for november 15th at the Arkansas State Capital From 1:30pm to 5:00pm please come to show support for the West Memphis Three

  • http://www.facebook.com Madison Border

    Come to the Central Library

  • Anny Ayala

    Hello Damien,
    When I watched the film “Devils Knot” I became deeply interested in your case, and began to research it. what happened to you and the others was a serious injustice and it is a definite example of the bias and prejudice present in the criminal justice system. I am a criminal justice major in Las Vegas and one day I hope to make sure cases like yours never happen again. They happen far too often, and it makes one afraid of something like it happening to them as well. Like I said, your case deeply interested me, and it has moved me. I am currently writing a research paper on it. Continue being strong and doing what you do. Never forget that there are people everywhere supporting you.

    Best of luck.

  • Shane Dick

    Hello Damien, I consider you a hero of mine. I would like to InYite you to visit a New Age shop, called Peace Of Me,which I own, located in Cumberland Md. Which for our location is a hard buisness to keep going because of some of the “unawake” people. But who am I to judge. Buisness is usually good we do Reiki, Tarot, and Theata healing. Anyway if your ever in the area it would be an honor if you made a quick visit. My name is Shane Dick and my girlfriend co owner of the shop Jodi Criser also considers you to be a role model for many things. Thank you for reading my message

  • American soldier

    I don’t know if this will ever really reach you Damien. But it’s a shot. I heard your case in history class two years ago and honestly I didn’t know how to feel about it other than being outraged. I really would like to write to you and I know your busy with spot of other things by now. I’m about to deploy on my first tour with the army and I wanted to know if maybe you would write to me. There’s alot I have to ask and that’s got me wondering. If you don’t respond or deploy to me through here that’s fine. But I would like you to know I believe you are innocent. Have a good day and I hope to hear from you.

  • American soldier

    I don’t know if this will ever really reach you Damien. But it’s a shot. I heard your case in history class two years ago and honestly I didn’t know how to feel about it other than being outraged. I really would like to write to you and I know your busy with spot of other things by now. I’m about to deploy on my first tour with the army and I wanted to know if maybe you would write to me. There’s alot I have to ask and that’s got me wondering. If you don’t respond or deploy to me through here that’s fine. But I would like you to know I believe you are innocent. Have a good day and I hope to hear from you.

  • Nat

    Sometimes there are extraordinary people who make you realise the strength of the human spirit. I believe that Damien and Lorri are two of these people. You are beautiful xox

  • CharleySara

    It would be so great if you guys came to Toronto. It’s really quite beautiful in these months

  • Domenic Arcovio

    Hello, id appreciate an opportunity to to say something that’s not public. If you can find the time id appreciate it. Thank you either way.

  • Danielle

    I just finished reading ” Life After Death”,
    your writing is so beautiful…
    would love to be able to write you a letter if that’s o.k ????
    thank you so much for writing your book
    it gives me so much hope.

  • Grandma

    Whoever edited the history section of this webpage used the abbreviation for Alaska instead of Arkansas.

  • Michele minatre

    Do you ever come to Salem oregon? I would to meet you . You seem wiser in some ways than most people you probably had to grow up fast I was also an alienated teen I’m 45 now and still feel that way social anxiety issues it seems your over that I hope you have a long happy life

  • Janice Ryan

    Dear Damien,

    This was the first venue I could find to articulate my thoughts to you. I’m not sure you receive feedback from this site but here goes anyway…

    I’m reading “Life After Death” and am just beginning the area where Lorri contacts you. I am aware of her of course but reading this beginning in your book grabbed my heart and all I could think was “God sent you an angel”. I hate your story and am good and pissed off about it but then I have to think, “all things happen for a reason”. You are getting your reward for enduring the crap filled life you have had up to your release. God teaches us in various ways but we always get our reward when we are steadfast and struggle on regardless how the world treats us. I could tell you stories about the injustices I have endured that allow me to relate to your struggle but they are so boring and insignificant compared with yours. Just know, I understand and I hate you suffered. But alas, you’ve been touched by an angel, your wife, may you forever treasure each other as you continue building your new life.

    In closing, I will follow you UNTIL YOUR GOOD NAME IS RESTORED. That is when this will end…when you are truly set free.

    Love to you and Lorri,

    May God hold you both in the palm of His hand and provide you everlasting comfort.

    Janice Ryan
    (I’m providing my email; if there is anything I can do for you, ask).

  • sourmilksea

    Dear Damien,

    I am writing to you out of concern as to why you are an acquaintance of John Mark Byers. In case you are not familiar with every piece of evidence against John Mark Byers, hopefully this is informative to you. He has two biological children with his first wife, Sandra Slone, a boy and a girl. One of the the criminal charges against him was related to his treatment of his former wife and children. The Judge expunged the charge where he assaulted his wife with an electronic stunning device from his record. The Judge and prosecuting attorney were none other than David Burnett and John Fogleman. Burnett had signed an order absolving Byers of all legal consequences arising from the assault and death threat on his ex-wife.

    Sandra suspected Byers was responsible for the murders and described him as extremely violent and said her children were deathly afraid of him. She said Byers used to beat her and the children. She also said that right from 1977, it appeared as though he had connections to someone in power, because despite becoming involved in drugs and other illegal activities, he was never arrested.

    She told inspector Gary Gitchell all of this on the phone soon after the murders. Gitchell replied that Byers was not a suspect, and she should get over her personal problems. Christopher Byers had old scars on his body (on his face, chest and legs), and social workers are trained to overlook no more than two scars before suspecting child abuse. Chris had at least five healed scars, as confirmed on the autopsy report. A statement made to the police by Gail Comer stated that he was accused of killing a boy in Marked Tree in Arkansas back in 1988 through to 1990, but another man ended up taking the charge.

    In 1973, his parents called the police on him because he was threatening them with a butcher knife.

    In 1990, the owners of a jewellery shop where he worked accused him of stealing sixty-five thousand dollars worth of jewellery, but the police would not arrest him so the owners had to take him to a civil court for it to be returned.

    In 1994, he and his wife Melissa were jailed for stealing antiques worth more than twenty thousand dollars from a residence near their home. The residence that had been burglarised soon mysteriously exploded. The owner confirmed that the propane tanks were empty at the time.

    In October of 1994, Byers was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The assailant was riding with him in his truck when they pulled up to John Shaver Jr, the assault victim. Byers acknowledged that he had instructed his passenger to get a pocket knife out of his car and fight with it holding it closed in his fist, he then stood by his car with a rifle pointed at the ground in order to assure that the fight was fair, and warned any onlookers to stay put. He then watched them fight to the point where the victim needed to be hospitalised.

    Shortly before the murders, Byres again faced criminal charges regarding eleven thousand dollars worth of stolen Rolex watches and a ring. Detective Bryn Ridge and Mike Allen were contacted by the United Parcel Service about the matter, reporting that the watches had been delivered to Byres, and he was denying that the shipment had occurred. Yet again, the police did nothing. This case was not settled by the time of the murders. Brent Davis made the recommendation that he should not be prosecuted, even after he admitted doing it.

    In 1996, Mark Byers and his wife Melissa had been having arguments and marriage problems and she left him for three weeks to live with her parents. Their neighbour confirmed that she was worried about an upcoming trial involving a robbery of about twenty thousand dollars worth of goods and property. On the day of her death, his neighbour questioned why he had not called an ambulance when she was quite clearly dying. It was this neighbour who gave her CPR and got her a drink, instead of Mark Byers, which he had claimed. The neighbour had to go back to his house to make the phone call to the ambulance and upon returning, he found Mark Byers and his step-son trying to put pants on Melissa. According to policeman Fred Waser, there was a glass of white liquid on the right side of the bed where Melissa slept, and a glass of clear liquid on the left. Mark Byers was immediately concerned that he would be accused of smothering his wife to death. He already had a girlfriend at the time separate to his wife named Mandy Beasley, who later admitted to policeman Stan Witt that she was at Byres’ residence the day that Melissa died and that Mark Byers had told her that he hoped the investigators would not find the three syringes that were located on the bottom drawer of a dresser in the bedroom, and that later that night, he found them and threw them away after the police had searched the house. Mandy also stated that Melissa Byers died the day she had asked for a divorce, and that he threatened her with death if she disclosed the fact that he had needles in his drawer. She went on to discuss how Byres’ told her that he burned down Brenda Atwood’s trailer by putting gasoline around it and using a cigarette as a fuse.

    The autopsy showed that Melissa was wearing a pair of blood tinged underwear, two bandaged needle puncture wounds were described, other needle puncture wounds were present in the groin area, wrist and feet, two contusions were found on her skull, and despite his claim that they had intercourse that afternoon, no semen was found.

    After Christopher’s murder, the police never contacted Melissa’s parents. After Melissa’s unusual death, they did not contact them then either.

    In 1999, Mark Byers dialled a wrong number and accidentally offered state police trooper Brant Tosh the chance to come to his house and ‘buy some more stuff.’ When asked what kind of stuff, he said ‘pot, the good stuff.’ The state trooper then cleverly stated that he didn’t know the exact street name or how to get to the house, and he would like precise directions for his friend. Mark Byers responded by outlining the route to his house. An undercover narcotics officer then went to his house and purchased drugs from him.

    In interviews, Mark Byers told the police, who never followed up on his statements, that both of his children had told him that they had seen dead bodies in the same spot where the victims would later be found. Melissa Byers’ father has a markedly different version of the afternoon’s events to that of Byers. He believed that he was going to pick Chris up from school because his daughter had asked him to, but he was stopped when it turned out that Mark Byers was at home, and told him that he would do it. He said, “I thought about it a hundred times. I wish I’d went ahead and got Chris.”

    Detectives during the recorded interview on May the 19th, 1993, never questioned Mark Byres regarding the statements made by Lydia Smith. She was at a PTA meeting at Weaver School in December 1992, and overheard the principal talking to Mark Byers and his wife. She was advising Byres that his son Chris would have to be taken out of class for causing a disturbance, and Mark Byers and his wife replied by saying they’d done all they could and thought that they’d send Chris away or get rid of him.

    Mark Byers, when speaking to the police on May the 19th, told them that whilst he was searching for the boys, he went to an old storage building out the back of a house and ran down into it thinking maybe they were hiding in there, and he said “Nobody had walked through there, and there wasn’t no paper. The storage room was much bigger than this room, and it was all cleaned out.” This could have been a freudian slip.

    At the time he was with Diana Moore and filing a missing persons report with Officer Regina Meek, he was only three houses away from the abandoned house that he identified as having a shed that was ‘all cleaned out.’

    Mark Byers’ claimed to have gone with his step-son Ryan and his friends, but they claim that they were never with him during their search. Detectives Bryn Ridge and James Sudbury never pressed him regarding these inconsistencies.

    On the day of the murder, Mark Byers’ was originally seen wearing shorts and flip-flops, and the next time he was seen much later in the evening, he was wearing boots and overalls in the Robin Hood area, alone and without a flashlight. He wore these clothes for the next three days after the bodies were found. Mark Byers’ truck was seen parked behind the Blue Beacon Truck Wash at 9:42PM. That is only a short distance from where the bodies were found. Officer John Moore found him walking on the south service road alone, long after sun had set. By 9:42, no one had seen him for hours. Despite being seen alone, near the site where the bodies were found, without a flashlight, the detectives never followed up on Officer John Moore’s report. He continued to lie about searching with his step-son and his step-son’s friends, and the police never followed up on this obvious inconsistency in his alibi. When talking about the night that the children were missing, he stated to the police that ‘We were debating whether they had fallen into the bayou and drowned. I knew my son was a real strong swimmer, and the only way he would’ve drowned was if he’d been trying to help the other children.’ In this statement, he correctly states the means by which Michael Moore and Stevie Branch died, the night before they were found. He also implies that Christopher could not have drowned, Christopher was the only child not to have water in his lungs, signifying he died from his other injuries. The detectives never followed up on his statement where he disclosed that the victims had drowned before anyone knew that they were dead. The following morning, before the children were found, Mark Byers suggested to the police that they should put a boat in the bayou and search in case the children had drowned. Right after inspector Gitchell informed Byers that they’d found the boys bodies, and before any of the information about the crime was disclosed, Mark Byers’ disclosed intimate and correct details about the crime to the media. He stated to a reporter that one of the boys was hit above the eye and another’s jaw was injured, he also stated that another child was ‘worse than that.’ The police never requested or tested the garments he wore on the night of the murders. His step-son, Ryan Clark and his friends, were scared away from the river that night by gunshots and splashes in the water. Mark Byers said that he had a car down there on Wilson that backfired, but ‘while we were in the woods I never heard a gunshot.’ By doing so, he acknowledged the gunshot sound, but how could he have known it was a car backfiring? This leads to the possibility that he was the one making the gunshots and splashes.

    In Paradise Lost Part 1, he boasts about having a black powder gun that they can’t get any kind of ballistics from if you were shooting something with it. He showed the gun in the film.

    He was never pressed by the detectives regarding the ‘little skinny black guy’ he supposedly saw leaving the woods, who may in fact be “Mr. Bojangles.”

    James Sudbury, one of those who questioned Mark Byers, happened to be in the drug task force that was working with Byers, and was also one of the officers who visited Byers and had barbecues with him. He regularly barbecued with most of the police involved in the case. Sudbury, along with two other officers, would later be fired in 2001 for falsifying evidence and missing drugs from evidence lockers. Before and after the murders, neighbours of Byers wondered why he had a very close relationship with members of the police department. Despite being unemployed, he lived in a two story house with a swimming pool and it turned out he was a drug informant for the police. In the past, he had been arrested in Memphis for conspiring to sell cocaine and carrying a dangerous weapon. They placed him in a county jail but during his first night there, he was released without explanation into the custody of US Marshalls. The records are scarce and representatives of the Marshalls service acknowledged that the records did not indicate why he was released.

    Chief inspector Gary Gitchell tampered with evidence by carving his initials onto the knife sent to him by the makers of Paradise Lost, which they had been gifted by Mark Byers, before it was sent off for DNA testing. The blood on the knife matched both Chris Byers’ and himself. A single red fibre was glued to the blood on the base of the blade. A pair of children’s super Mario Brothers Nintendo underwear was recovered near the victims. The pair of underwear had red fibres on them. A separate single red rayon fibre was found on the clothes of the victims. The police did not test to see whether the fibres matched. Your own defence attorneys pleaded with the judge to allow officers not connected with West Memphis police department to question Mark Byers regarding the knife, but he ruled against allowing them to do so, and instead let Gitchell and Ridge do it. When they interviewed him, he claimed that the knife had not been used at all and had been kept in his dresser. This contradicts the fact that it had blood on it. Several times he clarified that neither of his children ever knew about the knife, ever saw the knife, or ever cut themselves with the knife. He then changed his story and claimed that he had used it to cut deer with, but when he was told that the blood matched his step-son, Chris, he claimed he had no idea how it got on there, and the detective just replied, ‘That’s what scares me.’ After being informed that there was blood on the knife, Byers began to change his story, began stuttering and started addressing Gitchell as Gary.

    Mark Byers potentially had another freudian slip when he said that he himself had been tied up and tortured by five men, ‘the same thing that happened to Christopher,’ and also stated that the testicles of his step-son Christopher were in a jar under your bed.

    In Paradise Lost 2, whilst having a polygraph test, he admitted that he has psychiatric problems and that he sometimes hallucinates and sees things that are not truly there. During this examination, in an accidental slip up, he states that he once got a DWI, after his wife ‘was murdered’, a reference to the fact that he killed her.

    Gary Gitchell had Vicky Hutchison and Marion police officer Donald Bray sign an affidavit of silence pledging themselves never to mention that Aaron Hutchison had originally named John Mark Byers as the killer.

    All of the above strongly suggests that Mark Byers is a serial, dangerous, violent, abusive criminal who is given a free reign due to the fact that he is close friends with the police in the area, and because he is a police informant.

    My best guess to solving this case from the evidence available and witness testimonies, is as follows. Terry Hobbs, a dangerous, violent and abusive man with his close friend, David Jacoby, grabbed Stevie Branch and Michael Moore and their bikes. They stripped them naked and then Terry most likely bound his own step-son whilst Jacoby bound Moore. This was probably done in their truck, away from the woods, because of the fact that they did not have any mosquito bites on their bodies. All three bindings were tied in different ways, strongly suggesting that three different adults tied them. DNA evidence supports this theory, as both men left DNA evidence at the site where the bodies were found. They then hurled both children into the river along with their bikes and the boys drowned, as the autopsies showed. As West of Memphis explained, animals in the river then caused further injuries post-mortum.

    Whilst this was happening, Christopher Byers arrived at Pamela Hobbs’ house. Pamela stated that he watched television for a short while with her daughter, Amanda, and then he finally left; he was not with the other two boys. According to Mark Byers’, Chris then returned to his house, tried to get in through a kitchen window and couldn’t, and then went to play on his skateboard in the middle of the street. Mark Byers claims that he then saw him, stopped and picked him up, took him back to his house and beat him and made him clean up a car port as punishment for playing dangerously in the road. His timelines are inconsistent and are contradicted by others. In a police interview, when remembering the events of that day, Mark Byers described going into an abandoned shed and spoke of how there was ‘no paper in there.’ This freudian slip suggests that he was remembering a potential clean up job after the murder of Christopher Byers. Christopher died in a different way to the others and also had different bindings than the others. His skateboard was not hurled into the river, and was never found. Later that night, Mark Byers was seen alone in the woods near the crime scene, supposedly searching without a flashlight, even though it was pitch black. His car was also seen. It is likely that two abusive stepfathers who were friends did not want to be reported for the abuse of their children and decided to plan their muders. Michael Moore got caught up in this because he was a friend of the boys who happened to be with Stevie, and because Mark Byers, a man with admitted psychiatric problems, had a feud with his father, Todd.

    Christopher was killed in a different way, in a different location, and then thrown into the river later than the other two boys. This is supported by the fact that the autopsy showed that he did not have water in his lungs.

    The turtles then caused all further damage to the bodies. In Dana Moore’s original testimony, she only saw her son, Michael, and Stevie Branch, she did not see Christopher Byers. Only later, after speaking with Mark Byers and Terry Hobbs, did she change her story. Some other neighbours and passerby’s also only saw two boys. After the case became famous and the three boys were mentioned as being found together, then neighbours, many of whom gave inaccurate and unlikely witness reports, started to claim that they saw all three boys together.

    Regarding the use of the knife given to the camera crew, it is likely that due to the fibres found and the DNA evidence, Mark Byers used it to threaten his step-son whilst taking him to the shed where he was murdered, or to cut his clothes off before binding him.

    It seems likely that two abusive step-fathers fearing being caught would concoct a plan to silence their children and remove themselves from any trouble. This is the only scenario that makes sense when you put together all of the incriminating evidence against both Hobbs and Byers. If Terry Hobbs and David Jacoby are regarded as good suspects, then Mark Byers must also be, for although he did not leave DNA evidence at the scene where the bodies were found, he did know details of the murder before the bodies were found, he did have what could be his son’s DNA and clothing fibre on the knife that he gave away, he has made contradictory statements time and time again, he has no alibi, his car was seen parked near the crime scene, and he was seen alone in the woods, in the dark, near the location where the bodies were discovered.

    His own step-son Ryan heard rocks being thrown and shots being fired at the same time that Mark Byers was in that area, a clear sign that Byers was being caught in the act of disposing of Christophers body when Ryan and his friends were out searching nearby. He also boasted about his gun and how it was hard to get ballistics evidence from it. Maybe a black man searching for the boys, or just walking in the area, saw him and Byers shot at him trying to keep him away. This would also fit the timeline of the black man seen bleeding in Bojangles, and Mark Byers own reference of a ‘skinny little black guy.’ A black man in the area, being shot and fleeing, then hiding in fear, would perfectly account for the negroid hair found at the site. This man has most likely never come forward because of the fact that Mark Byers is someone who is protected by the West Memphis police force.

    You should look into this evidence and take it seriously, seeing as it has been collected by many of the people that supported you and believed in your innocence for so many years.

  • Jeremy Boreske

    Hello Damian, I know you probably get thousands of just like this but I hope you get to read this. We are about the same age, needless to say I knew about you as soon as the press first sunk their claws into you and your friends. I’ve always been a strong supporter of the WM3…your release was just amazing and long overdue. The reason I’m reaching out to you is you’ve inspired me even more since your release. Your artistic expression. You really are taking full advantage of your freedom. I’m a filmmaker and working on my first film. I’d really be honored if you could do a cameo of even play a major-minor role…as a character, not as yourself of course. Again this is my first attempt at filmmaking and we are already going to be at sundance this Feb. so I hope that you will consider it. It would be an honor and privilege to meet and work with you. I love your photography as well…we could possibly use some if your work as stills in the film to help not only our look but draw attention to your art as well. Thank you for your time, I hope to hear back from you.

    Jeremy Boreske

  • Cassie

    Hey Damien, I just wanted to say that I’m so glad that everything has turned out so good for you after you got out, you are truly a talented man and I do look up to you.
    Being a 17 year old Legal Studies student currently, I found Paradise Lost extremely helpful and insightful regarding my studies, which made the case even more interesting.
    Please do take care of yourself, and I hope life continues to do you well.
    Sincerely, Cassie.

  • Guido Quintero

    Damien Echols, my name is luis aguilar and i have a really good friend that is locked up and she wanted me to find out what your contact info is. she is really inspired by your story and she really wants to get in contact with you.

  • Joanne

    Damien Echols/ Happy for you, I am. Tables are turned now. May I have all the donations I sent for years to wm3- back,now that your out and well? bravermusic at comcast net . Please.

  • Fat Harold

    Hi damien, I have had genital herpes since I was 17 and it has ruined my life since no girl will be with me after I tell them. But you have inspired me to go on despite there being no cure at this time.

  • Adriane Simo Miles

    Hi Damien and Lorri, I have read both books and you both inspire and touch my heart. Damien, you signed my copy of Life After Death and were so gracious with your time and my questions. I just wanted you both to know I think you are beautiful people and you inspire me to be a better person all the time!

  • Lady leto

    hey i do not know if you reply but i am reminded of yet another quote

    You can’t stop the waves of depression, but you can learn to surf them.

    It appears you have mental strength beyond what a lot of people in your situation could have handled. I would have taken my own life the minute i was put in there. Also the ability you have to forgive, these two things are difficult to do but you do them. *thumbs up* keep going you are Winning!!!!

  • Lasnier Julien

    Hi Damien and Lorri !

    (Sorry for this English Google translation quality)

    I just finished your wonderful book “Life After Death” and I cried many times in front to her beauty. This life and his allure of crossing of the desert are just a mask for the most curious walkers. Your story gave me strength, me and my artichoke heart that clings to avoid falling into anger. Your love story is the proof to me that life has something “magick” ! Your beauty is so great that it reaches across the planet ! And who knows ? Maybe even beyond !

    Thank you.

    A lot of good things from France.

  • Stephanie Buster

    Damien, my husband knows you, Jessie, and Jason from Varner and Tucker Max. Please contact us as soon as possible. His name is Ronald Buster (Ron Buster via Facebook). Thank you.

  • Lisa

    You, and Lorri are such an inspiration to me. I admire both of you tremendously. You two are beautiful and I thank you for having the courage to share your journey. Thank you so much.

  • Carl Harrison Smith

    Hi Damien and Lorri, I just came across these photos from Days of the Dead Atlanta, it was such a pleasure meeting you both and being able to give you a big hug was what I have wanted to do for many many years. Much love and respect to the both of you.
    Carl Smith

    • sara

      thats what i reallt want to. give you a biig hug!
      your a hero!!!

  • Ani

    Dear Damien and Lorri,
    I wanted to say thanks for the inspiring book you released. This book is a statement of true love, a unique proof that love for life truly exists and that love can survive even in the most difficult circumstances. Your letters are a statement of that true love, they are romantic and show a true love burning forever. I hope that you will have a great time together and that the rest of your lives will be filled with love. In one interview you stated that you cherish every moment, every kiss, every touch, … because nobody should ever take it for granted. That is so very true, and I hope all people will realise that and fully cherish the beauty they have in their lives. Also, if you allow someone to reside in the soul, that is extremely deep and beautiful.
    Also thanks for the inspiring poems and paintings, and the West of Memphis documentary. I hope many fellow Europeans will watch it, and read the book. Maybe some day you can both travel to Europe to present the book here, that would be great! :)
    Best of luck with everything!

  • Sassyg4153

    Please help William Thomas Zeigler. He has been on death row for 38 years and is INNOCENT! He is out of appeals and needs the public’s help. See the evidence for yourself. I appreciate any advice or help you can give!


    Best wishes,

  • Jesse W Ickes

    Hello Damien, my name is Jesse Wickes, I am a tattooist at Thicker Than Blood Tattoo Studio in White Plains New York…I just spent the last 6 hours and 26 minutes of my day watching you, Jason, and Jessie in the Paradise Lost trilogy. I am deeply saddened by your story but also inspired that you stuck to your guns and maintained that you were never guilty. Please feel free to contact us anytime, it would be an honor to tattoo you. Thank you and good luck in all of your future endeavors.

  • Book Panda

    Hi, Damien

    My name is Clare and I’m a psychology student in Scotland, UK. I will soon be beginning work on a dissertation/ thesis to complete my degree. I have chosen mob psychology/ “trial by media” as my topic and would like to pay particular attention to your case (through whatever is public record) and the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. There is a chance (slim, but still a chance) that if it’s considered good enough, it may be published in an academic journal.

    I doubt you’ll get around to seeing this, but if that should happen, is there anything you would especially like me to include, from the horse’s mouth, so to speak?

    Keep fighting the good fight. Love, light and support to you and Lorri.


  • sibyl palmer

    Hi Damien,my name is Sibyl Palmer. I’m a tattoo artist currently working in Houma,La,about an hour from New Orleans. I just finished reading your book Life After Death and I’m just blown away by your strength and solidarity. You and your lovely wife Lorrie have an amazing love story and my heart goes out to you both. If you both are ever plan on being near by please shoot me an email, I would love to tattoo you both. For on the house of course! I have a majority of my new work on my instagram which is sibyl7583. Hope all is well.

  • Luca Alberelli

    Dear Damen, I’m an italian reader of “live after death” which was recently translated in my language. I was very impressed by your story… and I was wondering if you’d be willing to give me your birth data to be able to write an astrological article (I’m a professional astrologer with a degree in psycology), in particular I would be interested to know the precise time, that I have not found on this site . It would be very interesting to read your birth chart from the karmic point of view … and observe planetary transits of the most significant periods of your life. This is my website: and this is my email address: albeluke5@gmail.com. I hope not to be indiscreet … and receive a reply. A big hug !!! Luke

    p.s. Sorry for my english… I’m still learning

  • Michael Polo

    hey Damien,i met you the other day at gothic renaissance,i was Michael polo the guy w the long red hair.you told me you had an event coming up and I would really like to go.so please get back to me at intertron613@yahoo.com or Michael polo @facebook.com and if you like give my songs a listen@michael polo@sound cloud ,com.anyway I would love to go to your next event,please keep in touch

  • sara

    i really love your personality and Life style. what a Life you had but a good person anyway.

  • sara

    when are you comming back to sweden again??

  • sara

    life on Death (dödsdömd) was a really goood book. and all of this has happened in YOUR Life. jag beundrar dig!!!
    say hey to lorri:)

  • sara

    immidently when i Heard about you and your friends at televesion many years ago, did i directly think that the murder is one of the boys` dads´.
    hmmm. what i cracy systems!!!

  • jakethemiller

    Hi Damien, sorry if this bores you, but i just wanted to say I think that you are a brilliant person. To come out of all that you have gone through and to just completely SHINE through is amazing. I am 25, from the UK and in some ways am happy that I came across your story after it had ended (from a death row situation point of view at least) because even knowing you are out and living life to the full, it is hard to watch your story (I will be reading your story soon from ‘Life after death’. And even though I do not know you and may never meet you, I am proud to at least feel like I know you, or at least know of you ( I follow you on Facebook, your art is mesmerizing). I hope that you and your amazing wife Lorri are so happy and enjoying your new life and forgetting about your old one. All my love Jake (jakethemiller) on Facebook if you ever wanna leave me a message xx

  • Ashley

    I’ve been following your case since 2008 and I cried on the day that you were granted your freedom. I have watched the documentaries over and over again showing people your story and each and every time I get more upset. You are a very eloquent and intelligent man – and that was obvious when you were younger as well. Your case makes me want to study law and prevent something like this from ever happening again but I am actually becoming a guidance counselor for high school. I want to tell children who question their surroundings and think outside of he box that they were born in, that they are doing the right thing. You were doing the right thing and you never should have felt alienated for trying to make sense of his fucked up world. Ignorance is a terrifying thing and I am just so grateful for the community that supported you. You are an incredible man and an inspiration. I hope to one day meet you and shake your hand. Best wishes.

  • Suely

    My name is Wilma Suely. I’m brazilian. Reading your book, surprised. I cried a lot. On many occasions put my self sitting in the cell. And I thought: as my life is beatiful!!!! And I wanted to be a selfless person as Lorri Davis who was his guardian angel here on earth.

  • Guest

    Hi Damien! I’m from Brazil! I read your book in 4 days and I loved it! Very sincere and profound. Glad you’re free, living in his own way, along with his family and friends. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Angela

  • Angela Miranda Arslanian

    Hi Damien! I’m from Brazil! I read your book in 4 days and I loved it! Very sincere and profound. Glad you’re free, living in his own way, along with your family and friends. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Angela

  • OpenYourEyes

    You are living proof the justice system is broke. Maybe you didn’t do everything the inept law enforcement in Arkansas pinned on you, but you know you had a hand in what happened that night, and no one else will ever know the details you will take to your grave. Maybe if people interested would conduct their own exhaustive research on ALL aspects of the case (Wicca practices as well) they would not allow themselves to be spoon-fed your bullshit propaganda via movies and books. People would be able to formulate a better opinion of who you are at the core if that were the case. Shame on everyone who buys anything with this guys name on it and actually adopts it as the truth. No one knows all the events that took place that night and probably never will. From a triple murder charge to living the American dream…God bless the USA.

  • Renata Moura

    Damien Greetings!

    My name is Renata Moura, I am 24 years old, and live in São Paulo, Brazil.
    I know it will not even read my mail or pass on but wanted to try anyway, and say that across the world, and has fan who admires you very much, and fallow your work.
    I read you book, and found many reactions,
    I cried, I laughed a lot, felt hatred, I felt mercy, I felt joy!
    His book bacame one of my favorites!
    I get involved in the story and I can see everything that happned… awesome!
    His story deserves to be passad on for generations!
    As a proof of love!

    Thank you for your story Damien!!!

    White love.      Renata Moura

  • Isaac Muir

    To Damien im a 17 year old boy from Australia, my whole life I’ve been made fun of and told I was different due to my love for Heavy metal and punk music.
    I’ve never seen the world as an amazing place and I’ve developed a love for dark things in life due to the fucked up way of society.
    You are a role model of mine and you inspire me to live life to full and give a big Fuck You to anyone who will judge someone by their appearance!

    I wish you a happy and healthy life!

  • Simone ( Miss Sara Jay )

    Perhaps the only time I have ever felt so convicted, personally and emotionally affected by a story – I was about 18-20 when I first saw the doco on TV, a while later I did write a letter to you and a few years later I bought your book.

    I feel almost “silly” and “foolish” writing this, but perhaps I need you to know that there is one more person ( in me ) that has you forever in their thoughts. My life is not ordinary and I have chosen a different path for myself – I am blessed that it takes me around the world and gives me an opportunity to meet so many people and Ive had the privilege to share your story to my wrestling fans and spread the word so to speak. Thrilled to see you happy in Salem – and you will forever continue to be in my thoughts.

  • Alex


    I am an assistant public defender in Tulsa and have been such for a period of two years. While in law school, I took part in the oklahoma innocence project in its first year of its creation in 2012. There’s a case I worked on where I whole heartedly believe two innocent 17 year old African American males were wrongfully convicted in the early 1990s. I just got home this evening and started thinking about them all of a sudden and I almost couldn’t help myself from crying. Please see link below for a decent synopsis of the facts of the case. If you wish and I pray you do, you can reach me by email at “alexcb7@gmail.com”



  • SnowWhite

    Dear Damien and Lorri!
    I am so so happy you are happy as much as you can now and that you are happy together!
    So sorry to hear it all the justice is not always as you wish but still you got it in the end!
    I was sometimes afraid that someone would accuse me of something I didt do if I was in wrong place. I was alternative for a long time, still am but little bit different way now. I have met so much hate from others, everything was a struggle, the classemates hated me and so did the teachers because I looked as I looked. But I am stronger today and can see life on different side the better one.
    I would like to write more nice things to you but dont want everyone to read, have you any support/fan email I could write you and your wife send then to my email. If not I wish you all the best! Am so sorry for the stolen years but then again you met your other half trough that so its always a win!
    No one should go trough what you did!!
    Kind regards

  • Brian Randrup

    Damien, there is an Indian Tribe in my area that has a huge injustice being done to them. My best friend is high up in the counsel. They need intervention from a person with your stature to resolve the issues they are facing. The tribe is in Coarsegold, California and the federal government has stepped in and over 1000 tribe members and every day employees has lost their income from the shut down of their Casino CHUKCHANSI GOLD RESORT & CASINO. There seems to be no resolution in the near future, people are suffering and our small community has been shaken because of what the Federal Government is putting this tribe through. Can you help with getting this issue resolved? PM me to get the email of my best friend and he can give you more details. Our community needs your help. I am looking forward to hearing from you in the vey near future. BTW, Congrats on your new found life, so happy things worked out for you and your friends. Sincerely, Brian.

  • Jules

    Dear Damien, I come from Germany and my english sucks. But I want to say sorry for all the hopeless time You have to suffer. This case is and was a really bad joke and who the hell let this idiots be Men of justice and Police. I’ m so glad that you have found the Love of your life and I wish that you can pass the past. You said in some interview that you wouldn’t change your past and you don’t want to miss any of your expirience, because without them you are not the man, who you become. And I hope this fact helps you in times of despair. If you both come ever to Germany munich I will buy you a meal. Thanks for tryin understanding this bad translation. But who knows practice makes perfect ;-)

  • js

    I am inspired by Damien and Lorrie both. The energy and determination to seek justice and challenge the sickeningly corrupt and inept legal system is testament to the human spirit. The prison system is a huge economic sub-culture supported by our government and most people are ignorant to just how corrupt it is. I have not read the two books published by Damien, but plan to. I will continue to follow you/this story, as it will unfold throughout your life as you continue to have a voice for the hundreds of thousands others who are wrongly incarcerated. Namaste.

  • SnowWhite

    Just wanted to write one message more do to my feelings for you two!
    I didt know nothing about your case untill I maybe a few months back trough a book shop here in Sweden saw your book! It cought my eyey amd I decided to read it and I have done it almost completly finished now..
    I was so emotionally caught on your journey and I have now talk to my boyfriend, my mum, my sister, my dad and my grandmother about your story! They are probably tired of me buy now^^ haha! Or no they are not :) My mum was happy I found a book I liked. I talked a little bit with my mum and she said she was happy you got out still in (young age) you were not 60 and got out. And she asked me if you have kid with your wife and that you still have time.. I really for a sec thought what am I doing I dont know you guys but still I like you from a far.
    I could almost see my uncle trough your story. He was has been trough a lot and his life caind of started when he was 40 at age then he merry for first time, got now three kids but it took him a lot of time. It was war i Bosnia – Sarajevo. Luckely we flew my mum sister dad and I.
    Ok wont bother any more! But thank you for sharing yours story! Hope you got to read some nice thoughts even if I totaly understand if you dont reply its ok I know you want to charishe the love you have.
    Just wanted to say how much you moved me with the story.
    I hope you and your wife are having the time of your life really happy to hear a happy love story in the end.
    Take care!
    Would be nice if you came to Sweden for a book sigh I would love to give you both a hug.

  • Karen
  • StarWolf

    Hi Damien! I just want to say Happy Birthday for December 11th, and that’s my birthday as well! I’m turning 22, happy to share my birthday with you ;)

  • Jules

    Hi Damien Happy Birthday! And you should buy yourself a present ;-)real good book “Who ordererd this truckload of Dung?” By Ajahn Brahm. Have fun! Best wishes

  • Julie goff

    Happy birthday Damien,I believe today is your 40 th,so happy you get to enjoy it away from that hell hole!and you deserve many more and to be exonerated! Admire you for moving forward with your life! All the best to you and the lovely Lorrie!! Enjoy the snow!! SAGITARIUS!!!!

  • Greg Friedman

    Hi Damien

    My Name is Greg Friedman and I am the on air host for “Inner
    Journey with Greg Friedman” at 93.5fm in Laguna Beach.

    We talk about everything and anything that has to do with growth. I
    would love to discuss the possibility of you coming on and discussing spiritual growth, your philosophy as well as exploring anything you may desire to promote if you are ever in Southern California.

    Please know that I am also sending essentially this same message to your people a the Penguin Group. I just wanted to reach out to you directly.


    Be Well,


    Please feel free to check me out at:



  • Belinda

    Dear Damien,

    I finished reading “life after death” today and felt an overwhelming urge to write to you. I first became aware of your case through ten club.
    I have been a Pearl Jam fan since 1992, and thought if Eddie is behind this guy I’d better find out more.
    I hadn’t read a book in years, and found I could not put your down.
    This began my journey through the history of the case, as I would find myself staying up late at night craving more and more information about the case.
    I find myself talking about it to my husband, my mum, and my brother (really anyone that would listen), trying to explain the injustice you endured.
    I wanted to write to you to let you know I’m thinking of you & hoping you have found happiness.
    As I look at your picture on the cover I am constantly inspired by you and the hope that springs from the pages.
    The way you articulated your emotions, experiences and your overwhelming hope has touched me.
    I hope the sunsets, skies and snow were as perfect as they were in your dreams.
    Sending you my thoughts and best wishes all the way from Melbourne Australia, I hope your ok, Belinda xxx

  • Cat

    I followed your horrific journey Damien and supported the three of you in the little ways I could and can’t believe your achievements since. However you may feel on the inside at times, the image you project is one of a decent, artistic and strong man which is something you should be so proud of. I would love to think you may be able to come to Australia one day to promote your book. I wish you all the support and success in the world.

  • Jess G

    Hi Damien, I am contacting you from across the pond in Australia! I was introduced to your story about 3months ago now whilst watching the film adaption of your court case. I was hooked – immediately i researched the WM3 & devoured all available information. Now 4 docos down & on my 2nd book im just in awe! I am currently reading Yours For Eternity & am just amazed by the wonderful love that you share :)
    Lorri, my husband suffers from depression & the strength & love that you have & shared throughout the hard times with Damien is something i aspire too. I’m so extremely happy that you are now free Damien & can enjoy your life together with Lorri. I wanted you to know i think you are such an incredible person & your story has shown me the possibility of the human spirit. I iwsh you a very merry christmas & a happy new year. I hope 2015 brings you nothing but joy & magick :)

  • Chet

    Hi Damien,

    I was really moved by your story and love your art…would you be interested in doing some artwork for my band, or a t-shirt design?

    I’m not sure whether you’ll receive this message but if you do, and feel it’s something you might be interested in drop me a message at thesunsetlimiteduk@gmail.com

    Nice one dude!

  • nicki

    does damien ever reply?

  • midnight special

    I’m lying awake in bed next to my sleeping 2 year old son thinking about this whole horrible mess and why it has so deeply affected me. A week ago my husband put on Paradise Lost and I couldn’t get through the first 5 minutes. Seeing the dead bodies of sweet innocent boys was too much for me to handle. We talked about the documentary the next day. My husband was furious that the “killers” were now free and one lived 40 minutes away from us. He couldn’t understand why these men were allowed to walk freely. He was incensed and kept saying that if it was our child those men wouldn’t be alive. I agreed with him. If someone hurt my little boy the way those boys were hurt, I would be vengeful. The documentary caused so much emotion in my husband I decided that i needed to see it. What I discovered was we had very different opinions about the case. Not even halfway through the movie I felt the case had some major issues, so much so I turned it off and began researching online. What I’ve discovered is a massive tragedy that hurt so many lives so deeply. What stirred up the biggest emotions in me was how quickly people turn their bias, judgment, and fear into irrationally going after the first person who is different(modern day witch trial.) It also scares the shit out of me that 24 people all accepted the bullshit case as fact and agreed that the case was solid enough to put three young boys in jail for the rest of their lives. Humans are blind sheep. I’d like to think I would be more logical than this but its hard to know unless ur put in the situation. As I’m writing this I’m hearing my sons sleeping sounds and i am grateful he’s home safe and warm in my arms but Im saddened that he will have to one day learn these awful truths about us. My thoughts have been with the three who were wrongly convicted. My heart aches for them. I hope that they can find peace.

  • Adam Uebergang

    Hi Damien

    I heard about you guys after watching the Metallica: Some kind of monster documentry and found out the same guys did Paradise Lost. Spose it was Metallica that got me into watching the Paradise Lost DVDs and have to admit, when I first starting watching it, I was thinking that I pretty sure you guys were guilty. But more I watched, more I thought to myself, based on what evidence can they evict you guys? And now watching some of the interviews the three of you have, I cannot believe how positive you guys are. I’m from Perth, Australia, and if any of you guys ever come over here, definately would love to have a beer with you.

  • Timm Scalita

    I have the greatest and deepest respect for you. I was nine years old and living in Memphis when the three of you were convicted. I am now 32. I met Jason at an Indie Memphis film festival after party shortly before I went to Afghanistan. it was emotional. After meeting him I completed my first horror novel (that has nothing to do with you guys other than inspiration). I would like to mail you a dedicated copy. Something to add to the many inspired by your struggle. You are an inspiration and I hope that your strength carries on. feel free to email me and I will send you a digital copy or send a PO box and I will personalize it. Love you man. Keep doing well.

  • Ellen

    Damien and lorri- I watched West of Memphis several months ago. I have since watched the Paradise Lost docs as well. I just want to say that I find your story very inspiring and I was personally touched. I hope that you guys are supremely happy.

    • sara hammarstedt

      I looooved the Movie West of Memphis, not for what the ashole did do you guys BUT for the true story…
      The World have to know!!
      You are relly my HERO. I feal the pain and anger in my heart everytime i thinking of yours Lifes in prisioners. Good blessed you all.

  • eloise

    If you ever want to go to buenos aires, my apartment in the heart of the Recoleta district is at your disposal. It is empty six months a year. It would be an honor to have you and Lorri as guests. kembattery@gmail.com

  • sara hammarstedt

    hey damien.
    i hope that Everything is great and you had a great christmas.

  • Maria Judith

    Hi Damian,

    I just finished reading “Life after death”. I was a teen parent and my son was born the night the red socks won the world series! I really appreciated the insight you gave into your spiritual journey. I am named after Saint Jude and I feel his energy has been present in my life. I looked at the pictures in your book and noticed you made an astrological pocket planner. It looked really awesome. I hope I am not asking you to reflect on things you don’t want to reflect on but I really want to learn how to create something like that.

    Thanks for listening,


  • jim

    WHATS up yall -the last time i wrote a comment back in jan or feb–i think since then the norwalk police department in norwalk ct have harrased me non stop for a year ,,,for nothing more than sleeping in a van in parkinglotts at night,,,they wake me up and ask me what do i think iam doing,iam searched my reg is checked my insurance is checked,then iam told to leave where ever i drive to in that same town anthor parking lott they arive there to or allready are there waiting for me,,it got to the point i call 911 every time they stop me and take photos this all accumulated up to an nov 2014 arest for breach of peace,,,witch is complete bullshit,,wonder if i can down load my photos to this site,if not check them out at jameslato three three five at gmail

  • jim

    this is posted on my site with photos

  • jim

    this is what i go through 3 to 4 nights a week in NORWALK CT,,that mother fucker on the last photo followed me around the parking lott for 15 mins till i called 911 then i was blocked in by three norwalk cops,,all because i was eating food in my van in the back of the store in a lined parking spot.

  • jim

    see what my days been like and how the pigs fuck with me all night ,,see they dont want poor people living or working in norwalk ct only the rich mother fucking assholes

  • jim

    see dude

    i work construction in ct ,where all the dirt bag rich people live

  • jim

    fuck the pigs—there low lifes

  • jim

    life in NORWALK CT sucks-its all rich skum bags,,that are stuck up ,,it sucks here,,,i got busted for breach of peace 0for some bull shit i never did,,just hear say -scuplatory –no witnesses –some low life said i did road rage and yelled at her and called her a racail slur,,next thing they just put a warent out arested me a month after the bitch filed the complaint,,i been to cout 2 times so far was not aloud to say any thing ,,the local paper ran a two day story on it a whole paragraph ,,,and thats on the internet for ever,,under my name,,i lost my job because i had to go to court once a month,,,then unemployment said i cant collect i have to re sign up on jan 5 ,,,because the quater bullshit,,,and i have not seen my girl friend in over a year because i cant head south till the court case is done,,,fuck the norwalk police –crooked cops on night shift,,,

  • Gordie Jackson

    Just read your story in The Moth , quite a story, thanks for sharing…g

  • Lolita Moo Gillespie

    My name is Lolita, I watched the documentary West Memphis. I was truly touched by the story. I am sorry for the pain you’ve been through over being judge for what you read and how you dressed. Yourself, Jessi & Jason were so wrongly convicted for a horrific crime you never committed. I now believe the truth truly always comes out. I guess I am trying to say, the three of you deserve the sun shining on your face & your life to be filled with happiness and joy for the rest of your life. Keep smiling and always remember that people love you all & your freedom and justice has touched lives all over the world.

    Xx Lolita Rachel Valda Gillespie

    • sara hammarstedt

      live yours lives…in freedom:)

  • Gayle Robison


    I vaguely remember hearing with delight about the release of some people wrongly convicted of murder based on “satanic panic” several years ago, but until today I didn’t know about your personal story. I just finished watching the documentary “Paradise Lost”, and then your interview for WGBH News. I am stunned about your case, and yet not. And I am thrilled to see what an intelligent, insightful person you turned out to be.

    It was clear in the documentary that you, like so many Goth-type youth, had a troubled history that you hadn’t been able to overcome at the time of your trial. But underneath the surface I saw tremendous potential AND not a shred of duplicity or evil intent, let alone the capability of committing such brutality.

    I was also deeply moved by your comments in the TV interview pertaining to wrongful convictions and executions of the mentally ill. My own mother suffered for decades from paranoid schizophrenia, and it was only through sheer luck (or divine intervention) that she did not wind up rotting in some prison cell.

    Anyway, I am so happy for your successful appeals and bestselling book (which I MUST now read). Good luck in your future endeavors!

    Blessed Be.

    Gayle Robison, DVM
    Cat’s Meow Veterinary Clinic
    Woodland Hills, CA

  • missgee

    I just want to thank you for a wonderful intimate insight to what it was like for both of you during those many years. Reading both your books have really had an impact on my life. They have really opened my eyes to a lot of things i wouldn’t have even thought about before. I am so glad that Lorri found you. You both are remarkable human beings and it is very clear that you are made for each other.

    Thank you



    • sara hammarstedt

      I agree!!

  • Benjamin Ridge

    Dear Mr. Echols,

    I knew no other way to contact you in a more personal settng so I’ll use this forum. It shames me to say this but until just a few years ago I knew little to none about your situation. I have since spent many hours learning as much as I could about it. A major contributing factor to that was my fiancé. A wonderful woman and a phenomenal mother to our son. From the day she learned of this travesty cast upon not only you but Mr. Misskelly and Mr. Baldwin she instatly felt you guys were wronged and became a supporter by the only way she knew how, by spreading the word. A few weeks ago as a surprise I purchased her your book “Yours for Eternity”, she loved it and had in finished cover to cover in two days. I know you are a busy man and I apologize for such a lengthy post, but my real reason for this is I was wondering if there were some way to contact you directly such as an email, I have an important question I would like to ask you.

  • sara hammarstedt

    I`ve to ask again if you, Damien is coming back to Sweden and talk? I would real like to see and here your story live.

  • sara hammarstedt

    Is it anyone who knows if Damien is Reading OURS disquesions?
    Would like to know!

  • mememe

    You are guilt as fuck!!

  • mememe

    your story how more holes than swisscheese ..the movies (one of which you directed) do NOT tell the real story!! who the fuck do you think you are kidding!

  • mememe

    http://www.westmemphisthreefacts.com/ read for yourself people… don’t listen to hollywood and this joker…do your own research

  • fu

    yep just as I expected, keep removing my comments! http://www.westmemphisthreefacts.com/ what’s the matter, if you are confident that you are innocent you should not care what I write or post on your site!

  • fu

    you may have a bunch of sheeple convinced and hollywood, but there are those of us that see right through your fake persona…don’t worry you can keep taking down my comments, there are plenty of other sites that welcome the truth that you keep covering up!

  • fu

    -Described himself as a homicidal, suicidal, schizophrenic, manic depressive, sociopath (the handwriting on this document is his own)
    -Assaulted classmates
    -Set fires at school
    -Believed he was possessed by a spirit named “Rosey”
    -Believed he was a god/Christ
    -Believed he “got power” by drinking blood

  • fudik

    LOL just what I thought all my posts and comments went bye-bye! LOL Truth Bights doesn’t it!

  • Signe

    I can’t remember the last time I read a book that touched me so deeply, than your book “Life After Death” – that is, if I ever read a book that had such a big impact on me. I actually don’t think so. I even got to a point, where I had to stop reading it before going to sleep, because my mind would be so worked up after reading it. My thoughts were flying uncontrollably around in my head, and I couldn’t fall asleep most nights after reading it. My heart was breaking to the thought, that there are actually places in the western world where people would be treated the way you have been treated.

    Even though you and I have lead very different lives, I can see myself in so many of the things you have been through – emotionally. I have spent most of my life living outside my real home in a foster home. Being thankful about everything my foster family ever did, I have kind of a love/hate relationship towards them today (which I of course also feel towards my biological parents), and I have always felt “different”. That feeling remains to this day, though I really try to see it from a more positive perspective today. I’m a bit of an existentialist and I truly believe that you can create your own identity by choosing what is right for you, no matter what you have been through in your life. Anything else would just be unbearable – if I haven’t looked at life this way, I don’t know where I would have been today, given my turbulent childhood. And your book has been a huge inspiration to me in that exact same matter.

    I just want to thank you for sharing your life with me – you have my deepest respect.
    Thank you.

    Kind regards from Denmark,

  • Fresia MIlena

    Hello! I’m a adolescent from peru in south america, i just wanted to tell you that this case of West Memphis Three has interested me a lot and I really would like to know more about it, also I want to say that I admire you Damien, you are one of my favorites persons because there’s no one who can say and live what you did. I will support you always, maybe i can know you in the future. Thanks for read this.

  • Jen

    I watched the documentary on you, Jason, Jessie. I was horrified that this actually happens in the US. Years later my niece spent the night at my house and we watched the movie with Reese Witherspoon in it about you guys and then I played the other documentaries that were made. I am 44 and she is 16. So many generations of people see this and are shocked and I hope you all know there are so many people standing behind you guys and are happy you guys are free now and are finding some happiness. I just wish you would had been freed by being found not guilty, you should not have this hanging over yourselves. You guys have had so many years stolen from you by a broken system and people wanting to make a name by the skin of your backs. Shame on all who lied and participated in locking up three young kids.

  • draidean

    I am a pretty tough cookie, but your story brought me to tears. I had never heard of this case before a few days ago. I watched all three documentaries in horror, rage, disbelief, and agony for you. Also great respect and admiration. I have been through some true hell myself, and it absolutely wrenched my heart to learn of what you experienced. I absolutely sobbed at the end with such mixed feelings. Happiness for your release, sorrow for your trials and time lost, anger at the lack of justice, and probably many other emotions that I do not yet realize or can explain.
    I truly hope that the rest of your life, and those of Jason and Jessie and all of your families, are filled with nothing but pure joy and peace.

  • James Eggett

    Come to Canada. It is my dram to meet you Damien Man!!

  • james

    We have the same birthday lol. Ur just ten years older.pretty cool.

  • Eve Emyrs

    Do you know about Tyrone Hood of Chicago? He was wrongfully convicted of murder and incarcerated for 2o years. He was released on Wednesday, but still has to serve probation and wear a tracking device. Why?


  • Sabrina Righter

    Damien.. I was locked up for 25 months, for the last nine was in a tc program. read your book’ life after death’ and did a ”peer seminar” on wm3. just wanted to lend my support as well as let you know you are a true inspiration.

  • Rae Gaither

    Congratulations Damien. I know your a busy man, but i write letters to women on DR and i run a page for this on FB; i have a DR prisoner that would really like to write to you. If your agreeable you may contact me to get her address or give me one to give her. It would mean alot to her as she fights to prove she’s innocent. Best wishes to you and your freedom!

  • Arthur D’Amario III

    I wrote you c/o your publisher around 9/30/14, as I neared the end of my 16 years of false imprisonment. I, too, was framed by fake “evidence” manufactured by police, and, like you, no court-appointed lawyer would defend me because they knew stupid judges wanted a conviction. You tell the truth. It is as you say. There aren’t many truly innocent people in prison but the courts bury those who are to avoid scandal. The judiciary is the biggest scam since the Warren Commission, but the media are afraid of losing libel suits and back off from highlighting the system’s errors and abuses. Please keep talking and publishing. I’m just an obscure case and have no voice. Thank you.

  • sick of all of this

    i have tried to get in touch with someone since before they were released. I have some information that might help them and they would be interested in. Especially if they re open the case, that might clear their name. no one seems to care. will be the last time i reach out. If no one cares why should I.

  • Charlotte Gardner Golden


    please help , even a $5 donation can change our lives forever…and please share share share, and at the least a donation will help with this being shared on your timeline lol

  • Guest

    Mr. Echols,
    I used to have a book at hand 24/7 as if it were the very thing that kept me living and for some odd years I haven’t touched a book until about a week ago when I picked up “Life After Death”, I pick it up every free moment in the day I get.

  • Chelsea Murillo

    Mr. Echols,
    For years I have been quite the disappointment to my bookshelf. I couldn’t find myself attracted to the thought of reading as much as I did previous years before this rut. I picked up “Life After Death” last week just because of the name which attracted me simply because it seemed as if it were going to be another cheesy supernatural romance novel. I was in for an enormous surprise. I haven’t been able to concentrate on very much without the sudden urge to drop everything and pull the book out of my bag. It’s stricken an odd chord with me, not entirely sure why could be for numerous reasons just one’s I haven’t quit found just yet. I would like to know more about your case the internet isn’t a very trustworthy place to look. I am highly aware that you are most likely an extremely busy man would very much like to have a conversation with you if that would be possible. I wish I could have found a more efficient way to contact you but this will have to do. Thank you for taking the time to write and publish the book I hope to get a hold of your other books!

  • Jack

    Hi Damien, I came across your story a few weeks ago when I happened to turn on “Paradise Lost”. I had just lost my job and had been feeling down and sorry for myself. Holed up in my apartment, I’d been making good use of the HBO OnDemand feature, watching movie after movie. Having exhausted most of the movie options, I began to work my way through the documentary section. Which is how I came upon your story. I followed up this viewing with some internet searches and was overwhelmed with emotion – mostly sadness and anger. In your recounting of the years lost and the things you went through and what your life was like – how your eyesight started to go because of your confinement, or how you could remember that pizza had been your favorite food but you couldn’t remember what it tasted like – the sadness I felt for you also reinvigorated me. I began to realize how precious life is and how lucky I am. Your thoughts on fate, and how we can direct our own through the choices we make forced me to reevaluate my own approach to life. I’ve started with small steps – getting out of the house and being proactive, reaching out to friends and family, and noticing the little things. Now I appreciate sunny days more and am thankful for the rainy ones. I’m not sure I’ll ever see a sunset in quite the same way again. I don’t mean to make your story about me, cause I know it’s not. But I wanted to let you know how you’ve inspired and touched my life and way of thinking. I’m sorry I wasn’t aware of yours, Jason’s, and Jesse’s situation earlier as I would’ve liked to have helped in some way. I’ve made a promise to myself to not let time pass me by, and not let people stand in the way of my life or my goals. I know this message is a bit out of the blue. But I wanted to reach out to you as the “old me” would’ve never had the gumption to. Wishing you all the best on your life journey Damien. Thank you for sharing your story. Jack

  • steve

    Hi Damien & Lorri, This is Steve & Sarah from the UK. We hope you are well, After watching the paradise lost documentaries we were extremely touched by your story and the injustice behind it. It made us sad to think although it was just a movie to us, this was someone else’s reality and it happened. Nobody can begin to imagine what you all went through but we hope you enough time has passed since your release that have the strength to put this behind you and continue to lead happy fulfilled lives. We also hope that one day you are completely exonerated of this crime and real justice prevails. We wish you all the best for the future and hope that one day you come to the UK. We would love to meet you at a book signing and shake your hands because we have the utmost respect for you both and the integrity you have regarding this whole sad story. You are amazing, we wish you both health, wealth & happiness for many years to come xx

  • Steven Branch

    You are a fucking MURDERER and a LIAR.

    Why did you kill me, Damian?

  • Filippo Valguarnera

    Hi! I admire you both immensely. I hope that you will consider crossing the Atlantic and participating in the great Gothenburg (Sweden) Book Fair. If you do I would like to invite you to speak at the Gothenburg University Law School (where I teach).


    Filippo Valguarnera

  • Chad

    Mr. Echols, I have followed your case since the beginning. At the time of Paradise Lost, I was a teenager and your case affected my life in so many ways. Right now there is a man from my hometown (Bastrop, TX) that is facing the same fate that you once did. His name is Rodney Reed and he is innocent of the murder convicted of back in 1998. It is my wish that you would possibly be willing to help us fight for the life of this man because the state of Texas is planning to execute him on March 5th of this year. We have tried everything we know to do and his lawyers are working diligently to try and find someone who will listen and test the DNA evidence that has still to this day not been tested. My hope is that you may know someone or an organization that can help in our fight to Free Rodney Reed!

  • Michael Jude

    I’m not one for marketing myself, actually, I hate it.

    But I help when I can because I understand suffering. I pick up hitchhikers, I give to homeless. I give blood and I volunteer. I jump in the Atlantic Ocean at Long Beach, NY every February to raise money for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. I even organized my own hurricane relief effort after Sandy hit.

    Others seem to forget what it’s like to suffer.

    Please help me to help more.

    I really believe in this project and I could really use some help in getting it out there. Please pledge, share and encourage others to pledge.

    Thank you,

    Michael Jude


  • Guest

    Damien, I finished “Life After Death” about a month or two ago and have not been able to get it off my mind. This book touched me in a way I don’t think any book has before. Thank you for sharing your experience. I cannot believe what you have had to endure and I will forever remember your story. I just finished watching both “Paradise Lost” documentaries as well…it is shocking to see how far the extremes of ignorance, hatred, and prejudice can go. I am incredibly thankful there were so many people on the other extreme helping you escape from the hellish reality you found yourself in. The story of Lorri coming into your life was especially beautiful. Your story emphasizes the dignity of each person. Part of my current position as a healthcare provider includes work with jail patients – and I am constantly reminded of this powerful lesson in sympathy and compassion – I am confident that I am a better provider and person for it. This is just one of many things I took from your book and I just wanted to thank you

  • J

    My fellow Sagittarian, I just wanted to tell you that you’re a genuinely decent human who writes very eloquently. Thank you for being – bless you.

  • Michael Urban

    I just finished, “Life After Death.” I have personally witnessed atrocities similar to those you shared and all I can say is the oft-cited quote by Eugene Debs, “a society is judged by how it treats its’ prisoners.” I can only hope that we as a society learn and improve. I hope your future holds both human service and prosperity as only you can share it and as only those receptive can hear it. Best to you and your loved ones and all those impacted by your life and words

  • SheDevil33

    Hello, my name is LaVerna Black. Im an avid reader and have read Life After Death and Yours For Eternity. You and Lorrie are amazing, wonderful, creative, and inspiring people. I love that you two found each other and wish you both all the happiness in the world. I was thrilled to hear that Lorrie is from Scott Depot, WV I myself am from St. Albans, WV. It would be wonderful to meet you all someday. With much love,
    LaVerna Black

    • SheDevil33

      Find me on the book of the face

  • Shelly Bauer

    I am hoping to commission a piece of jewelry made by Damien. I can spend up to $500.00. Preferably a bracelet that I would wear with great honor. Not sure where else to post?

  • Shelly Bauer

    PS, I can be contacted on Facebook. Thanks much.

  • sammcdon

    1) Until Echols quits lying about being home when the evidence is over-whelming that each time his under-aged girl friends called him at 7:00 and 8:00 during the time of the murders, Damien was not home. Later, he told them he was out that night with Jason.

    2) Until someone explains whyWM3 supporters keep treating Damien Echols as a hero instead of telling the truth that this 18 year-old adult flirted with 12 to 14 year old girls, impregnated a 16 year old, and was convicted of murdering three 8-year-old boys. This 18-year-old adult sex offender of children ages 8 to 16 should still be behind bars trying to learn how to use a spork.

  • Rosemary Sarver, LPC/MHSP

    Damien and Lorri,
    I just finished reading Life After Death. You have a strong and engaging voice as a writer. I read very little nonfiction, but this story was compelling. The phrase, “I can’t imagine what you’ve been through” has likely been repeated so often that your ears have grown numb to it. I can’t and I won’t pretend to. It spooked me to see how close I came to your fate a few years earlier than you did. In the fall of 1987 I was the target of small town gossip. Because I wore a lot of black, I listened to music like Dio and Ozzy, because I was a nonconformist (an amateur artist and musician) in a German-American town that highly valued conformity, I was branded a Satanist. I wasn’t, but that didn’t seem to be relevant. I became the focus of this crazy Salem witch trials rumor frenzy. I’ll spare you the ludicrous details, but it got scary when two high school freshman girls in our town went missing. I’d met them because they were friends of my younger cousin, but I had no idea where they were. The rumors flew. I’d kidnapped them, I’d sacrificed them to Satan, their bodies were at the bottom of a local lake-but then the police started showing up at my door every week. A patrol car sat across the road from my house. Every week when the state police detective would go to the high school, the principal would send them to my house telling them I knew where they were. Teachers were told to announce in class that I was a devil worshiper and to stay away from my house (my cousin, who was 14 lived with me due to family problems-the high school link) She, apparently, was a part of my coven. Thank God, a few weeks later, the two girls turned up unharmed, confessing that they’d run away from home. As I read your book, I thought, “Oh my God-this could have happened to me.” Because if it could happen to you, then it could happen to anyone. What if those girls had been killed while they were on the run? Who would the LEO’s have been looking at then? But all that mess was behind me. I thought. Years later I was working as a counselor in private practice in rural West Tennessee. The woman that I had contracted to work with came in to work one day flustered and anxious because the buzz was that you might be released soon. She (Sherry Dockins) stated proudly that she had been your counselor, and that she KNEW you were guilty, that you were a Satanist. That she had told the court so. When I stated that it looked to me like you had been railroaded and that your greatest crime was being different, she got this funny look on her face, like she was spooked. Foolish me, I gave her a brief example of how a person could be labelled a witch just for being an individual, and how I knew. A few weeks later she breached our contract, labelled me a witch, had the locks changed on my office, and called the police, trying to have me arrested for computer crimes in her office that I had neither the skills nor the motive to commit. She viciously slandered me and almost ruined me professionally and financially, defrauding me of more than $10k. That is one crazy, paranoid dangerous woman. She manufactured death threats, blackmail and a laundry list of ethical violations that I didn’t commit. She then reported these “facts” to my professional licensure board every two months or so for the next two years. She made my life hell. I moved and established my own practice, where I’m able to work with the disenfranchised and poor in this small, rural SW Tennessee town. I may never get rich but what I do is so important and that is reward enough. I wish I had been your counselor instead of her. I’m glad that you came out and rose above. I’m glad that you and Lorri found each other, and that you were able to fight this insanity. Your story is both a cautionary tale and an inspiration to the disenfranchised. Thank you for telling it.

  • Rosemary Sarver, LPC/MHSP

    Should you care to contact me for some reason, if I can some way be of assistance, I can be reached at dxrosemary@gmail.com

  • Guest

    Moderator, please delete the two most recent comments, one listed as guest, the one before it listed as Rosemary Sarver, LPC/MHSP. I am the real Rosemary Sarver. The two newest posts on this site were made by someone using my professional name and email address, both of which are public because of my business, to create a fake profile.

  • Travis Zeigler

    Thank you Damien. There’s no way I can say this without sounding cheesy, but you just simply made me a better human being. Your perseverance and success in the face of unspeakable horror for decades gives me hope for humanity. That and after having only read Life After Death, you have a remarkable ability to bring comic hilarity and poignancy to scenes otherwise worthy of tears and disgust. It is as you say, magick. All the best forever and may you be eternally blessed henceforth :)

    Travis Zeigler
    Ft. Myers, FL
    (On FaceBook not that you have time for that Lmao)

  • maggie

    Ive just finished the book and ive been following the case for a long time.. im nearly obsessed with it. Anyways Damien I just wanted to say thank u for inspiring me to be my self against all odds. Wish u the best
    >ur biggest fan

  • Donovon Murphy

    great book! made me laugh, cry, happy and sad. glad to see you are finally getting to live well and live well together as a couple – awesome for you guys. good luck to you both in all u do in the future – may all your trails lead to magick places.

  • jessica c

    my daughter was murdered and I have tons of questions that weren’t answered by the police when the arrest was made it was too fast and I feel empty I feel like there is more to the story I would like to talk to you and get your thoughts and advice thank you

  • Brian may

    Hey Damien did you know Edward Edwards the serial killer took credit for the W.M. murders and actually appears in 38:00 of part 1 of the HBO movie.? I’m sure you do , I just never you say one way or the other.

  • Melanie scott

    I have followed this case since I was 17 years old. The year I graduated hs, Damien went to prison. I have watched, followed and so relieved you are finally set free! I knew the 3 of you were innocent! Lori, you are a saint as well.

  • Brianne R. Noble

    I don’t know if this is of any help to you, but a few years ago I found a case where a false confession went bad incredibly quickly because the kid was 15 years old and charged with killing his sister. When DNA evidence was presented at court to prove that it was someone else, the police played a game that Alaskans like to call Cover Your A**. I only just recently stumbled onto the case, because I am still recovering from knee surgery. I grew up with the phrase ‘Don’t Be An Eklutna Annie; Don’t Die Being Unknown Or Unloved’, and in being in a town where if you weren’t Baptist, Mormon, Old Believer Russian, or Catholic you will basically excluded from every type of group that school has to offer, so when I found out why you went to jail understood why everyone from then and the few that still think that way today thought that the three of you were guilty. After the case of Michael Crowe (the 15 year old I was talking about earlier), there was a law put into the federal system that dictates that a minor could not me interrogated or interviewed without a parent or guardian present during the questioning. I don’t know if that would be enough to get you, Jesse, and Jason exonerated or not, but I couldn’t get both WM3 case or the Michael Crowe case out of my head. I hope that the police do the right thing for once, and solve the case so that you and the others could be exonerated. Hopefully that will be soon.

  • spirited

    First and Foremost I wanted to say that I cannot express how happy and relieved that this whole ordeal has finally ended for You. In saying that I understand that sadly it has consumed a good part of your life and will always be with you, in one way or another.

    I truly dont expect a response as I am sure you have a lot of catching up in the world to do, so I will try to keep this short. I do not entertain social media and this was the only way I can send this out. Without going over detail after detail, I have followed your story for many many years, the Documentaries, Supporters Websites and most recently your Book ‘Life after Death’.

    I am only recently writing as I truly could never find the words to say and unfortunately you cannot put tears into words, so I sincerely apologise for that from the heart. Although a day never passed when it didnt cross my mind, that I can promise.

    On a higher note, I would like to express how happy I am for You and your beautiful Wife on your marriage years ago. Congratulations! :)x Love has no bounds, no limits and somewhere it was written in the stars for both of you.

    If you guys have not visited Australia yet then please do, put it on the list. I have travelled extensively and as much as I love history and new places I do love to come home. I’m fairly sure I read you live in New York State, I have been to the City and travelled upstate to various places. Beautiful place it is.

    Of course I do have a story, in fact I have lots of stories however I wont put you to sleep with them all, all except One. Before I proceed… I would never be so rude and presume to know you, your circumstances or your entire story and please forgive me for the intrusion. I just wanted to tell you that my Brother too was INNOCENTLY charged and put on trial for the Murder and Torture of his Son.

    A handful of small minded police, 3 putrid Detectives and an uneducated and extremely questionable wannabe Forensic Pathologist set their sites and hatred on my Brother.

    Thankfully My family was backed with the support of so many good people also who held barbecues and raised thousands of dollars to help and who stood in the packed courtroom sacrificing their own jobs to show the world that this trial was a joke! The media a joke! The circumstantial evidence a joke! It would have been laughable if it wasnt so excruciatingly painful to sit behind my brother and not be able to take away his pain and heartbreak.

    He was harrassed and tormented so badly by the Police and Prison Guards. Let me say that everything I have read in your book my Brother would be able to relate to the constant and brutal harrassment in and out of jail the most.

    When they first charged him he was dressed and on his way to the funeral, they called him to the station ‘to wrap up some red tape’ knowing full well he would sadly never be able to make the funeral, timed precisely. He was fortunate, the Torture charge was dropped when his defense team demanded that dental impressions be taken. They were not my brothers teeth marks, even though the media had a field day telling the world that his defense was fighting against having the prints taken!

    I am sure you are aware that we have no Capital Punishment in Australia. Nor should there be anywhere in the world, that is how innocent people and their families suffer horrifically.

    He was given opportunities to tell HIS STORY, he refused to give the blood sucking leeches an inch. Except when he walked a free man, he told all of them out front that he loved his son beyond words and would have never hurt him and was so relieved that the TRUTH had finally come out. Sadly we will never know exactly what happened. We do know that the TRUTH set my Brother free. Everyone else covered their own arses and was more than happy to see my brother take the fall.

    To this day not one of us has talked to the media or ever will and I’m sorry to read your family does not respect your wishes, the media twists everything. I do understand the future implications of that.

    I spent years full of hatred but thankfully these days I prefer to feel sorry for them. I try to see beauty in everyone, to be more understanding and compassionate, something they never offered my Big Brother. Every aspect of Spirituality, Music, Books, Travel and an absolute pure love for my children are just a few of the things that keep me grounded- taking my shoes off and walking on soft green grass including other peoples lawns is a real winner too! I have never felt more alive :D

    You are an inspiration Mr Echols. Make sure you follow every one of your dreams, however I know you will. **That is a Certainty**

    I do apologise, I did say this would be short, shortish :D

    Sincerely My only wish is for you is to know that you are not alone or ever were, apart from Lorri of course who sounds like an angel. You have a world of people sending You their love and light, prayers and blessings. We all have a path, some much harder than others, some near impossible. In saying that I KNOW ALONG WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD YOU ARE INNOCENT :)

    Thank you for taking precious time to read a letter from a nobody(just someone who cares).

    I shall leave you with my all time favourite passage out of world renowned psychic medium Tony Stockwell’s book ‘Walking With Angels’:

    ‘If I am this spirit being, why am I here? What is the point of it all?’ The answer lies within each one of us, but is, I believe, similar for all: to triumph over adversity, to bring light where there is darkness, love where there is hate, healing where there is pain and laughter where there is sadness- to grow and be an expression of all we can be. When we bring beauty into the world, it is a reflection of our heart’s desire and comes from our spirit within.

    **Sending you Love and Light**

  • Guest

    Please contact me at cindi628@comcast.net. Our intense case follows on the heels of yours and hopefully will topple the Arkansas Medical Examiner’s Office based on their bad practices and bad science. Our case is 39 years old and we are scheduled for our 1st medical hearing in September 2015. We just learned that the ME threw out 91 pages of the medical record, the most important parts, and the ME Expert Report contains provable lies. Even though, the Judge has refused our request to investigate him but allowed the Respondent’s request to investigate our Expert Witness. We need any help you can give us towards fighting the bad science, and your case is obviously the best proof so far. Thank you.

  • Guest

    Please contact me at 628cindi@comcast.net. Our intense case follows on
    the heels of yours and hopefully will topple the Arkansas Medical
    Examiner’s Office based on their bad practices and bad science. Our case
    is 39 years old and we are scheduled for our 1st medical hearing in
    September 2015. We just learned that the ME threw out 91 pages of the
    medical record, the most important parts, and the ME Expert Report
    contains provable lies. Even though, the Judge has refused our request
    to investigate him but allowed the Respondent’s request to investigate
    our Expert Witness. We need any help you can give us towards fighting
    the bad science, and your case is obviously the best proof so far. Thank

  • Guest

    Please contact me at cindi628@comcast.net. Our intense case follows on the heels of yours and hopefully will topple the Arkansas Medical
    Examiner’s Office based on their bad practices and bad science. Our case
    is 39 years old and we are scheduled for our 1st medical hearing in
    September 2015. We just learned that the ME threw out 91 pages of the
    medical record, the most important parts, and the ME Expert Report
    contains provable lies. Even though, the Judge has refused our request
    to investigate him but allowed the Respondent’s request to investigate
    our Expert Witness. We need any help you can give us towards fighting
    the bad science, and your case is obviously the best proof so far. Thank

  • CindiH

    Please contact me at 628cindi@comcast.net. Our intense case follows on the heels of yours and hopefully will topple the Arkansas Medical Examiner’s Office based on their bad practices and bad science. Our case is 39 years old and we are scheduled for our 1st medical hearing in September 2015. We just learned that the ME threw out 91 pages of the medical record, the most important parts, and the ME Expert Report contains provable lies. Even though, the Judge has refused our request to investigate him but allowed the Respondent’s request to investigate our Expert Witness. We need any help you can give us towards fighting the bad science, and your case is obviously the best proof so far. Thank you.

  • CindiH

    Please contact me at 628cindi@comcast.net. Our intense case follows on the heels of yours and hopefully will topple the Arkansas Medical Examiner’s Office based on their bad practices and bad science. Our case is 39 years old and we are scheduled for our 1st medical hearing in September 2015. We just learned that the ME threw out 91 pages of the medical record, the most important parts, and the ME Expert Report contains provable lies. Even though, the Judge has refused our request to investigate him but allowed the Respondent’s request to investigate our Expert Witness. We need any help you can give us towards fighting the bad science, and your case is obviously the best proof so far. Thank you.

  • spirited_mandy

    Did you not like what I had to say? I’ll post it here just so you can’t hide it.

    bill • 2 years ago

    spirited_mandy bill 13 minutes ago

    People like you make me sick to my stomach! It is clearly pointless to explain anything to a unintelligent halfwit like yourself..and trust me when I say I’m biting my tongue. You must seriously have no life. Are you even aware that every other person that reads your pathetic attempts at a post is laughing so hard at you :DX Heres a piece of advice, go get yourself a life cause I actually feel very sorry for you. Or have you got something to hide??? Maybe thats why you remain anonymous huh? You are relentless I give you that, it’s just a shame you put all your energy into such pointless exercises. You are right in one respect though, the rest of the world has respect and compassion for him considering he is innocent and got completely screwed by the system thats meant to protect. When he is exonerated I wonder what you will do with your time.

  • Kristina Marie Myers

    I have recently seen all the movies about your case. I have read a lot on the web, my Mom and I have believed you and your friends were innocent from the first movie just by looking at you. I wanted to say I am so sorry for everything you had to go through. I wish you all the best with the second chance of your life. You have really left a deep impact on my life. I was only 7 years old when it happened, but i will be 28 in a few days and i completely have deep feelings about what was done to you. It will forever stay with me. Best of luck and Please enjoy the life you were giving. Kristina Myers

    Philadelphia Pa Kmyers703@gmail.com

  • Infinite Sinewave

    What’s up Damien! It’s Infinite Sinewave here from Los Angeles you’ll notice your artwork from when you were in prison hanging from the walls of my studio! :)

  • Sandee Rodriguez

    I am a follower and fan of yours and followed the case since the publicity came out for the Rise Above CD. I was hooked after that. I am putting the starts on writing a stage play about your experience and need your ok to use your name in it. Please contact me at sandee_rager@yahoo.com to discuss this further. I live in the Detroit Mi area and I want to keep this in peoples minds in the mid-west in ways to help you three pardoned. I hope to hear from you whenever in the future. thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Marta Ricci

    Colonna della Giustizia

  • Marta Ricci

    Colonna della Giustizia

  • Canadian Girl

    Damien, you are amazing. I have watched your documentary, read the articles and watched the movie over 3 times. To all the haters who keep say “Facts/Guilty” Take a look at 3 passed polygraph tests from witness, take a look at DNA evidence, take a look at literally ALL the sketchy mishaps from the police etc. If you still cant figure out the truth you are a real piece of work.. I am a Criminal Justice student at Nipissing University In North Bay, Ontario, Canada. And let me tell you Damien, I am sorry that the WM3 have had to sit in prison for a murder they did not commit. The Justice system is flawed as we all know and political corruption happens all the time. I am so happy you, Jason and Jessie are free at last! :)

  • Brook


    Here is a person walking from South Carolina to California and has quoted you twice on his blog so far.


  • daleann

    Hello ! I hope this is still a current website , Damien you are such an inspirational, wise person ! I live in Boston and read while living in New York that you were teaching tarot classes in Salem! But then when I had moved back to Massachusetts you had relocated to Boston, do you still offer tarot classes ? I hope so :) if you or anyone who knows see this: peachesparsons@icloud.com
    bless you & your family xoxox

  • nicolle de

    Dear damien I have been investigating this case the last 8 months every spare minute I have I’m looking into the case .I have a six-year-old son it took a real sociopath personality and sick individual to do that to those children.I have not been one sided in my investigation I have went thru all the trial transcripts andpolicereports autopsy reports crime scene photos .What I really would like to know is did your defense team test the pocket knife for fibers I heard they did and shoelace fiber from the crime scene was in the pocket knife is this true,and also that blood was found in hobbs car at time of murders and he sold the car soon after the murders .These have never been confirmed rumors.

    If you could write back on this looking for justice for the boys they where my age sad they would be 31 and all this time no justic lots of speculation think the family’s need more justice to even the ones that think you had something to do with the murders theres no way they can’t be thinking subliminally what if you didn’t with all the speculation and here say in this case.

  • nicolle de

    One more question were the unidentified dna samples ever ran through the data base of the federal bureau of investigation.

  • Emma

    Hey, is there a way I may contact Damien regarding a musical endeavour? We’d be absolutely stoked to have him collaborate with us. If you could pretty please get in touch with some form of a reply so we know how best to approach the song, we’d very much appreciate it. bardthebowlady@gmail.com :)

  • Frankie Fahey

    This is sort of a last ditch resort for me. I am sure this will not be seen by Damien or Lorri because well, it was posted years ago. I have researched this case so much. I have read all that I could online. Watched the documentaries. Watched the movie. Read Life After Death. I am so connected to this story and I just want to speak with you in some way. I feel that you would be the most incredible mentor and I just feel so touched by your words and I know many people are. I would love just to have one conversation with you. Your words saved me at a dark part in my life and if you ever see this, thank you. You shared your darkness and somehow it brought me back to the light. “There has to be some magick in something, somewhere.”

  • Berty Fitzpatrick

    I have read all the books, and I also have all the movies. I just wish I could meet all 3 of you’s. Including the spouses. I work with Mental Retardation, I also take anti-depressants. Please get back to me. I would love to know how I can reach Jason, and Jessie.

  • Robin G

    Damien… I followed your story from the very beginning, watching the documentaries several times. From the very first time I watched, I wanted to join the “Free the Arkansas Three” group. I had a young family at the time and that was not a possibility. I was taking a law class at the time and shared all of it, and there was much discussion on guilty or innocent. It was obvious from the first time it was viewed, that you 3 were innocent. It was the most messed up investigation, that I had ever witnessed. I supported you all these years and find it outrageous that they ignored the obvious. I’m sorry that you had to plead the way you did for your freedom, but am so thankful that you are finally free. I’m totally ashamed of our justice system, in this case.. There was no justice. I wish I could have done more for you, than just support you from IL. Always know, that you were thought of, prayed for, and supported by many. Wishing you a wonderful, rest of your life.
    Robin G

  • Kaylen Benito

    I may be young but I understand what its like to be tormented. I’ve read your book. It changed my life and made me have a positive perspective on life. You showed me courage, hope, and a better way of life. You are my inspiration. I hope one day I get to meet you in person. It’ll be a privilege and a honor.

  • Berty Fitzpatrick

    I would just love to write (meeting ya all would be fantastic) to all of ya’s, meaning Jason and Jessie as well. Is there anyway I could get an address on ya all?

  • Madelene Eleonora Klasson

    I’m left with the weirdest feeling after finishing the book. I feel emotionally drained and fulfilled at the same time. I saw the Paradise Lost series a few years back and have been just obsessed with the case ever since. Damien, you always mention how good it was to hear that people cared about the case, and your story, so I felt obligated to write. I didnt see the films until you already had gotten released, but still felt I wanted to help. Now keep in mind that I am a twenty year old from Sweden. Isn’t it amazing and slighty terrifying how much impact all of you (Jason, Jessie, Lorri and Damien) still to this day have on people, even people like me all the way over in Europe.

    I could go in forever, there is so much I would like to say, but I’m going to leave it at that. Keep writing, keep fighting and never change.
    Love, Madelin

  • rachel sebestyen

    Reading about what you went through individually and together is a beacon of hope for those of us still fighting against a wrongful conviction. Knowing your story gives me hope, and hope is what we desperately need. Thankyou for sharing your story. Maybe someday we will be on the outside sharing ours.

  • Dave

    I am an officer in Maryland. I have followed you for a while. What is happening in Baltimore with the “Baltimore 6″ is sadly unfolding just like “WM3″. High profile case, looking to convict cops to calm the city of protesters and looters. You should look into it. The States Attorney charging the cops has personal and political ties with the victims lawyer.

  • Lisa Hobley

    So sorry you had to spend one second in jail. Wishing you and your lady the best of everything. xoxo Damien.

  • Lisa Hobley

    I’m not someone who crys very often and seeing your love story moved me so much that I became overwhelmed with emotion… Tears ran down my face …. I was both happy and sad. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness joy and love.

  • Lisa Hobley

    Arkansas would flippin love me lol. I still wear black and listen to heavy metal ….hard ass….rock and roll music… Am I evil? Does this make me a sinner? A murderer? An animal? People are so ignorant…and ignorance is bliss!
    “Hell Awaits You Mike Byers”

  • xen

    Ha! Thanks for the great read, brother. Admittedly I’m only half way into “Life After Death”, but you’ve got me laughing and reminiscing in that it’s-only-funny-because-its-true way. Whether West Memphis or East Cleveland (or places in between) many of us can relate. Even after years of breaking molds and conquering the elusive higher education system, I still feel like a Viking trying not to mess anything up. Cheers and good luck.

  • Holly Spinelli

    Dear Mr. Echols,

    My name is Holly Spinelli. I’m an English teacher at a public alternative transfer high school in New York City. I mostly work with at-risk-youth. I saw you on the subway today, but I didn’t want to approach you or bother you. The purpose for writing to you today is to thank you. Sincerely, thank you for having the courage to never give up. Thank you for having the courage and the selflessness to share your story with the world in writing and in your own words (through programs like “The Moth.”)

    I often teach my classes with an on-going, open dialogue about our country’s social (in)justices in mind. I want to share with you that two weeks ago, during our “storytelling” intensive unit, my students were completely engrossed in your writing and in your words. Your story is one that truly resonated with them, many of whom who have been mistreated, misrepresented, and unjustly convicted of crimes. After reading and listening to your work, my students are becoming courageous young writers in my classroom. Through your voice, your story, and your openness, my students are finding the power to share their stories of facing injustice, triumphing, and learning the value of community support, hope, and self-empowerment.

    It is teacher appreciation week. So, in closing, I’d like to let you know that my students and I appreciate you for teaching us how to be courageous and we want to thank you for teaching us the importance of sharing our stories.

    Warmest Regards,

    Holly Spinelli

  • Grace

    Hi Damien! I saw on your Instagram account that you’re going to be at Word Book Store on May 26th and I am exceedingly excited to finally meet you! Much love to you and Lori

  • Nicole Angela Gleason

    Damien, what happened to you occurred before i was even born. Despite this, i stumbled upon the Paradise Lost documentaries and it set off a chain reaction. I saw West of Memphis and am currently reading Life After Death. Your story has come to mean so much to me. It is proof that we can overcome immense obstacles and that our past doesn’t have to define us entirely. I have wanted to send you a letter but wasn’t sure of how to do so. Whenever i think of you i always remember a quote from one of my favorite books, Demian by Herman Hesse. It says “Those that have courage and character always seem sinister to the rest.” Please, please find me on facebook or email me because a response from you would mean the world to me!!

  • hc.


    I loved reading life after death , I really like your writing and listening to you in interviews, I was wondering if you continue to publish your writing if you had ever considered writing about your spiritual practices and how you undertake them if so it would be interesting to read , all the best , hollie.

  • Wendy Strong

    Hi Damien and Lorri,

    First I have to say that your love story is truly amazing and I’m so glad you found each other. You are both inspiring!

    Damien, I have followed the WM3 case since Day 1. I’m only older than you by a year and was into all of the same things that you were so it was like watching it happen to one of my friends. I’m not a crackpot “fan” but a supporter that always knew that you three were innocent.

    I’m in a situation where I am going to have to go up against the judicial system and fall on the mercy of it and the police as I prepare to file a report about a hideous felony crime that was committed against me by someone that I trusted, someone that was supposed to be my friend. I’m terrified of the entire process and having to relive the crime over and over and over and be made to look like I’M the guilty one and that he’ll be able to walk away, unscathed, as I try to put myself and my life back together. Your composure and grace during your horrific ordeal is serving as a pillar of strength and hope for me and that, just maybe, justice will be served. I DO NOT think that justice was served to you but today you walk a free man so that DOES account for something. Thank you, Lorri, I believe you played a MAJOR part in Damien’s freedom!

    I’d be grateful if you could give me any advice or words of wisdom on how not to fall apart during this process even though, like you, I’m not the criminal. I’d be glad to elaborate more for you via another medium but I don’t want to put it on this page. I do not want to interfere with your life and have zero interest in using you by telling people that “Damien Echols told me thus-and-such”. I just figured that I have a 50% chance of you replying if I wrote to you and a 100% chance that you won’t reply if I didn’t. So here I am rolling the dice.

    Blessed Be,
    Wendy Strong, RN, CFN

  • kate77

    You are an absolute inspiration. The next time my depression and other illness start to get on top of me, I will think of your book and all the hell you endured and they good place you seem to be at now and I will be inspired.
    Thank you and congratulations

    Kate, England

  • Daniel Swiecicki

    Damien, if I could ever relate to anymore more in this world it would be you and the other two. I was in a similar predicment as you although no where near as serious. I have followed your similar “beliefs” or “interests” before I had came across your name and story which is what really got me into researching you. You’re a very inspiring man damien. Judgment in this world is not needed just for wearing black and liking Metallica! If I could just ask one thing from is a letter from you to me it would mean a lot, I want to know more about you personally, please email me or ask for an address for a letter I have so much to ask. Danielswiecicki51@gmail.com

  • Amy Warren

    come to scotland with your kilt damien haha :) would love if you did a book tour over here!!!!

  • ValleyGirl78

    They are showing West of Memphis on Shaw and it still makes me sick, the years of your life and of the lives of Jason and Jessie wasted in prison and I’m just so glad that you three are out and living your lives as it should have been all along. Be happy, Be free! :) As for Terry Hobbs, his day will come. Karma is a bitch!

  • Khriss Bliss

    Hey Damien: when I realized you weren’t on the net, I handwrote you letter, blabbing how we would have had alot in common about art and rocknroll in school, & I fear I could have been in your shoes: moreover, I humbly, relectantly suggested preparing for life on the outside (a difficult thing to advise to someone on death row!). Shortly after, you were released & moved to Salem- (whew!) -which is the greatest town in Mass. Since then, lots of my friends have met you- I hope eventually I do too.
    I’d love to discuss interpreting the years you missed & the present world. For instance, you must have noticed in countless movie/tv remakes (StarWars, Trek, Terminator, Batman) how retro & revisionist times are: the present is largely a museum/ tribute of the past you grew up with.(i.e.-you didn’t miss THAT much!)
    Also, regarding haters, bear in mind how many people believed the moon landing was false (10%), 9-11 was a US plot (25%), Obama is a foreigner, etc. etc. so please don’t take it personally: it’s just statistical probability. And thru the web, these grumps can get in your face. But the world is not the pitchforks & torches of West Memphis.
    Hopefully I will bump into you in Salem! Your friend from afar, khrissbliss@gmail.com Welcome to Mass. !( to you & Lorri) m/,

  • Bobbi


    I was only 12 when you were convicted in 1994. At the time, I only heard what other people had to say about the case. “Those 3 satanist killed those little boys!” I was so young that I didn’t know better but to believe the adults in my life.

    After a few years passed and I learned to think for myself, I came across the story again and really started reading. I immediately felt that an injustice was done to you, Baldwin, and MissKelly. I kept updated, for awhile, on what was happening with your case, but eventually when nothing new changed, I found that there wasn’t much left to read. That is until you were released. At that time, I wasn’t in the best place in my own life and didn’t seem to care about anything that was happening.

    BUT….just recently I came across a website (websleuths.com) and saw that there was a whole section titled, West Memphis Three. I haven’t been able to stop reading the blog for days. People on there are trying to figure out what really happened, and I have even developed my own theory. I purchased the book of Devil’s Knot and your book, Life After Death. You are an amazing writer and are very articulate. I’m finding it difficult to stop reading your book (I’m spending a lot of time at work reading it on my computer at work).

    I just want to take a moment to say that you are one of the bravest and strongest people I’ve read about. To survive a childhood filled with so much pain, abandonment, trauma and abuse is, in itself, a miracle, but to also find religion on Death Row when you are faced with the constant belief that you were going to be put to death for murders that were committed by someone that is walking free (yet I believe THEY are living their own hell), is almost unheard of. You have made a colossal change to my way of thinking and view of the world (in a positive way). For that, I thank you for your courage; you are truly an inspiration.

    • Bobbi

      I also quoted you and shared on FB –

      “Faith is nothing more than a watered-down attempt to accept someone else’s insight as your own. Belief is the psychic equivalent of an article of secondhand clothing, worn-out and passed down. I equate TRUE spiritual insight with wisdom, which is different from knowledge. Knowledge can be obtained through many sources…..On the other hand, there’s only one REAL source of wisdom – pain. ANY EXPERIENCE THAT PROVIDES A PERSON WITH WISDOM WILL ALSO USUALLY PROVIDE THEM WITH A SCAR. THE GREATER THE PAIN, THE GREATER THE REALIZATION.” – Damien Echols

  • Emily

    Damien – I have only just become familiar with the case. I know that’s unusual – but I’m young. I’ve become obsessed. I can’t stop thinking about it, can’t stop empathizing until breaking point. There are no words. I’ve been walking around like a ghost these past days, crying for almost every waking minute. Please reply, your story speaks so deeply to me – and you are so beautifully patient with such an impossibly cruel world

  • Rachael Blunk

    How do you go about possibly getting an interview? Contacting the Speaking engagements email above?

  • Wynn Richards

    Damien, I just got done reading your book, Life After Death, and found it amazing. I am not sure you get a chance to read these comments (I hope you do) – the book was amazing on so many levels. While I am profoundly sorry for the ordeal you and the others had to go through, I am also reminded that we do not have to ever give up, etc. and think you have a powerful message and story that can and will help so many people. I also really dig your art and am so happy that despite all the injustices, you have been able to rise above it and make your mark on the world through creating something…..Anyway, I am rambling on – just want to wish you all the best…..Peace & Love!

  • Selenie G

    Hi, Damien and Lorri. Damien, I wanted to send you a private Facebook message but I think your private message link is disabled (and understandably so). I didn’t want to post publicly on your Facebook page either so here I am. I am writing to ask you to watch Soaked In Bleach- a docudrama regarding the death and possible/probable/plausible murder of Kurt Cobain. It can be a vehicle for the reopening of Kurt’s death investigation much like Paradise Lost was for you. This again is a case in which the police wanted to cut corners and declare it solved without much critical thinking or proper investigation. This again is a case in which stereotypes (depressed, suicidal, junkie) are used to trump actual physical & forensic evidence. If you watch it and conclude that you don’t believe it or don’t want to comment or want to comment negatively, so be it. If you watch it and conclude that it makes sense and that Kurt Cobain deserves justice and his daughter deserves to know the truth, then please just give one- just one at least- review or “plug” for Soaked in Bleach the movie. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Robert

    I think God was watching out for you the whole time Damien.

    The devil worshippers rule the world. Check out Bohemian grove.
    Many even lyingly say they are Christian.

    But you are not on that side.

    God loves you brother and I love you with all my heart.

    Just heard of your case a month ago. Saw paradise lost parts 1 and 3.

    Read life after death.

    .com .com

  • Ginger Jennings

    Damien have you considered writing a book about combining your recovery from a life in prison (vision, sleeping patterns, trust, noise etc. adjustment on the outside) and combine it with stories of other prisoners whom are believed to be innocent but are still incarcerated? I think this would serve three purposes; To help released past prisoners adjust to life in the outside world, to bring recognition to the rampant injustice in the system and to evaluate how prisoners are treated in the system. If we mistreat them instead of rehabilitate them they will be more wounded coming out then going in. This is the true injustice of the justice system and it effects society. Because prisoners don’t have outside support or know how to adjust when released they end up committing crimes to go back to what they know. I think the statistics alone would be cathartic and interesting.

  • Steve Humphrey

    I’m from just south of Boston, I knew Damien and Lorre lived in Salem for a little while, which I thought was cool! Saw the original HBO documentary in the mid 90s and followed the case ever since. Read the book Death of Innocents (?) halfway through put it down and said they were guilty. At some point later I went and read the whole damn thing and I have no idea how I came to that conclusion. Since I have watched all 3 HBO docs and the West Memphis Three movie, read quite a bit of stuff online, I’m glad the guys are out of jail, and death row! I don’t think it’s right not to have another trial. If they were really guilty of killing 3 elementary school kids they should have rotted in jail, how do you let them go and not have a new trail?
    On a different point Damien did himself no favors the way he acted in court, at least the parts I saw, especially considering the inbred hicks he was dealing with. Anyways I just got Life After Death, gonna check it out and I’ll be back

  • Thraya

    Life after death was an amazing book. You are such a great writer and its amazing to see that this experience hasn’t made you bitter…
    I have followed your case for years and I’m so glad you were able to come out into the real world and experience things that alot of us take for granted
    Stay strong

  • Steve Humphrey

    I spent the day or part of it reviewing the case and am comfortable saying these guys are innocent! 100%! You can’t throw a guilty verdict at a kid who was a wiseass! Nor for satanic panic! Find the real killer! Probably not on a golf course, btw!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Sil1891 Sil Triviño

    I only wanted to tell you that tonight I’ve seen HBO’s “Paradise Lost”, and I found really disturbing and sad all the things that you and the other boys have been trough. I felt very happy when all of you were able to be free! But I still find it REALLY CRUEL that you have to declare yourself guilty being innocent. I noticed in your eyes that you were telling the truth since the first moment, and it’s horrible that the state steal 18 years of your life locked in jail.

    It’s very incredible too, that they never keep looking the true killer/s from those boys, because they need to rest in peace, and the killer has to be in jail FOREVER, or even better, be sentenced to death for his crimes.

    Well, I apologize if I’ve been a little long with this, but I needed to tell you all that I feel. And I really apologize if I have commited some mistakes with my writing but it’s been a little long without writing in english (I am from Argentina but I talk english since I was 5 years old and I’ve lost training this last time).

    I hope you have a happy and long life full of joy and only nice things with your lovely wife!!! <3 Kisses and hugs to both!

  • Jane

    Hi Damien and Lorri
    I just now watched the documentary on the WM3 case (it was a repeat on TV here in Australia). I came in half way through the program and was transfixed. What strikes me and deeply saddens me, is the ego and the arrogance in the Justice system that would rather keep three innocent men in jail for murders they (clearly!) did not commit than admit they got it wrong.
    I am amazed at your strength and your commitment to each other through all those years. May your lives always be filled with love, joy and peace.

  • Susan Clarke

    Hi Damien from Manchester UK. I hope you don’t mind me writing to you but I felt compelled to do so. I recently read an article about your story in a magazine which lead me on to watch all three documentaries and the film. I am also waiting for your book to arrive. I remember the story when I happened – I would have been 10/11 years old at the time – but I remember the way it was played out in the media made me think that you Jessie and Jason did it because that’s what the world was told to believe. I can’t tell you how sorry I am for what you were forced to endure. Yet after all of what has happened you remain so positive and thankful for what you do have. I know I would be bitter and angry if it would have happened to me. Your story and your presents will stick with me always. Thank you for being you. Love and best wishes Susan xx

    Hi Lorri, hope you also don’t mind me writing. I want to thank you for working so hard for Damien, Jessie and Jason as it is my understanding that you are the key to them being free today. I really hope that you are able to clear their names one day and the real killer and the detectives who brainwashed the world into believing their guilt based upon lies are brought to justice. Thank you for working so hard and tirelessly. I hope you are both very happy and healthy. Good luck and best wishes for the future. Love Susan xx

  • Susan Clarke

    Hi Damien from Manchester UK. I hope you don’t mind me writing to you but I felt compelled to do so. I recently read an article about your story in a magazine which lead me on to watch all three documentaries and the film. I am also waiting for your book to arrive. I remember the story when I happened – I would have been 10/11 years old at the time – but I remember the way it was played out in the media made me think that you Jessie and Jason did it because that’s what the world was told to believe. I can’t tell you how sorry I am for what you were forced to endure. Yet after all of what has happened you remain so positive and thankful for what you do have. I know I would be bitter and angry if it would have happened to me. Your story and your presents will stick with me always. Thank you for being you. Love and best wishes Susan xx

    Hi Lorri, hope you also don’t mind me writing. I want to thank you for working so hard for Damien, Jessie and Jason as it is my understanding that you are the key to them being free today. I really hope that you are able to clear their names one day and the real killer and the detectives who brainwashed the world into believing their guilt based upon lies are brought to justice. Thank you for working so hard and tirelessly. I hope you are both very happy and healthy. Good luck and best wishes for the future. Love Susan xx

  • Cecilia

    since I saw the documentary a few years ago I just can’t get it out of my head. I’ve came to understand you’re not the only once getting falsely accused, this is something happening all the time. Every time I go out to meet friends now ´adays I can’t stop talking about all the injustice of the legal systems in the world. Well, I guess I just wanted to let you know I care so much about your case, (and you) I’m so pissed of about the Alford plea, which doesn’t make justice for anybody in this case (according to the documentary we all know who the real killer is, but for all I know that could be a lie too)
    Just take care, and never forget you got our support!

  • Kevin Spencer

    Hi Damien and Lorri – This is Kevin (and Angela) from Saturday night. Lorri was kind enough to chat with us a ton (and give us a delicious secret donut) and we just wanted to say thank you for helping make a rare (for us) night out something amazing. It was good talking to you Damien and getting to express how much I admire your work. Keep up the amazing art and great contributions to the podcast! We really enjoyed the evening and the conversation. – Kevin and Angela

  • Suzanne Yockel Skinner

    I would like to buy a piece of your artwork signed but don’t see how you’re selling it let me know so I can purchase a piece. my email address ssKinner @ gmail.com



  • Suzanne Yockel Skinner

    I want to purchase one of the pieces of artwork. How do I do so? my email address is s Skinner 81 @ gmail.com. Please let me know how to purchase that piece of art world Thank You Suzanne

  • Roman
  • Lorna

    Damien, thank you for sharing your story. Your story has had a profound affect on me. Your wisdom and strength has help me as a leader within my role. Through the way to thoughtfully describe your past and present I have learned to be patient with people and to respond to people in my life in a meaningful way. It took me some time to get over the initial trauma of learning about the immense injustice that you and the other 2 men went through as children and for almost 20 years of your lives. I was deeply saddened that the justice system is injust and cruel. I will continue to grow as a person because of the strength you have inspired inside of me and will continue to learn how to spread magick to the world through how I respond to the world.

    I wish you and Lori a magickal life where ever that leads both of you. Lori, you have given me the same strength so thank you for passing forward all of both of your wisdom and strength to help me be a better mother, friend, boss to my team and a better person to everyone I interact with.

    I am a dog lover and thank them everyday for their unconditional love….it feels the same as the powerful messages you have both sent to me.

  • Lorna

    Lori and Damien, I am going to read both of your books and can’t wait.

  • mes74wsu

    I would like to write to you by “snail” mail. This page seems a bit out of date, so not sure if you’d get the message. ???

  • Julia Bernard

    I don’t actually know if Damien will get this… But I was born Feb 93 and just now came across the trials and documentary’s..I have to say that I am so inspired for some reason with your story and what you went through that in actually really need to get to know you, I want to make sure everyone I talk to about you knows you are innocent and want to help out with everything I can

  • Paja

    Hi Damien, I read your book live after death. From the beginning I was very interested when I read the conditions in which you grew up and often clashed misunderstanding oneself from others. You’re a very strong personality, else it is long gone. I admire you greatly. It is a paradox that you’re on death row mentally very grown up, but those who come back so many years of life, the nicest season. They should take responsibility for the arrest of three young people, without having any evidence!

  • Charles Green

    Your WordPress site’s been hacked! Notice the text: “sime darby personal loan” under your menu. If anyone clicks on the link they might get infected and that wouldn’t be very good for you either.

  • https://www.change.org/p/barack-obama-mississippi-governor-mississippi-state-senate-free-wrongful-convicted-man-aaron-finley-in-mississippi martina

    Damien your story gives hope to other wrongfully convicted people out there,i too met my man in prison, and yours and Lorris story is what I hope to live one day when this man gets freed,18 yrs and still waiting. https://www.change.org/p/barack-obama-mississippi-governor-mississippi-state-senate-free-wrongful-convicted-man-aaron-finley-in-mississippi

  • http://www.milesofaisles.com Desi Benjamin

    anyone know what was damien’s first concert? or your most memorable concert experience?

  • Kypriana Lala Daniels

    Hello Damien, I’ve been a fan and supporter of yours for years. There is a horrible case in Santa Cruz, CA. that I’ve been keeping up with. It is hauntingly reminiscent of how the media had portrayed you. This young boy hasn’t even had a trial yet. If anyone would stand up for him before he is actually found guilty, it would be you….

    Many articles talk about how he “wears black” and watches Donnie Darko a movie about a “murderous rabbit.”

    A quote from the article:

    “But his Instagram account was decidedly darker. In one post on Sunday — the day Maddy disappeared — Gonzalez plays the music from thriller flick “Donnie Darko,” captioned with the lyrics, “The Dreams in which I’m Dying are the Best I’ve ever had” from Gary Jules’ haunting cover of the Tears for Fears song “Mad World.”


  • Nova

    Hello Damien, I am senior in high school and I am doing my research paper on the West Memphis 3 case, that I am fascinated by. This will be my 2nd paper on the case, I did one last year in my business law class. I was just wondering if I could ask some questions that maybe haven’t been asked before or that I can’t find an answer to in any kind of resources? If you could please get back to me it would be greatly appreciated! My email address is turningpointedancer98@gmail.com thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I really hope to hear back from you! It would mean so much to have person answers and quotes and thoughts from you.



  • colin

    What im struggling with is why to cast iron alibis???? all 3 had none which stood up to test, this is strange, you would expect at least one to hold water. Im afraid im in the guilty camp

  • María Fernanda Sucre Stagnaro

    Hi Damien. I’m from Panama City (Central America) and i just saw the documentary West Memphis. I had no idea of this case and your story really touched me. I wanted u to know that I truly admire how brave and positive you were and still are and things like this make me realize that everything that happens in our lives, good or bad, have a purpose and your story has a powerful meaning in mine.
    Hope I can meet you and Lorri some day….you are an ispiration to me.

    Mucho love…

  • Morrighan

    I was a kid when you were arrested, and I followed everything that was going on. I knew you were innocent and used as a scapegoat. There are no words I’m sure that you will ever hear that will help alleviate the pain of being locked away for so long. But do know, that because of the lack of education and the way you were treated, I became a Cultural Anthropologist and civil rights activist to help people who have ever been or ever will be in your situation. I’m sure you’ll never see this, but just know that there are people who have bettered themselves because they saw what you went through. :)

  • Ursula

    I just received the new that Damien will be participating of the panel at Riot Fest Chicago and it made my day. I’m very happy and excited.

    I’m from Brazil , my fiance and I are going to the festival and beyond to see our favorite bands ever played here, I’ll have the chance to see one of the guys who inspired me most in recent years.

    I hope to have a chance to say thank you in person and have my book signed .

  • Emily

    What kind of runes do you have on your fingers?? Elder Futhark? Anglo-Saxon??

  • AnalogJ

    I hope you and Lorri are feeling more at home than you did in Salem. Laurie and I enjoyed spending the limited time with you that we did. Maybe we’ll do Reds if you ever get back into town. Your story is still an incredibly chilling, but compelling one. Jeff B

  • Molly Biron

    Hey Damien!

    I hope this message finds you well. I would love to have a chance to talk with you more, particularly about your podcasts and how well you are doing. I am taking some really cool classes this semester I am excited about and would love to hear your perspectives on the fields/curriculum. Let me know if you are anywhere in New England and maybe we could meet up for coffee or an event. I am still trying to get to Sleep No More in NYC- Hopefully this October I will get there! Let me know if you all would want to go again. You know you are both always welcome at UNH as well! :)

    Take care, all my best,
    Molly Biron

    Feel free to e-mail me (mcu666@wildcats.unh.edu – yes, UNH gave me 666 via auto-assign) or Facebook message me.

  • Wiktoria Koszyk

    Damien hello I read your book and about you a lot of information I’m impressed with what was happening it is to the thinking highly of this story touched me with an expression of respect :) Wiktoria Koszyk. Polish

    Lorri also greetings to you and all who have supported you :) Good luck :)

  • Deborah Scolpino

    I’m curious …. Damien I know you used to tattoo…. Any way in the future you can come to Vegas to do such?? I know a couple places you may be able to come to! Please email me :: dscolpino@yahoo.com

  • Karin Baern

    Keep looking over your shoulders. Waiting for you – payback is a bitch due!

  • Steve Martin

    Would it be at all possible to arrange getting a tattoo from Damien?

  • Roberta Longnecker

    Please come to Ann Arbor Michigan

  • Toni Woodall Corbin

    hi, i m seeing Lucinda Williams​ ,with Rosanne Cash​ and Emmy Lou Harris​ tonight in Nashville . Love the new album.love this song.thinking of you.hope you’re happy and healthy .peace and love. <3 "West Memphis " comes in at @ 14 30 . https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=acjL-1j1cag&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DmTu4cXW9H_Q%26feature%3Dplayer_embedded

  • CaSandra Monica

    I understand you will be in town, Chicago, for Riot Fest, and I wanted to know how to contact you for a commission and tattoo. I also wanted to know if while you’re in town if you will be meeting with Menton.

    I have so much to ask and tell you, but I know your time is most likely limited.


    CaSandra Monica

  • James hall

    Damien I had not heard of you until I watched the devils knot the incident happend 7 days before I was born but the moment I did more research I knew you all were innocent I was jacked when I heard you all went to jail and that they were going to put you to death. If I can help in any way I will. And to Terry Hobbs fuck you

  • Heidi Holmes-Hudson

    After two year of passing across the option of watching/absorbing the HBO video, I decided to “take the plunge” and press play. For my sensitive spirit it took courage, as I knew it’d be on my mind for days. Well, that happened and it’s been less then 24 hrs and I’m now on the third movie. What is most impressive is reading everyone’s eyes , everyone on tape …and I Believe that there is a darkness behind your soul Damien (as with every living creature that lives in oppressive situations) but you’ve cleared you’re slate, with even more power for whatever may come. Your eyes show a curiosity that’s deep within in you and is brilliant, and you’ve not been dulled down by others beliefs. I write this to you because I’m going through a shift in my life and for some odd reason I have been drawn to your story. I’m literally only 20 minutes into the third movie about your situation and I’m chomping at the bit to give you a “hoo rah” to life. I’m sorry that you’ve experienced some of the most ugly hardships that most people will have in life. The whole process, as soul wrenching and humiliating as all acts where, are lessons that you have obviously learned from, and in more ways then you will ever know. That’s what you are known for, your perseverance. And that’s pretty metal…. Love and light. HHH

  • stephanie

    Dear Damien, I am from Memphis, Tn. I am about your age. I remember checking out my first book on Wicca and wearing Metallica t-shirts. I remember when ya’ll got arrested. It was all so horrifying to me. I remember thinking- “shit, that could be us!” I followed the documentaries and the protest and the legalities for years, always shaking my head and wondering what the fuck was going to happen. We happened to have the tv on in Aug of 2011, the day that you all cut that bizarre deal of guilty but innocent. That was such a weird and surreal moment. I don’t know you at all. But all these years of really feeling for you three. And finally it was over- sort of. I hate that you had to take that plea. But I am very glad you are out. And I am so glad to see your marriage, your spirituality, your art. Congratulations on a rich life!


  • Tammy Mitchell Tanksley

    Damien, you are one of my favorite authors! I was wondering if you’d ever considered writing fiction, perhaps a la Mr. King?

  • gene frangipane jr

    dear damien
    my name is gene frangipane
    i am and always had been a huge supporter of you
    i read the book the devils knot and it reminded me of you book in which i read in 2 days AN AMAZING BOOK
    i just wanted to drop in and tell u that you truly are a great inspiration
    and i wish you and lori nothing but the best
    i will continue to follow you on twitter and maybe one day i can meet you in person during one of your gigs

    best wishes and best of luck
    gene frangipane

  • Mike Grigsby-Lane

    I understand a tiny piece of the hell you went through, Damien. In 2001 I was arrested, tried, and convicted for felony riot simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The cops beat the shit out of me and lied on the witness stand. I am reading “Life After Death” and realize how very, very much worse it can be, but when you are poor, any encounter with cops can end very badly. Additionally, I was raised in a fundamentalist Free Will Baptist church against my will; at 16 I began attending a Roman Catholic Church…..was never confirmed, practiced Wicca, Zen Buddhism, then became agnostic, atheist and finally Episcopalian. My husband is a Spiritualist/New Ager, and we were married in my parish and had the blessing of his guru. Sorry for the rambling post, I just wanted to say I knew you and Jason and Jesse were innocent the moment I saw Paradise Lost in 1996. I think many times “that could have been me.” (I think the same about Matthew Shepard who was murdered a month to the day after I spent the night in Laramie). In any case, I am happy that you are free and send you love and light from Portland, Oregon.

  • Jessica Leigh

    Hi Damien!

    As you know tomorrow is International Wrongful Conviction Day. I am working to raise awareness about my friend Rob Will’s case, as he is wrongfully convicted and has been incarcerated on Texas Death Row for 15 years now.

    Will was subsequently tried and convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death, all based on circumstantial evidence, despite the fact that:
    - Police radio logs show he had been searched and handcuffed prior to the murder
    -There was no forensic evidence supporting the charge.
    In fact, some items were inconsistent with charging Will, and other
    items were never tested.
    -The GSR (Gun Shot Residue) tests are completely inconsistent with Will acting as the shooter.
    - There were several witnesses that were available to testify that the co-defendant admitted to the murder. Four have supplied sworn affidavits and one testified in court
    - Jail records show the co-defendant attempted to put a “hit” on Will

    Would you consider taking a support photo for us to send to Rob? He looks up to you tremendously and would be elated for your support. You can email me your picture to jessmich.404@gmail.com or post to his Facebook page.

    If you’d like to learn more about Rob’s case, please visit his website http://www.freerobwill.org/ and Facebook page @FreeRob Will. I followed your case and saw how social support helped to save your life, so I’m hoping to do the same for Rob. You are a very inspiring person Damien. :)


    Jessica Michael
    Rob Will’s Social Media Representative

    • Erica Christine Michael

      I stand with Rob Will =)

  • Sonja

    Hi Damien and Lorri! Hope you are both doing well. I finally read your book this week. Very inspiring. I followed the case since the age of 19 (35 now) and I still share your story every time I get the chance. Take care.


  • oscar escalon

    I recently saw the documentaries on your case and all thanks to a friend of mine that saw it in her criminology class. Ever since she saw this documentaries, she has wanted the opportunity to meet you and to sign a book for her. She has visited your website and now interested in obtaining a painting and a tattoo from you. I am willing to take her to meet you or chat with her. She wants to know about the experience you lived through and everything involved. It would be great to hear from you. Thank you.

  • Shannon Plemons

    Is Damien available to book for a tattoo session? I am going to be in NYC in Feb and would love to talk to someone about trying to schedule an appointment, get a quote, etc? Please let me know so i can start making arrangements. thank you

  • Sloboda
  • Tanaisha Falconer

    Damien, my best friends birthday is coming up very soon. She wrote you quite a few times as a teen, while you were incarcerated and I was wondering if you would be willing to write her a letter? I think it would make her birthday as she lost her brother a couple years ago near her birthday and since then hasn’t really enjoyed October at all…this would mean the world…..let me know <3

  • Fisher

    Damien, do you still do tarot card readings?

  • Guilherme Weber

    Hey Damien. I’m brazilian and have watched with my family one of the movies that were done about the west memphis three. I bought the books Life after dead and Yours for eternity and the documentary Paradise lost. The injustice that happened to you and the other guys should teach the people to think before following what everyone is saying. Come visit Brazil one day.

  • Brandon Chism Bellinger

    Hey Damien, my name is Autumn. My family has had this drawing for a while that my aunt says you drew years ago. Her name was Cathy Martin back then. I figured you might be interested in having it back. If you are you can message me at AutumnRoWill@gmail.com

  • peterdybing

    Interested in doing an interview for a Patheos blog. cprsource@gmail.com

  • belinda brown

    I want to paint your face all pink and glittery.

  • Teresa Ball

    Dear Damien,

    I had the pleasure of listening to you speak the other week at the Rubin Museum, as well as briefly meet you and lovely Lorri afterwards.

    I am interested in having both you and Lorri speak at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas, California next July 2016. To further discuss this opportunity, I kindly ask that you reach out to me by email or telephone.

    Warm regards,
    Teresa Marie Ball

  • Trinette Nagel

    I was only 7 years old when your trial started. My young age and possibly because I live in Australia meant I was completely oblivious to the nightmare you guys were going through.
    I recently came across Paradise Lost and was immediately consumed by the insanely obvious injustice. I ended up watching the 3 Paradise Lost doco’s and your own West of Memphis back to back.
    I’m a nurse and have absolutely no connections with the judicial system or the case at all but on behalf of the human race I feel compelled to apologise for what you had to endure because of a bunch of judgemental, lazy and immoral people who unfortunately were in a position of authority.
    First and foremost I am relieved that you guys were finally released but at the same time I am furious that you weren’t exonerated.
    I’m not saying anything that a million people have told you many times before but I felt it was necessary for you to know that after all this time you are still continuing to gain more supporters from all over the world.
    You have the most respected and skilled forensic investigators and profilers who are fighting to clear your name so I have trust in them that they will clear your name.
    I wish you nothing but the best for your future. You are amazing and inspiring and I know you will succeed in anything you do in life.
    Take care Damien.
    Your Aussie supporter,

  • Cheyenne Bates

    Damien, I’m doing a project for my psychology class & it is about your case of being falsely accused. If you could please email me & just answer a few questions it would mean the world to me (: cbates140@gmail.com

  • Julia

    A year ago I did a major research project for my school about individuals wronged by the justice system. I have another major research project this year, and would like to speak about the same topic, in more detail. Last year, I spoke to my peers about the West Memphis Three. I would like to elaborate on your story, and possibly ask you a few questions about what you and your friends went through. It would be an honor to interview you. Please email me at Julia.Ouellette.13@comcast.net
    Thank you so much,

  • Michelle Reed Crawford

    Hi Lorri and Damien,
    Is this page still active? I was looking for a more personal way to contact you both without having to post things on here. I just read both of your new books in three days. They were wonderful. Please email me at pawc4justice@gmail.com I am the founder of a group called People Against Wrongful Convictions and would love to get your input on some things.

    Thank you in advance,
    Michelle A. Crawford, BSCJA, MSFP

    • Terri

      Michelle if you would not mind contacting me while you are waiting for Damien, I need help from everyone that I can get on the very topic that your group is about. freelukepelham@yahoo.com

  • Susan Lovett

    Hello Damien and Lorri – I read Life After Death when it first came out and was not able to stop thinking about it afterwards. Thank you so much for sharing your stories. Damien wrote about his belief that yoga and meditation helped him survive Death Row and that idea really resonated with me. I’ve been a social worker serving abused and traumatized children in Boston’s low-income neighborhoods for over 20 years and I’m always looking for effective resources. A few years ago, I became a yoga teacher in part to share the practice of yoga with the children I support. I was inspired by Damien’s experiences to create a non-profit program called Hands to Heart Center -Yoga for the People, with a goal of providing free yoga and mindfulness classes to those living with poverty and trauma. In the last two year, HTHC has provided over 350 yoga and mindfulness classes to residents of domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, substance abuse treatment programs and incarceration programs. The website is http://www.handstoheartcenter.org. I wanted to let you know that HTHC wouldn’t exist without you. Thank you for your inspiration and I wish you both peace.

  • Magdalena Pałka

    Dear Damien,

    I really don’t know what was the reason I pay attention to Your book, uninteresting cover, man wearing orange uniform, tittle suggesting clinical death… but something made me buy it.

    When I started to read it, I thought it will be boring story about being in prison, written by a criminal with no human feelings.
    Because all my life I thought only guilty people are in jails, and those who are in Death Row are the worst type of the beasts.
    I’m sorry.
    Now I know, I was wrong.

    This story has change my opinion, about “law and order”.
    When I finish it, I was shocked.
    I couldn’t stop thinking about everything I’ve have read.
    About everything You have to came trough.
    And about all those things You probably didn’t want to mention in this book.
    Horrible and paintful things.

    I wonder if I have the right to write this to You, I didn’t want You to think again of this harmful past, and didn’t want to be the person who puts You back to those horrible times, but I realized that probably Your memories are still with You – and You might never be free from it.
    But I hope that my words will be a little brick in the wall separating you from this all this injustice, violence and years of fear.

    I was 10yo when Your trial proceed and I didn’t even hear about it.
    Well – I’ve never heard about it until I’ve read Your book.
    I could write much more, but I will only write my main thought, because I don’t want to waste Your time.

    Not three but six boys were victims of 1993 in West Memphis.
    Six kids.
    It’s overwhelming.
    It hurts, what adults have made in those days with innocent children.
    What they have made with You.
    I cant’t stand it, how they treated You during trial and for all those years in prison…

    Love You.
    Hope You and Lorri will have long and peaceful life, and someday when – they finally know the truth and find real murderer(s) – a whole world will find out this huge mistake and mistification, and You’ll find peace and will finally hear apologies from all those people who contribute to this what had happend.

    Thank You.
    (don’t know if it’s the right place to write? You can hide it or delete it – if it’s not)

  • Nestor Avalos
  • ADRjeffries

    Hi Damien,

    I’m an editor at VICE’s tech and science site Motherboard. We’d love to have you write for us. Email me adrianne at motherboard. tv. Thank you!


  • Briana Collins

    So in my Criminal Justice class, we are discussing the case of the West Memphis Three and I have ready about the case way before we ever began discussing it. It certainly caught my interest. I just want to say that no matter what any negative comments you still may get, I am a supporter and I am fully behind you! Hope to start reading Life After Death soon.

    Best to you and Lorri!

  • Grahame Bissell

    I am a very cynical and passionate patriot that does not want to perpetuate what I represent. How about a brief conversation that I can incorporate in a mass media project? At 32 I am trying to get through school (again) and think we always can make things better. I love your work, hope to have some ink done by you, and greatly admire your commitments to moving our collective consciousness in new ways.
    All the best, Grahame

  • curmudge33

    You are an inspiration. Keep going ⚡777

  • Ylime Soka

    Hi damien. Wish i could send u a letter. Ive read about you seen the documentaris and inerviews. You are a true hero and rolemodel. Ill never forget U. Im so glad ur free and found love. I am very interessted in releasing a graphic novel ab your story. Im a norwegian journalist. If U care for a interview. Contact. A.k.o.s@live.no

    Emily Aakre x

  • Glenn N Stephanie Higgs

    I have info for you! Long story short. I was in a restaurant in Memphis approx. 2 years ago. A Memphis Defense Lawyer told me as we discussed the Plea these three men were forced to take. This Lawyer swore to me , Terry Hobbs visited his office one day after the three young boys bodies were found. The Lawyer gave me his card, which I took home and put it in a zip lock plastic bag. i still have the card. I just want this plea repealed for these three men who’s life’s were destroyed and the killer, Terry Hobbs brought to justice! I want no recognition for this. I contacted the private investigator who was involved at the time after these men were freed, who blew me off. I still have the card. Why would Terry Hobbs visit a defense Attny. one day after the murder of his step son if not guilty? Please do not e-mail me. Contact # 901-619-1934.

  • Keith Hernandez

    I would like to purchase some of Damien’s artwork, but I can’t seem to find a way to do it. I tried emailing damienecholsart@gmail.com but it said that email no longer exists?

  • Reveren D Seven

    Don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier. I’m looking for information specifically on the origins of this piece. What can you tell me?

  • Tina

    I was hoping to find a way to email Damien directly, seeing as I have many questions I would like to ask him. My name is Tina and I am 17, in my English class we are reading Life After Death and I am highly invested in the entirety of it. I watched the ending of the documentary West of Memphis a few years ago, but i didn’t truly understand the case or really what the movie was about. Since my teacher gave us the book a few days ago, I have been researching and looking at different parts of the case, watching trials, and been really intrigued in the whole gist of it. Your book is a work of art, and I have found ways to connect with you as I continue to read it. As I watch and read the different opinions on what really happened, I start to think myself. I definitely think that you were innocent from the start, and that it was easier for them to have blamed someone misunderstood and different, than to actually go out and look for the killer.I wish I could speak with you directly, seeing as I have so much to say and ask you. I hope life is treating you well.

  • fuji

    dear damien and lorri -

    just finished LIFE AFTER DEATH. fb page MIND WITHOUT BORDERS, angel tara green, posted an interview w/ you, damien, a few wks ago which led me to your book. UN. FUNKING. BELIEVABLE.
    thank you for sharing this part of your journey, and thank you for sharing the LOVE story that kept you alive and with us today. I BOW DOWN.

    perhaps this question has been posted so please forgive if that is the case:
    john j. oliver, carla baron, and so many other psychic mediums who have worked w/ various police depts around the world on cold cases — have any been contacted re: the robin hood hill case? someone with that skill and gift must be picking up on something?

    PLEASE stay well. thank you for your contribution to this world. may your next incarnation be one of comfort and ease. i’ll be watching the documentaries over the holidays.

  • Rezined Brainz

    Damien, Please look into the Making a Murder-Netflix series. It’s similar to the wm3. I am now on season 7 and this is absolutely bogus. Guy has spent 18 years in prison for something he didn’t do(after the real person came forward with a confession and DNA). To be arrested again for a murder that he was framed for. Steven Avery, I do not think, killed this girl he’s now in prison again for. :/

  • Anthony M

    Thanks for the powerful read, as I’ve just finished Life After Death. Just wanted to let you know!

  • Shannon O’dell

    I just want to say hello to you and Lori my name is Shannon Odell i am from Boise Idaho. I first heard about your story only about two years ago and to say the least it was probably the saddest story i have ever heard. I personally spent nine years locked up in the Idaho state pen. sadly because of drugs, anyway, not that that matters. I just wanted you to know. Here at this very moment i am at the library I have always been extremely interested in non fiction so i found your book i have sat down and read 50 pages so far. It has made me cry it has made me laugh i look forward to reading the rest. I am so happy for you and the love that you have found you both intrigue me i hope one day i can meet you or at least talk to you both.

  • Gina Elyse Grimm

    Hi Damien. I doubt you’ll see this but I am going to try anyway. First and foremost, THANK GOD YOU’RE FREE! However, this isn’t about that. You were in Varner Unit, and so was and IS my biological father. His name is Jack Jones. Is there any chance you knew him? I just discovered my relationship to him a few years back and am finding myself struggling. I know you’re wondering what this has to do with you. You seem like a kind and honest soul, and I just need to talk to someone who maybe knew him, or was in his situation. If you have time, I’d appreciate your help and guidance. Thank you and God bless.

  • HelloDolly

    Hi Damien, I was only in middle school when your trial took place but recently watched “Making A Murderer” and I was truly blown away seeing this total miscarriage of justice and corruption of law enforcement. It was shocking, not to mention scary. Through more extensive reading, I was lead to many recommendations to watch the Paradise Lost trilogy. Once again, I am blown away by the justice system. I am a child psychologist and I work for an inner city high school and have been called on to assess troubled teens so the allegations by the prosecution really hit home for me…from the way the police and prosecution portrayed you and the other boys because they thought you were different, to the corrupt politics of it all. I’m from a small town and I left as soon as I turned 18 because I simply could not deal with that small town mentality where everyone thinks they know everything about everybody and there are so many corrupt city and county officials influencing and brainwashing the population.
    For those who say you’re not entitled to make money from your “fame”, do they really think you wanted to be involved in all of this and have fame through this manner? The state took 18 years of your life – what would they like you to do? I appreciate the fact that you are informing people about Steven Avery’s case and telling them how to get involved and giving people with loved ones similar situations hope.
    I look forward to reading your book and I hope you continues to write. I’m so glad I found your story. All of this has really opened my eyes.

  • Tiny Magical Creatures

    Please use all of your powers & contacts 2 look into the Steven Avery/Brendan Dassey case ~ Your case was the perfect template for this one ~ The system has managed 2 destroy two people just because they can ~ All it needs is a little nudge from some high profilers 2 raise awareness & bring these poor men home ~ Read the story, do some research & help if you can ~ The system is twisted & so are the people in it!! XxLondon UK

  • Thomas & Jessika Highers

    I don’t know if you’ll ever see this…my fiancée was also exonerated after spending 25 yrs for a murder he did not commit. Your case broke my heart. Just wanted to say that I know how you and your wife feel. I’m so glad you’re no longer in there.

  • Hannah

    Hello Damien,
    I’ve had a growing curiosity with energy and what we have and are able to control. I’ve experienced rei’ki with a previous boyfriend where he showed me. I was exhausted and very low on my own energy. It was a skin on skin experience where I know we were passing energy back and forth. What I guess I’m asking is, what are your thoughts on rei’ki? Have you experienced it? If yes, how can one look into it without going too far into any sort of religious pursuit or getting too far off the path of just experiencing straight energy trading? Hopefully, you will read this. And from having heard your podcast of meditations I was curious if you could point me in a positive direction?

    Thank you for your time. Your strength through hardship is an inspiration.


  • Miranda Lane

    I am almost finished with your book “Life after death” and I am just in awe! I am in awe of your childhood, your quirkiness, your strength and determination and most definitely in awe of the relationship you have with Lorri. My husband just finished law school and I have requested he look into the innocence project. I pray he goes that route! On my bucket list is to someday meet you! Anyways, blah blah blah. Just know that the Lanes in North Carolina know your story and Love and admire you for it!

  • Carla Wagar

    Hello Damien, I have been listening to your audio book for the past week…. it feels as though you are keeping company with me on my drive to and from work. Just wanted to leave a note to say thank you.

  • Danielle

    Hello Damien and Lorri! I know you offered some classes in the Tarot a while back and wanted to speak with you about some basic things, as I am just learning. If either (or both) of you could find a bit of time, as I know you are exceedingly busy, to exchange some brief messages with me, I would be so very grateful. Thank you kindly, Danielle.

  • Marla L Schwartz

    I’m not sure if my post went through on your facebook page or not but I just wanted to say how happy I am that you are home (even though an injustice still occurred against you) and how happy I am that you and your wife found each other under the most dire of circumstances. You are both very lucky. I only recently saw all three parts (thanks to Netflix). I missed it when it first aired on HBO. I knew you were innocent from the first few minutes of the show. I guess I was lucky growing up because if all cops arrested people based on the way they dress, the music they listen to and the religion they practice, I would have spent more time in prison than you! lol. Again, I want to tell you I am very happy that you are able to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life. God Bless!

  • tonya

    From day one I started sending money to help free you. A single mom of two sons..no child support. But I believed so heavily in your innocence. All I kept thinking was you were just a kid. With a mother watching her son be murdered daily.my youngest child almost 18 now. Huge kid with autism. Been trying his entire life for equality. But society still doesn’t accept difference. Even though our greats we honor were outcasts. I think the world knows who murdered these kids. I know. And it wasn’t you
    I just hope your crucifixion from society never makes you loose faith. Humans are flawed. They did this to you no one else.

  • Pia Hoffmann

    Dear Damien & Lorri,
    I am from Germany and first heard about the case a few years ago, when your book “Life after Death” was released here. I read it and parallely watched the three ducumentaries plus the movie “west of memphis” and to this day I am horrified about what the state of Arkansas did to the three of you youngster (and in consequence to the three victims & their families).

    I grew up in the seventies & eighties. As a child, I loved to watch the TV-series “The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn”. Now I have two girls at the age of 8 and 10 years and We watched the whole series together on DVD.

    When I saw Huck and Tom, some scenes reminded me of you and your friend. How the people of St. Petetsburg wanted to see Muff Hang, even before the trial. The self-rightously evil prosecutor during the trial of Muff Potter, but with the key difference of a judge, who listens to Huck and Tom and beliebtes in what they saw and said.

    The story is one of the great American novels. I think it would be of value having the West Memphis case analyzed with relation to Mark Twain’s novel, and highlighting what went wrong, to come to the gruesome verdict that almost put you to death, and had nothing to do with values sich as fair justice.

    To this day, the state of Arkansas owes you and the other two: an apology to what they did to you and your families, a financial reparation and finally a sincere investigation into the murder case.

    I hope this will happen soon.
    Pia Hoffmann

  • Zainab A.

    Dear Damien,

    In one of your interviews you were talking about your book and you said “maybe one day these words will mean something to someone other than me, the way someone else’s words meant something to me at one point.”

    I use reading as an escape from my life and your words mean so much to me. It is very clear that even as an 18 year old boy, you were by far the smartest person in the room. Someone who can see the world from a very honest place and articulate that in your own unique way. I would read anything you write just to see the world from your point of view.

  • Dana Shady D Mayo

    How (if at all possible) would I go about getting a tattoo design from you Damien and or have you tattoo that design and how much would it cost?

  • DoctorBuzzard Rootworker

    I just finished watching Making A Murderer on Netflix and I was amazed at the similarities in the coerced confessions of mentally challenged teens, both in your case and the Avery / Dassey case. I hope you are well and if you are ever in need please feel free to call on me, doctorbuzzard@hotmail.com. The very best to you and your loved ones.
    Doctor Buzzard

  • Debbie Robinson

    I just finished watching the Paradise Lost trilogy and I am left in a state of shock at how backward and corrupt our legal system is! I knew from halfway through the first film that you three were innocent. It showed in your faces and could be heard in your voices. I live in Meridian, MS and I thought WE had it bad! Arkansas is one screwed up state! Just so you know, I am a 62 year old RN who loves to wear black every chance I get, am a HUGE Metallica fan, and am a Christian who loves God more than anyone or anything else. I know that HE kept you from being murdered by lethal injection and that He has a purpose for you…through your books you will be able to save lives and lift spirits. May God bless you and your family.
    Debbie R

  • Marla L Schwartz

    Please tell me there is some way to get rid of the pages on Facebook that are badmouthing you. I am disgusted by them and the people who started these pages. I do not judge people but after reading some of the responses one of the developers said to some of your supporters, the guy is definitely unstable and clearly has serious mental problems. I worry about your safety. I hope there is no way for him to find out where you and your wife live. Please be careful.

    • groundedinreality

      Unless those pages violate Facebook standards or are clearly libelous or threatening, there’s nothing you can do to get rid of them. People in America are still allowed to express their opinions.

  • Hanneke Ammel

    Dear Damien and Lorri, after reading a lot of information about the case and your story, I feel a strong desire to write you two. However, I’d like to do that privately, if that’s in any way possible.
    I don’t expect anything of you, and perhaps you don’t feel the need to receive anything from me, which I’d respect and accept. But I at least wanted to ask. I wish you both nothing but the best in the rest of your lives.
    Hanneke Ammel ( hannekeleeuwrik@gmail.com )

  • Bertrand Eter

    hello damien

    My name is Bertrand. I am French.

    I just see and review all the videos and narrative of your story.

    it really is all over the internet. by cons I do not find the first video “paradise lost 1 and 2″ in french …. shame …..

    I allow myself to write to you for some answer, if you wish ..

    is that the continuous struggle to find the culprit?

    There will be t he one day a new trial ???

    I wish you a wonderful life now.

    thank you


  • Isabella

    Hello, Damien and Lorri. I am not sure if you two will see this post, but I would like to tell the both of you that I loved a West of Memphis. I am so glad that life seems to be going well for the two of you. I am probably a bit late to get on the bandwagon for the West Memphis Three case, but I recently learned about it at university in my Social Problems class, (I am a first year student). I am planning on writing a paper on it as well, and I will certainly cite both the book and documentary as sources. I hope someday that the both of you might make your way over to the chilly (but kind) state of Minnesota! Be happy and be well,

    Isabella Cook

  • Sabrina Selkis

    maybe you know about this place in Sicily already…
    Love your work m/

  • Jacqueline Mahoney

    Congratulations. I came to your opening of SALEM at the Copros Gallery in Santa Monica last evening. I would love to know your interpretation of the sigils and glyphs…so as to understand it more in depth. Blessings – Wisdom Integrity Truth Courage Honor – Jacque Mahoney (taleajm@hotmail.com) (https://www.facebook.com/jacqueline.c.mahoney)

  • ShayShay Pearce

    I’m 18 years old and know a lot about the WM3. More children need to know if this case I believe. My generation is a sting headed one and I believe we could all come together to educate this generation in a positive way. Teach others not to judge.

  • icarusthedefiant
  • staceysimmons

    Damien and Lorri, I’m so glad you have a forum for your story. I wrote my dissertation on your case, and visited WM as part of the research. I had been part of a Wiccan church that was in contact back in the 90′s. I’ve since moved to L.A. It is a huge relief that you are free. Happy to know you are both safe. I’ll always be interested in what you’re up to.

  • Kathy Waite McKinney

    I just read your first book, UNBELIEVABLE! It’s still going on today with the Steven Avery case. I do not believe in the system. I hope you and Lorri are leading a happy life. I am so sorry what happened to you.

  • Kimberly Michele

    I am so moved by your story and your will to live and love. While I can’t do anything for you to make things right, what I can do is love my own kids even more in your honor. To honor the childhood that was taken from you and the love that you have been denied. Sending much love and peace your way.

  • Nathan Dube

    Light and love to you both… My God, your story is poison to our system and also hope for our future, God(des) bless you both!

  • Aaron Simington


    I remember in 2001, I first read “The Devil’s Knot”. The book about the satanic cult dubbed the West Memphis Three. I would look up and read reviews on your trial and life throughout the years until about 2010.
    Today, my roommate and I just watched the HBO documentary. We were both dumbfounded and in awe of the stupidity of the people living in West Memphis. I am so glad you have been released and happy you and your wife can be together and you can spend time with your son. I would like for you to sign my book because you inspire me to not be afraid of your beliefs and what other think of you. You can overcome a death sentence because you know you are right and did not do what the puppets of West Memphis convicted you of doing. People from everywhere stood up for you and the two others that were convicted with you. Please contact me at aaron_simington@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance and good luck with your future, my friend.

  • joe dickinson

    hi mr echols my name is joe dickinson I’m 27 an live in Maryland. I just really wanted to talk to you I have to kids a daughter who is 3 an a stepson who is 6 I’m kind of a stay at home dad. I read devils knot a few times and im reading you book life after death now I just can really relate to you a lot espically the part about the winter my b day is December 19 an I feel the exact same way about the winter. I’m sorry I just don’t have a whole lot of people to talk to and I look up to you a lot I understand also that you are very busy so if I don’t here back from you I completely understand. my email is jdickinson19@outlook.com. I love life after death so far please keep writeing books they help people more than you know thank you

  • Ashley Glaser

    My story is very different, but I was hoping you could help me….Im so lost

  • joe dickinson

    I just started to read your other book yours for eternity. I got to the end of the 1st letter and had to stop I’m sure its an amazing book but I feel a little weird cause its your personal stuff with your wife. I would feel better if I knew both of you and had your permission idk ill save that 1 in case we ever meet then ill read it

  • Kate Prout

    Hello everyone, does anyone know where I can find Damien Echols PO box? Really wanting to send letters to him and Lorri. <3

  • Shannaberryhill

    Damien, I am from north Ms… I recognize so much from your book, life after death. I grew up much like u did…. It blows my mind how much I can relate to, from the suffocating heat and being ate up by mosquitos at night, to getting lost in the music. I got married at 16 just to get away from it all… And so I did. I relate to the corrupt cops, throwing their weight around and flashing the badge at any chance to make a scene… I’d love to talk if u ever get this call me or text anytime. I’m still thru north ms up to west Memphis all the time with work. I think of all 3 of y’all every time in pass thru. Anyway, this is a long shot but my cell is 228-669-7806 if I don’t answer please text.
    Shanna Berryhill

  • groundedinreality

    Can’t believe you banned me from your Facebook page for asking a simple nonoffensive question. You survived 18 years on death row and you can’t handle a little disagreement? Guess that’s how it is when you surround yourself with sycophants. Try experiencing life outside your little bubble for a change.

  • Alexis Glass

    The women in the Illusions peice you did with Michale Graves, who is she? I got that peice tattood on my chest as a symbol of how deeply attached to your case I was and as a reminder to stay humble and aware of the beauty and terror everywhere. I’ve always wanted to know who she is..

  • https://www.change.org/p/florida-governor-exonerate-shawn-juntunen-immediately gg

    Dear Lori, I like you always knew the three were innocent, Now as i have been an advocate and activist for wrongful convictions I like you never thought I’d find myself like your self in a horrific sad wrongful conviction as i went to visit his mother who reached out to me, So I could evaluate speak and so on with Shawn Juntunen, I looked over oil date 3, 500 crime pictures as well as tampered documents that he didn’t sign and was also lied to by his lawyer, The story is awful and sad each day i keep going like you. However Shawn had never been in trouble or even know what his right’s were. As like Damien has been abused and seen things for the last 11 yrs he never thought he see as well as being abused by creations officers abusing inmates who were not doing anything wrong. Pls forgive me as i have dyslexia and i fight to do the best i can with spelling and punctuation. I’m going to try and break this down as much as i can, And keep in mind like your self have none stop given up or stopped as well as his mom who sadly is its so hard for em to even say seriously terminally ill, as well las myself when going to see Shawn Juntunen, who was 5 hours from were he lived I let out a scream our
    ed gray his mom rushed me to ER i was told they were waiting for me in the OR or i would die or suffer serious illness, I said Doc I suppose I’ll die or take the Illnesses and promised when i returned to his home with his mom and sister who was 11, The doctor was shocked as well as his mom whom I had just meet 4 days before and saw she was ill already thinking why would a stranger care so much? And i saw the ears she held back, My answer was simple My mother raised me thought me i have a voce and to use it. I didn’t car about living I card there was a man suffering at that point 10 years and somehow I would yell do what ever i possible could. This is the best i can break it down, please keep in mind the crime scene contaminated know dna was found and I know much more and find more daily and his own mom said dear god I have been reading and looking for 10 now 11 years, I just have this gift Im told and Like Damien knew one the makes on the poor young boys he and his friends were blamed for weren’t human bits the were turtles, also i read the body langue of the one’s step father from that moment on I knew he was the one who killed those young boy’s. I followed joined in wearing the bible for the the innocent boy’s being accused and never stopped like i do with Shawn. Im asking everyone for help as well as your self if possible, As now today I find out his mental emotional state is not good and Fl yet again lied to him while being transferred. Im extremely sick due to not having the surgery his mom is having radiation andes cancer that how sick this whole nightmare has made us.However she reminds me Idk why Im stronger and what can one do but ahead a tear and star at the sky I myself am a girl from New York who lives on a mountain in NJ clown and between death threats and so on , a website threatening his families life and his the police know one will have it taken down take reports. I appreciate anyone who is reading this. The Case For Shawn in a nutshell:

    1) Separate reconstructions by forensic legend Dr. Werner Spitz and The Archangels of Justice PI firm verify Shawn’s self-defense scenario.

    2) “Crime scene” witnesses verify Shawn’s version of events.

    3) The knife Shawn supposedly used was never DNA tested and doesn’t match the injury that killed Tim Bergman.

    4) Footprints at the scene verify Shawn’s version of events. Than 2 years ago Gioia Adele Ferrante

    can along to advocate for Shawn, Speak with him as well as look at 3, 500 Crime scene pictures, Illegal interrogation as well I find the Crime scene contaminated and much more. September 12, 2007, Shawn Juntunen was arrested for the stabbing death of Timothy Bergman, and has remained incarcerated to this day. Misled about the status of the evidence, Shawn plea bargained on December 6, 2009, essentially forfeiting his life for no reason. There is a much stronger case for Shawn. Mr Bush broke his own law in the state of Fl and yes his mom like myself are realest you do the crime our child or not you do the time. This sadly isn’t the case here. As the now set free not only who the world know’s as George Zimmerman (Who from day one i knew was guilty and set free only to be freed and now is in prison) However Mr Bush allowed two not just one Two men who this was clearly per meditated murder free in Fl they are walking the streets and beaches, 3 years and they not only didn’t receive a felon charge 3 yrs time served on this case as i shall share with you, http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/palm-beach/fl-stand-your-ground-dorsey-appeal-20141008-story.html mMore than eight years after two young men were shot to death at a keg party in The Acreage, the tragedy must be examined by another jury, a state appellate court wrote in an opinion released Wednesday.

    John T. Dorsey, found guilty of the killings in 2009 and again at a 2012 retrial, is entitled to a third trial so he can use Florida’s Stand Your Ground law to argue the shootings of Stephen Bunting, 20, and John Lott, 19, were justified, the 4th District Court of Appeal said.

    The decision for Dorsey, 28, wipes away a 45-year prison sentence for the 2012 manslaughter convictions; he’s been in custody since his arrest just hours after the Aug. 25, 2006 deaths.

    The reversal follows recent appellate court opinions favoring the rights of convicted felons to use the controversial self-defense law to try to avoid prosecutions. as well as this one Felon’s double-manslaughter case dismissed in Stand Your Ground claim http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/palm-beach/fl-stand-your-ground-dorsey-case-over-20150526-story.html wWinning a Stand Your Ground self-defense claim, a Palm Beach County felon no longer will be prosecuted for the 2006 fatal shootings of two young men outside a keg party.

    Palm Beach County Judge Barry Cohen on May 20 dismissed two manslaughter charges against John Thomas Dorsey, 28, denying prosecutors’ bid to put him on trial for a third time for the deaths of Stephen Beau Bunting, 20, and John Lott, 19.

    “Florida law does not require a citizen to wait until suffering great bodily injury before resorting to deadly force since the purpose is to prevent such harm,” Cohen wrote in his ruling for the man originally sentenced in 2009 to life in prison for the killings.

    Dorsey — who testified at a May 13 hearing he feared he would be “kicked to sleep” during a confrontation with several “hostile” men at the house party — will remain in prison despite the ruling. He still must serve the remainder of a 15-year sentence for two weapons charges stemming from the violent encounter in Loxahatchee. Shawn lawyer (Well-known criminal defense attorney to join State Attorney’s Office as chief counsel) has been under investigation for a while now due to other reasons and by law he was to tell his client he was given a high position job and he truly didn’t have time nor did he care his lies are insane and yes took 90,000 from the family. Forensic legend Dr. Werner Spitz even stand there is know way Shawn being put in an MMA chock hold could do this and the reports of Timmy drug levels were so high one he would have died and two his drug levels were that high he couldn’t feel anything. and much more, Throw in Shawn’s lawywer told his mom he only flew first class she paid for it and he said in the back of the plane not first class and his lawyer again took the money. Please anyone who read’s this As well as you Lori or Damien pls anyone who is willing to help us we’d greatly appreciate it, hearing his mom say I just want one year before i die with him and seeing the two of you happy and Gioia with out you even thinking you have know idea how much of a bride you have taken off me, again were both gravy ill however i can make it ill suffer with chronic ailments idc , as well as need surgery that my medical doesn’t cover. You can find Myself on Face book and shawn site is privet due to death threats vis on social media and a web page. I told him to hang in I’m working day in and out and he know’s and greatly appreciates it as well as his mom who we have grown to love each other so much people have tried to turn us against each other i find that sicking as hell. And like you and Damien even in age difference it’s now Shawn and Gioia believe me he made it clear when I visited as he was speaking to his mom he didn’t want a girl friend for many years let alone trust a girl , he does me thank god and he told em How many inmates pray on women for there money and so on he isn’t this way at one point he said my nick man and not to be upset or mad he had to think about this relationship again because he honest I said I understood but i wasn’t going to stop as well as wait and its extremely clear now were a together. However the metal state he is in emotional state you can hear in his voice wants to cry but cant doesn’t want to get jumped or called name’s he’s been in 11 years and never in trouble I myself find that have gone over many cases and not one was like him never in trouble? I truly think he the strongest kindest caring , and throw in worried about his mom and my heath that we both had to promise him if anything happened we tell him how i found that to be so mind bowing as to were he is and hat they doing to hm and more. again Thank-You Again For reading , Gioia Adele Ferrante

  • Raistlin Aydin Draven


  • Raistlin Aydin Draven
  • Raistlin Aydin Draven
  • Raistlin Aydin Draven
  • Raistlin Aydin Draven
  • Raistlin Aydin Draven
  • Kristina

    Is there any new information on an acquittal for you three yet? Or has everything been dropped now that you’re not in prison anymore?

  • burned_out_intellectual

    A document that prepares a person to fight back with human rights. After reading it one can fight back with human rights. A document that shows where the world needs to free. If you are interested in demons, human rights, self exploration, this is for you: http://gmbajszar.wix.com/mbcim#!new-direction/bnyv7

  • http://Facebook.com/tanyaisa Tanya Hawkins Payne

    when you coming back to salem……….hope to see you both this time.
    i hope somehow justice will soon prevail and that includes the state of AK having to pay you guys………much love

  • Donna

    you are so amazing, I would really like to meet you one day..

  • janet jacoby

    Damien is the only oneof the 3 who could have devised this ritualistic,slow torture satanic sacrifice. Right, Damien? The other 2 were like horrified brain washed gnomes.
    Salem is perfect for you.

  • Kerrie Puddephatt

    As an aspiring law student from the UK with a real passion for human rights I have been researching the case a lot. I have to say you are a true inspiration to come through such an abhorrent injustice and it saddens me to see that level of complete ignorance in society. All the best to you from here on and I hope that you can make up for all that lost time like you deserve to xx

  • andy

    Please nominate the princess who saved the day and earned the Numero Uno Gold Medal of the day.

  • TheUniverseAccordingToElla

    I am inspired by the both of you. Recently i watched the devils knot and became fascinated with the case and i was and still am completely sure of your innocence. By knowing youd story i have been a better person. Thank you
    P.S. my birthday is the 3rd of December and each birthday i think of you and Lorri
    Kind regards

  • Jamie JamiSun Hodge

    Wanted to share this tune that was inspired by your story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1_nQwzGvTA

    Hope this finds you well. You are a true inspiration.

    David Jamison aka JamiSun☀️

  • Joze Mont

    I hope Damien Echols sees this message.
    This music video was made only because of the inspiration Damien has delivered through his life experience and wisdom he managed to rise throughout the years. We would like to share it because we deliver a special message to those who are unhappy with their life and want to commit suicide.
    Watch Joze Mont Official Music Video on YouTube! Stop Complaining – The Choice is Always Yours… https://youtu.be/-Uz-kfPYVog

  • Dana

    When your past is ready to release you and you are ready to join your future, you must write the Book of Magik and teach us all. Time awaits.

  • Jerry Branscum

    I never thought the three of you were guilty.

  • Elena

    Buonasera Damien, ho appena finito di leggere il suo libro e vorrei esprimere tutto il mio rammarico è dispiacere per tutta L’ingiustizia che ha dovuto sopportare. In qualche modo le sono vicina. Elena

  • Not fooled by propaganda

    You’re going down buddy, just remember there are people with real spiritual abilities that don’t need to put put on a charade and pretend they’re magical when they’re nothing but sociopathic. Enjoy your last moments of farce because the truth is coming.
    RIP Chris, Michael and Stevie

  • jarrod mauller

    I just found out about your case not to long ago and I think it was messed up from the get go and we’ll I’m glad your out and you are the best

  • Leigha Jurasik

    I just finished reading Life After Death and Yours for Eternity: A Love Story On Death Row, and I have to say they are two of the best books i’ve ever read in my life. You must hear this all the time, but i admire your strength and perseverance so much. You both are incredible and I strive to have a love like yours. Thank you.

  • Sandy Krause

    Damien-I recently bought Life After Death in the clearance section of a SC Books-A-Million. I love true crime stories, and yours was one I could not put down! How I laughed, how I cried, how I felt sick, disappointed, elated, and terrified. I admire your will, your spirituality, your creativity, and honesty. Lorri-kudos to you for keeping connected to your man, mind, heart, and soul. Your perseverance and strength are not to be taken lightly, but celebrated. Marriage takes work, and yours has survived more hardship than most could bear. Lucky in love♡ I wish you all the best, and hope I one day get an opportunity to meet both of you. Keep taking the bull by the horns…I’m proud of you!

  • Lisa

    Hi Damien, I only just discovered your story a few days ago. I know that is hard to believe considering all of the coverage but I want you to know your ability to inspire people and offer hope remains as strong as ever. I can’t believe what an incredible and precocious kid

  • Lisa

    you were and what an incredible man you became. I think we all experience dark times where we feel like the whole world is against us. For you, this was not in your head (as it is for most of us). You remained a beautiful spirit of hope throughout your life and help others realize we can too. Thank you.

  • Jerry C Barnes Jr.

    Hey Damien I just wanted to say I’m sorry for all your years that you put away I feel terrible. I don’t have much in life to offer but if you needed any help I would be glad to help you. I live in maryland. Thank God you didn’t spend the rest of your life and that present in FL I’m sorry for everything you went through about the West Memphis Three documentary I bought your book and dumb just if you wanted to get in touch with me and my name’s budcolder on Facebook my emails budcolder at yahoo.com good luck and I’m happy for you. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOU FAMILY. I send you only my best and hope that everything works out from here on out sincerely Jerry

  • https://collectibles.disq.us/ DianneLoweBreakfield

    My daughter is serving a life sentence for something she didn’t do and has asked me to contact you for any help you may be able to offer her on any steps she can take to help her. Please send information on who she can contact for assistance

  • Joyce Heim

    Hello Damien!, I’m very glad to hear that you’re out of that hell hole prison, I always knew you weren’t guilty.
    Did they ever catch the real killer? my opinion is, I think the step father Mark did it.

  • Jon Comstock


    Consider coming to Northwest Arkansas Public Forum on the Death Penalty, April 15 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on the Northwest Arkansas Campus in Bentonville, AR to discuss “What if we could save the lives of eight men? Or should the State of Arkansas Execute Them?”

    Also consider coming to a staged reading of “On The Row” by the Prison Story Project, March 31 from 7-9 p.m. at the 21C Museum Hotel, downtown Bentonville. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/81e09cdcd2281b5b3f684d8e48bde2e94ccc386489bd325db4ec87d2bc1b351e.jpg

  • Angel

    Damien, I prayed that one day all three of you would be released from prison if you were truly innocent. Now my prayer is for the real killer to somehow come to justice and for all of three of you to be completely exonerated. God is real! He sees it all!! (and karma is a b*&^%)

  • Michael lamartina

    Hello and a pleasant day to you
    I was recently released from prison after serving a significant amount of time,,most of my adult life basically..i grew up in Baltimore and started shooting heroin when i was 12,,needless to say,,things were tough..but some how ive made it to where i am now,,which is living in NC,,where i know practically no one and my son is in foster care.i came here the day i got out of prison and went into a shelter to be close to him,,i have family in Baltimore but there are all very bad off,,mom,,grandma,,brothers,,,heroin..my son was abused by family members who were entrusted with his care and that is what caused him to be in foster care..your story is particularly poignant to me because of the fortitude that youve shown in your determination to clear your name and the trajectory that you life is now taking…similar to what im endeavoring to do,,,all i have,,literally,,is my Art…ive always had a love for creating but was too screwed up to develop anything real,,immediately, when i was last convicted and sent to prison,,i purchased two grams of cocaine from a dealer and was getting a little for getting it,,i knew that i had to find another way..my son was 4..i spent 8 years in prison for the conviction..distribution…the only thing i knew was art,,i believed in what i had inside me and i became laser focused on developing my craft ,,i knew it was the only chance i had,,,,i knew only tge streets of Baltimore and all that goes with it,,,ive been shot in the head,,stabbed twice in the back by a close family member that resulted in my spleen being removed,,numerous overdoses,,and a suicide attempt..halfhearted, i did not want to die,,i was a 13 year old baby strung out on heroin and just wanted the pain to go away..
    The only thing i have to make a life for my son and get him out of the system is my art,,no family to cheer me on,,none of that,,this shit is hard,,the are making me trying to be a dad a fucking fight..i just want to be a dad to my son,,just let him know that there is someone who loves him,,he has been through sooo much…he has been doing much better since ive been home and been in his life,,he still has some issues that he has to learn how to navigate through safely,,but he is doing so much better,,he was a very angry young man…
    I dont really know what im doing as far as trying to get my art in front of people,,i dont have anyone that im close with in the artworld to ask for advice and when i do a lot of people rurn their noses up….ive gotten a lot of encouraging feedback regarding my paintings,,drawings,, and poetry and that is what helps keep me going,,aside from the fact that i dont really know much more.
    I just finished creating a book cover for a woman and i just received an inquiry for another,,i also just finished up a painting of a friend of mine that works in LA…i know you time is pretty much booked and its probably hard for you to respond to every emai..i gues what im asking is if you ever get a chance,,please check out my bio and work at http://www.poeticimpressions.net,.also i have a page on instagram @michaellamartina,,and maybe offer a word of advice,,,i dont really like asking like this but i dont really know much else to do..thank you for you time,,and i pray you continue to remain strong and completely annihilating the forces that have tried to take your life from you,,continued blessings to you..

  • Ed Knight

    Lorrie & Damien,
    This is urgent. Write to me.
    My friend has contacted you via email using his email address. I have no email here, I am not allowed to have it.
    Please write to me at:
    Ed Knight V02613
    P.O. BOX 32200
    Stockton, CA 95213

  • Dawn Larson

    Hi Damien & Lori,
    Just curious: Did you attend The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony? To See Eddie Vedder And Pearl Jam’s Induction?

  • Rachelle Giuliani

    Damien, The book THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE by Gary Renard may offer ideas to further your thought about and your healing process. I learned about you only two weeks ago and have watched “Paradise Lost” parts 1, 2, and 3; plus interviews done recently in Arkansas. Thank you so much, and Lorri, too, for living your message; and for the inspiration you are.

  • Stan Cortez

    Damien, I have spent many years wanting to write you, and just as long finding reasons to leave you alone. As you can see, I finally ran out of excuses to continue the last. That said, as a man that has spent some time in prison, (although in my case, i earned my stay), even invested some of that in AD SEG, I feel at least qualified enough to understand how truly remarkable you really are. Granted my stay was a fraction of yours, so please don`t misunderstand, i mean in no way to compare, merely to empathize..
    I did remain long enough to see the effects of long term segregation from society on one`s psyche. I have also seen enough interviews to know that your clearly very intelligent. However, in my experience those two did not fit well together. Meaning, it seemed to me that the more intelligent inmates, did not fare as well in the hole. Almost as if, the smarter inmates had a clearer understanding of their plight, hence fell into depression and mental health issues sooner.
    My point in all of this is, as a man of your approximate age, and similar asperations of becoming a author one day, I suppose I simply wanted to express my awe, and appreciation for your story, and remarkable constitution to remain your own man through everything despite the great odds against you. More importantly, to also thank you for giving so many of us hope and courage to live the life we want to live, not the life some may have chosen for us. Damien, i know i am rambling here, but i truly hope this makes some sort of sense to you.
    All I intend is a heart felt thank you, my wife and I followed your path from the beginning, and both cried great tears of joy, to finally witness your release. Again, very sorry for rambling, and again thank you so much for sharing your life and wisdom. God bless you and yours, and I hope nothing but the best for you ! sincerely, Stan Cortez

  • Fiona Feit

    The Irene Garza Case – My father in law John Feit is being tried on May 17th 2017 for a historic (over 50 years) crime of murdering a young woman in Hidalgo County Texas a crime he could not possibly have commited!
    The Judge that initially tried the case of Irene Garza said not only is there no evidence to convict John Feit but there is no evidence to convict anyone!!!
    There is no evidence but yet he was dragged at 83 yrs old by the Texas Rangers at midnight from his home in Phoenix leaving my mother in law screaming and crying. This is a political move by Ricardo Rodriguez who promised to bring John Feit to justice to Hidalgo County one of the most corrupt places in Texas so he could become District Attorney,
    This DA thinks that it is okay to collapse families with grief and despair to gain a political stand.

  • Deborah Conger

    I watched your interview on Charlie Rose several weeks ago. I was entirely unaware of your case. Prior to watching your interview, I was in favor of the death penalty because of the costs of keeping guilty criminals incarcerated for years at taxpayer expense. After watching your interview, I have completely reversed my position.

    I also just finished reading your love letters book. I totally broke down in tears when I read Damien’s letter at the end that simply told Lorri she saved his life. And I’m not a cryer. I hope you both can weather whatever storms and obstacles come your way and I never have to read that you are separated or divorced.

  • ben hunt

    Damien a strange man but 18 years of his life along with Jason and Misskelly that could of been me or you rediculous but it’s true. Its been bugging this case we know in 1993-1994 everthing was done wrong and caused wrongfull arrest which led to what we know today but why in 2011 have we continued to do things wrong with an alfa plea everybody is just getting on with there life I feel like I need to say something I might not make the slightest of a difference but I have a little boy myself and I know if this happened to me I would of murdered somebody by now. I would also like to think that the justice system we have actually exercised justice not a alfa plea another word for a legal bribe, Three kids died and three kids was arrested now waiting to die in prison. I am not highly educated and I don’t usually write stuff but I can’t see anything being done to help the people affected? We would of thought WM3 would of done something to clear there name or atleast try find the truth but I don’t blame them for not wasting anymore time and money they have just lost 18 years in prison and come out to nothing and they know how corrupt this world is. I hope that there Innocent which I believe they are but I won’t say so until there proved innocent. But I really want justice for the kids and parents what about the boys that was locked up that are now men and bribed to plead guilty in order to close a case so that the State can’t be sued!! These people deserve justice this case needs re-investigating this is not right. Money and ego’s can be replaced them little boys and 18 years can’t this isn’t just about the boys this is about right and wrong why is the State bribing somebody who has just done all that time for nothing. Nothing will change most likely but I feel better after getting this off my chest and I hope people feel the same enough people to make a change. Them men deserve to have there name cleared and I think its disgustion that an alfa plea even exists basicly another word for bribe a thought the justice system would at least have some justice but most importantly them boys parents deserve the truth no matter how much it costs and the real murderers wants what they deserve why are we letting a vicious evil human get away with this. I wish I had the technology and the conections,money etc to solve this case because I would make sure I got to the truth.

  • Tjebbe

    Damien, I just got done listening to Life After Death on Audible for the second time, and I haven’t heard writing so beautifully descriptive in a long time. Your story was amazing, and I laughed my ass off both times during the Cinderella piece. What an amazing work of art. It’s resonated deeply with me, and I’ve recommended it to just about everyone I know. Looking forward to the next one! Wait. Am I comment 666? m/

  • Mandy

    Hi Damien and Lorri, firstly i would like to tell you how much i admire both of you. Your case inspired me in so many ways. I did a master in criminology and i would like to do a doctorate in wrongful convictions and this has been inspired by you. I would love to work with people who are going through that. I am very passionate about it and I would be so grateful if anyone could let me know how i can contact you two. Thank you so much for having changed my life and inspired so much but it breaks my heart to think of what u have been through. I did investigative interviewing in my masters and i will eventually work in that field as investigative interviewing is where everything starts. The way the system puts words in the interviewee’s mouth and twist thing. I hope you see this and get back to me. Thank you and all the best

  • Charlene Eckels

    It’s scare crow. Scare. Boo . crow hoo boo hoo not hoo hoo

  • Steph

    I admire you a lot ever since I’ve been researching the case. You put up with so much shit,but came out strong. I sympathize a lot with you and can relate. In high school,I got called emo and even a lesbian because I wasn’t a girly girl and I usually just wore band t-shirts and jeans,basically whatever I felt comfortable in. I was always the weird girl with glasses and people walked all over me and taunted me because I wasn’t like them nor was I pretty and well dressed like the other girls were in my grade. I’m 24 now,and for the past few months now I’ve been digging into your case since watching all three of the Lost Paradise films and even Devil’s Knot(the actor didn’t even look like you and the acting was shit,just saying) Anything I could read or watch about your case,I wanted to watch and look up. Guess maybe you could say I’m kind of obsessed,but only because I relate. To all three of you,especially Jessie. I’m intellectually disabled but I am what the docs called ”high functioning”,but mentally I’m not the age I am,if that makes sense. I felt so bad for Jessie,they put him on the spot like that and it was wrong,and that made me angry and upset because I put myself in his situation,and I can’t even imagine what that was like for him. I relate to not only you,but Jason as well. I liked that he was an artist and he liked Metallica too,one of my favorite bands.
    I wish you and your wife nothing but the best and I’m so happy you were able to find love and happiness. I look up to you and see you as a God to the weird kids and outcasts. You’re like a hero to me and I’ll always believe you’re innocent. You deserve nothing but the best for the shit you’ve been through. Kickass at everything and anything you do.

  • Rose A. Ellis

    I just read your book.That’s me, always decades late and millions of dollars short. It just blew me away. I have two comments and I hope they are not offensive, so here goes: I was looking at the pictures right after your release. Your face reminded me of someone who had been released from a concentration camp. A look of wonderment but also a look of a beaten animal. I mean of course you would look like that, because in way this is what happened to you. The second thing is a little sillier. You wrote in your book that you didn’t want to move to San Francisco because the weather is always a constant 72 degrees. To this I respond: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Love to you and your family Damien. I will pray for you forever more. xoRose

  • Graeme

    Damien……….guilty as FUCK!!!

  • Carmen Carola

    Dear Damien and Lorri,
    I just finished watching the documentary series The Confession Tapes on Netflix, and I think there are a few cases that would interest you if there is any way you can help. In the case of the murder of Catherine Fuller, 7 men still sit in prison for a crime they did not commit when they were young boys. Clifton Yarborough was 14 years old, and a special education student with a low IQ when he was interrogated by police to give a false confession. I immediately thought of what happened to Jessie that led to his, Damien, and Jason’s wrongful imprisonment. Those who are still serving life sentences are Clifton, Timothy Catlett, Russell Overton, Levy Rouse, Kelvin Smith, Charles and Christopher Turner. The case is featured in episode 5 or the documentary series.

    I have followed The West Memphis case for many years now. I have seen the entire Paradise Lost series, including West of Memphis, and have read Damien’s book Life After Death. I wonder what Damien could do, if anything, to help these men get out. If there is anything you or any organizations you know of can do to advocate for the innocence of these wrongfully convicted men, please help. Their families live in Washington D.C. where the crime was commited and they want their boys home.

    Episodes 1 and 2 might interest you as well. The case of Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns, both teenagers when they were incarcerated for a crime they too did not commit according to forensic evidence.

    I know you get hundreds of comments on this site, so I hope you will read this and look into it so that maybe justice can be served.

    (Plano, TX)

  • tracy stanf

    Damien have you considered writing another book? What about a book about the struggle to get back to a normal life after so many years in prison? I’ve seen in interviews you state you had a puppy but you had to give it away because you worried about it constantly, you also stated what it is to be around a lot of people after being in solitary etc. How do you sleep in quiet after all the years of noise? Many people have love ones getting out of prison you can help us better understand the struggles they are going through.

  • Laurence Topliffe

    Damien, I write many people to give them knowledge they may not have that will benefit them. The source of this knowledge is the Veda, which you might know about. I read that you were married by a Buddhist which is based on this knowledge. I am a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique and am now retired from doing that but live in Fairfield, IA where the Maharishi University of Management is which teaches this knowledge as well as sustainable living, computer, etc. I think you will find the knowledge at these websites inspiring: http://www.tm.org, http://www.istpp.org, http://www.mum.edu, http://www.mumpress.com, http://www.tmbusiness.org, http://www.tmeducation.org, http://www.globalgoodnews.com, http://www.invincibleamerica.org, http://www.invincibledefense.org,www.doctorsontm.org. My email address is forpeace@lisco.com. Cheers, Laurence Topliffe